Massage mi sis

I”m 18. My sister is 20, and she has a great body. Her tits are 36As, not too small, but just right, and she has a nice firm ass. I fantasize about her all the time, and then one day, my fantasies came true.One day, while watching tv, my sister asked for a massage, and i said ok. I started rubbing her back, but she complained that her shirt got in the way, so she took it off, and now all she had on was a bra. I started at her lower back and worked my way up, until i got to her strap. I lied saying that i felt a knot underneath the strap, but couldnt get it to it, so she said ok and took off her bra. Now, in front of me, was topless sister, and i was rubbing her back, catching occassional glances at her nice breast. I began to get and erection. I continued rubbing her back, then she brought her hand around to point out a spot on her lower back,

When she brushed her hand against my stiff cock. She said “oh whats this?” then started stroking my cock. I was rock hard, and my sister was touching my cock. She turned around and i got a full view of her breast as she continued to stroke my dick. She kneeled in between my legs and un zipped my pants and pulled them down, along with my boxers, and my cock flopped out. She continued to stroke, then moved her head closer, wrapped her lips around my cock, then started to suck my dick. I was in ecstasy. After about ten minutes of cock sucking, my sister stood up, and said “fuck me.” she pulled down her shorts and thong, then straddled me. I reached up and grabbed her tits as she lowered herself onto my cock. I was fucking my sister. We fucked for the next half hour in a variety of positions until i told her i was about to cum. She kneeled i n front of me again and took my cock into her mouth once again. I came inside her mouth, and she swallowed every drop. This was the best afternoon with my sister.Hey u hot lady if u wanna massage from me mail me at [email protected] 300 rs for 80minutes it 1000% privacy assures

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