Mast Chudai Of My Mother In Law

Hi to All, I’m rocky from Delhi, I’m 27 yrs with good physic and 9″ big dick, this is a true story that happened last winter. please read and comment on my new story if any unsatisfied women looking got fun in bed then please mail me at [email protected] I will satisfy all your desire n will bring happiness to your life now we go straight to my erotic encounter with my MIL.

My wife’s mother, Yashodha, was a sexy looking woman and at the age of 55, she still had the most gorgeous legs you can imagine. She is about 5 ft 5″, slim, and always looked after her body. I fancied Yashodha from day one, but thought it was unlikely that I could fulfill my dreams. Yashodha never gave me the come-on and never hinted in any way that anything could happen. But it did, after my company sent me to her city, for a week and my wife suggested that I’d better stay at her house during my stay there.

I visited Yashodha and there in the evening, I would be drinking – but never did I get really drunk. I was quite happy when once we were in the kitchen and Yashodha linked her arm around my waist. I clutched her hand and pulled her closer. The house was empty. We stood facing each other in the orange light. She did not protest and I lightly kissed her on the cheek. Surprisingly, Yashodha returned my kiss– in silence we kissed each other, not as mother-in-law and son-in-law, but a full-blooded French kiss that lasted about 5 minutes.

My dream had come true, I used to wonder what she would be like to kiss my mom in law– and now I knew she was incredibly hot! She clung to me and her big breasts crushed against my chest. Our hands were all over each other, she had a firm ass which I had been staring at with lust. Her tits were larger than her daughter’s. Yashodha was wearing a black knee shirt and it seemed she wore nothing underneath. She looked a picture of raw sex goddess. As I kissed her again her hands were rubbing my cock. I knelt down in front of her and she opened her legs.

I simply stared at her and worshipped her thighs, kissing them. Her shirt got lifted with my head. Once my head was level with her pussy, I gave it a long kiss and I could smell her cunt through the fine material of her shirt. I could feel her legs trembling as I continued kissing her thighs and her sighs were stifled in her throat as she held on to the back of my head. Ohhhh Rocky, my son……don’t…stop….don’t stop….you are driving me crazy…what will my daughter say….Shalini will kill me….my daughter is your wife…we must stop it…aaaahhhh…noooooo…yesssssss…

Beta!” Yashodha let out a loud scream. I kept my face buried in the triangle of her thighs. Her body shook as if she had a strong fever. Ten minutes later, my mother in law led me up to her bedroom where she unzipped her shirt and slipped it off her head, while I sat on the bed gazing at her in anticipation. Naked as the day she was born, she bent down and kissed me on the mouth, and my heart raced at the thought of fucking my now naked mother-in-law. As she kissed me I began to gently rub her pussy, which was all wet with her love juice.

She reached down and unbuckled my trousers and pulled them off, followed by my shirt. As my cock was so hard she had to struggle. “I’ll have to do something about this hard animal, won’t I”, she said with a look of joy as she finally my meat sprang up and pointed directly at her face. She looked at me smiling and then poked her tongue out to lick my cockhead. As she bent down and her juicy lips closed round the end of my prick. I bent down to cup her fabulous 36d boobs.

When she came up for air I kissed her already erect nipples and sucked her tits until she groaned. I was amazed that her tits hardly sagged at all and at 55 she had a body as good as her daughter’s! We fell onto the bed and as my tongue traced a path from Yashodha’s navel down to her pussy and probed cunt lips until I found her clit, she cried out, “Oh beta, lick my clit….ohhhh God,,, I love it, suck it hard, I need you so badly!”

I did as she asked and sucked on her clit, she went wild and thrashed her thighs about. I have to say that Yashodha has the best tasting pussy juice, it was like nectar! She clamped her legs around my head and I could feel her cunt small hairs rubbing on the sides of my face. She ground her pussy into my face and all the while she was crying out, “Make me cum beta, oh make me cum as you make my daughter cum!” I sucked her cunt and as her hips started bucking into my face she screamed,

Oh fuck yes I’m going to cum on your mouth, I’m going to cum, oh fuck yes I’m coming….yes, yes, yes mother is coming! I’m coming now!”Her body rocked as her cunt cream began to flow juices as I sucked it all up – it tasted wonderful! Spent, Yashodha said , “That’s the first time

I’ve had my pussy sucked in 10 years!” She was sighing and panting Suddenly she stopped and said, “Now it’s your turn…I have not sucked a cock since Shalini’s father died….I think I and my daughter will have to do with one cock”, and with that she turned around into the 69 position and with her pussy just over my mouth she sank her mouth down over my throbbing cock.

Her tongue flicked and darted over my cock and she licked my cum-hole and all the while little drops of love juice kept dripping from her cunt into my mouth. Then as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft, I kissed her pussy and pushed 2 fingers into her twat and fucked her with my fingers covered in her pussy cream. She stopped sucking my cock. My horny MIL was so hot that she guided my cock right into her eager wet cunt. She rode my cock, lowering herself my shaft which was totally impaled in her cunt and our pubic hairs mingled together.

I could feel her pussy muscles twitching as they gripped my cock, and I watched as her head rolled back. She let out a long horny sigh and whispered, “Oh beta, that feels good”, then she started to slowly hump up and down on my rock-hard cock. “Mmmm, you feel; so hard, beta….my daughter is lucky to have you fuck her everyday…I want you as long as you stay here…Treat me as your wife till you stay here….fuck me….make me your wife….I want to be your slut….fucking whore…son..”, she kept murmuring, “I want to feel your cum right inside me

The husky sexy sound of her voice as she spoke while she fucked me, turned me on even more. Oh mom you’re beautiful…even more sexy that tight!”, is all I could mutter as cum rose from my balls and I felt my body tense ready to ejaculate. I held her by the ass cheeks to pull her pelvis closer as I thrust harder. “Oh Yashodha….my MIL……fuck….my whore, I’m coming”, I cried out. “cum in my pussy, fill my cunt…off ooohhhh fuck me”, panted my mil.

Then she shouted “Yes, yes!” as I came, pumping hot semen straight into her open womb. Then as I held her down on to my cock with all my strength, she kissed me passionately biting my lip and at the same time caressing my neck. I hope u all enjoyed my story. I’m awaiting for your comments if any women in Delhi looking for fun in their life then please write to me @ [email protected] I will be humble to help your life sexual fulfillment.

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