Making My Niece Squirt – Part II

Hi,  My name is Rick and this a true account of what happened over 3 years between me and my niece. I’m 28, single and live and work in London running my own textiles business. It all started when I met my niece Reena at a family gathering, even though she is my niece she is only 5 years younger than me. She told me she was looking for work and as it happened I was looking to employ someone to manage the office.

The following week she came into the office and that was the first time that i took full notice of how she had developed into a beautiful young lady. Reena is about 5’5, very fair, long brown hair, great legs and very busty. On her first day i showed her round the office and explained our company procedure. The office is quite small as most of our stocks are in a warehouse not on site.

As the morning went on it got quite hot in our little office and Reena took off her sweater. She was wearing a white low cut blouse, showing at least 4 inches of cleavage and a longish black skirt. She was also wearing 3″ heals which gave great shape to her calf’s, and made her stand with her chest sticking out. I could see through her blouse that she was wearing a white lace bra that was straining to hold in her more than ample bust. She must have noticed me looking but said nothing.

Being a lively and bubbly person Reena just bounced around the office all morning asking mainly work questions and generally getting an understanding of how things work. By lunch time we were both very hungry, as Reena was working on the accounts we both agreed to have lunch in the office so i set off to buy us some sandwiches.

I had been gone for about 20 minutes and on my return I was stunned by what I was seeing, with her back to me looking at the computer screen Reena was looking at a porn site. She clearly hadn’t heard me come into the office and that’s when I received another shock. As I moved closer to Reena I saw she had her skirt around her thighs and was playing with herself. I watched this for about 30 seconds, before her instinct told her someone was in the room.

Without looking around she clicked off the porn site and straightened her skirt. With that I walked over to her as if I had just returned and asked if there were any calls. Without the slightest blush she answered no and enquired about lunch.We had lunch at my desk facing each other and talked about our family and in particular her children.

Reena has two kids one girl whose 6 and a boy of 5, she had never married but had 2 children out of wed lock and then split with her boyfriend. The family objected but she was very rebellious in her younger days and had her way. The conversation turned to relationships and I explained i had just come out of a long term relationship and I was happy to date lots of woman for now. I asked about her and she said the kids keep her busy enough so she was not looking for a man.

About a minute after she said that she had a naughtily little smile on her face. Very bluntly she said ‘I do miss having sex though’. I nearly choked on my drink, but she just laughed and said ‘you must miss it too’. When I stopped coughing I too started to laugh and went red. Reena then leaned forward and said in almost a whisper ‘come on you must miss sucking on these’ then broke her stare with mine and looked down invitingly at huge rack.

Not being a prude i too leaned in and with or without her inversion took a long hard look down her blouse. The sexual tension was mounting and with a deep sigh Reena pushed her chair back away from my desk and in the most seductive way started to lift her skirt. Once it was back around her soft white thighs she sat back down and in one swift move opened her long legs to show me her panty-less pussy.

I kept my poker face on and sat back to enjoy the show. Her sweet little pussy was less than 2 meters from me and it was perfect. Freshly shaven it was completely hairless and still damp from her antics whilst i was out getting lunch. She then put the middle finger of her right hand in her mouth and made a sucking action. Once I was wet with her saliva she moved the finger down between her open legs and stared making small circles on her clit.

After about 2 minutes of this she spread her pussy lips open for me to take a good look at her insides. Her clit was very big, and with her manicured hands continued to flick it. All the while confessed to me that this is how she use to spend her days when she was not working and the kids at school. Reena admitted to playing with herself at least 3 times a day and now she was so use to it she had become a sex addict.

I squeezed her to when she was last with a real man and she said it must have been about 3 years. She explained that a good fucking is the only thing she missed, she even said her collection of dildos don’t do the job. ‘I need a real cock Kaka (uncle), a real big hard cock deep inside me, please help me kaka’she whimpered. This was the 1st time she had called me Kaka and seeing her pussy squirming on her glistening hands and the way she was talking nearly drove me mad with excitement.

By now my cock was fully hard and almost bursting out of my jeans, I wanted to bury it deep in Reena’s hole but wanted her to beg me some more, I felt a huge since of power by doing this and it made me even more excited. I slowly stood up and went round to her side of the table, I know there were no meetings today but I did not lock the door. The thought of someone coming in and finding us only added to my high.

I stood right in front of Reena and inched forwards between her splayed legs, she was still flicking her growing bean with her right hand and with her left she hungrily tried to grab my caged manhood. I stopped her from doing this and slid my right hand down her top and into her bra, just as I had imagined they where full and soft. I found her nipple and squeezed it with my thick fingers.

I then whispered to her if she wanted my cock she would have to do something for me first. She gave me a fake sad face with puppy eyes and asked what I wanted. I asked my niece if she had every squirted? she looked puzzled, ‘what do you mean’, i said have you ever ejaculated pussy juice when you cum. She answered ‘I don’t think so, i get very  wet, but I don’t think I have ever squirted’.

Ok i began this is what I want you to do for me, ‘but how?’ she asked, in a calm but commanding voice I said I will show you.  I took position kneeling between her open knees, my mouth just a tongue length from her pussy. I could smell sex milk and with each breath i took she let out a little moan. I started by very gently licking her clit, with the tip of my tongue I took over from her finger.

After about 2 minutes this action turned into a full blown kiss on her clit. This made Reena moan even louder, with my lips firmly locked around her pussy lips I sucked on her huge clit, making it wetter with my saliva. Her hand now on the back of my head pulling me into her snatch her moans continued to get louder. ‘Suck me Kaka, lick me, and make me squirt’. With this as my cue, I took my middle finger and placed it on the entrance to her love hole, while I kissed and licked her clit.

With almost no pressure from my finger it slid smoothly into her blazing hot pussy which seemed to be leaking liquid velvet. With three of four jabs my finger and my hand was almost completely covered with Reena’s hot sticky cum. She was now buck slightly on her chair, trying to get more of my finger inside her. Not wanting her to come too quickly I slowed the pace down and then stopped.

I traced my drenched finger to her anus which was also covered with her excess cum. I slowly and gently started to tease her bum hole with my finger, it was tight but the tip of my finger was making headway. Not telling Reena i was about to finger her arse i moved my mouth over her open pussy and started lapping up her sweet and salty juice with my tongue and telling it trickle out of my mouth and down to her rosebud anus.

Within a minute of this there was more than enough of Reena’s sex milk to make my move. I pushed a little harder and on my 3 attempt i broke through. Reena let out a big scream, not pain but pure pleasure. She slowly started bucking again in time with my finger. Getting deeper and deeper with every poke we got a good rhythm going. Before long Reena was slaming her body down on my finger and told me she was coming, with this I knew my squirt was on it was,

I continued to pump her arse and put my mouth over her blurry pussy, ‘now kaka now’ she screamed and with that blasted me with a hot jet of piss and pussy juice. I drank down the 1st two shots but the 3rd was too much even for me and she sprayed my face.

With the 4th blast more of a trickle I removed my finger from her bum. Oh my Reena managed to say after about 20 seconds, ‘that was amazing’, ‘where did you learn to do that’? I said nothing but smiled. Leaning back with my head on the edge of my desk, I savored the joy of my nieces love juice. Please leave your comments, there is a lot more to come!

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