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One day a distant aunt came to our house. She had some problem with her children and wanted to stay with us for some time. She had lost her husband at a young age and was alone with her youngest daughter.

This was during the Christmas vacation. Naturally I was asked to vacate my room for her, which at first irritated me. At this she said, “Kutta, you share the room with me and I will tell you some interesting stories.” At this I agreed half-heartedly.

That night, after dinner I went to sleep around 10. After half an hour she too came to sleep in the same bed. During the night, I used to jerk-of before sleeping. But in the presence of the aunt I was unable to do that.

So I waited till she was fast asleep. After nearly half an hour I took out my Kuttan (dick) and started shaking it, presuming that my aunt is sleeping. Once the oily fluid was out I cleaned up and slept.

Next morning as I was reading some book she came to me and asked “what mischief were you doing in the night?” “What?” I was embarrassed. “You were playing with your dick? When did you learn this habit? You should not do all this.”

“No aunty, I don’t do anything it was” “I can understand. No need of any explanation.” She looked at me with a naughty expression. “But you know, the real fun is to have it with someone else!”

I was numb and tried to avoid her presence the whole day. She too did not talk to me. At night, when she came to the bed I was very much perplexed. After some time she whispered in my ear, “Do you want to experience it today also?”

I had no reply. Then she said, “Then, shall I teach you a new game?” Telling this she kissed me. When her thick bosom touched my chest I felt a sensation passing through my nerves. Slowly she moved her hand along my thighs

and removing my lungi and brief touched my dick, which was already erect. “It is hot. Shall we make it cool?” she asked. At this I embraced her and tried to explore her love box. But she was wearing a mundu and onnara (the inner wear like dhoti) and I could not remove it.

At this she herself helped me remove it. Though it was dark, I could see her pussy in the pale light coming through the window. My aunt directed my hand to her juicy love box and asked me to rub it.

As I rubbed it she got hot and pressed my dick. I was getting excited. At this she said, “Kutta.. please lick it, lick it hard.” Since I had never ever had done such things I was confused.

At this she directed my head towards her love box and I started licking her cunt. It was really tasty and salty! “Kutta. Lick hard I’m getting hot lick itshatter it” For nearly five minutes I licked her pussy and I could feel the sensation passing through her body.

She started breathing heavily and the next moment it was over. “Thank you Kutta, after 12 years I had somebody to cool it.” She was satiated. “Now what should I do for you? You Kuttan is still energetic and wants to jerk off his poison!” she asked. “Wait for two minutes”

Then she asked me to mount over her. I climbed over her and the she directed my little prick inside her love box. As I moved it to and fro in her pussy I experienced the real excitement of sex.

In two minutes I discharged my cum in her wet pussy and by that time I too was tired. Both of us cleaned our private parts with our under garments and went to sleep. Next morning, she asked me. Kutta, I hope now you will permit me to sleep in your room!”

“Of course aunty, for ever.” I said. That was the beginning of a passionate affair. Later she taught many other lessons in sex. But till date greatest thing I enjoy is licking the juicy love box. Also the greatest of sex experience I always have from elderly ladies

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