made aunt pregnant with GMA help

I am rahul age 14 height 5.10” cock length 6” girth 5 cm dark brown.i am going to tell the story how I took my mami with the help of my grand maa.mami Payal age 31 weight 67, white fig 36 30 38 height 5.5” bulky . she married my mamu 6 yrs b4 but do not have child,my grand maa asked him to visit the doctor test both of them but my mamu said he do not have any problem take payal to the doctor .grandma took her there but doctor said she is fine only problem is that she never had an orgazum, as he is the only son of my grandma she want a child .

The story began when went there place on vacation after my 10th exam. I never had sex by that time but I know about that from friends and sex between my grandma asked mami to had sex with some one else but she did not agreed .on the second day after reaching there mamu went for some biz trip to Bangalore and ll be back after one month. On the very next day mami come to me in the morning for waking me up for that she took off my bed sheet where I was sleeping naked and my cock was erect due to morning erection. As I acted like I am sleeping she touched the fore head of my cock and tried to hold it other can not take the full girth of mine. Then she woke me up and smiled at me. The day went normally. At night while having dinner mami told the incident to grandma and all of burst in laughter . We went to sleep after that . After 1 hr grand ma came to my room and told the full story to me . Then I asked her how I can help.

She asked me 1st show me ur cock I took off the bed sheet and show my tinny cock to her. Then she played with my cock to see the full erect cock and started educating me on sex. After 10 min my cock was fully erect she said u really has a huge one like ur grand pa. if he would have bell alive he could solve the problem ..beta u have to help me okkkk. I asked is mami ll get ready for this she said I ll speak to her.

Then GMA rushed to mamis room and tell the plan on which she said no. bcz rahul is like my son how can I do that. Gma said do not think that.. think he is a man fast. And u know his cock iz thicker than Gpa then Gma took her sari up and by showing her pussy to mami said pas dick had tore my pussy like this so u just think how rahul can satisfy u. then mami said I ll think think about it. Then GMA come to me and asked me to sleep naked and ll once again send mami to me tomo for waking me up. next day mami came and also did the same what she did last morning .this continued for another 4days gma use to ask me about this eveday on the 5 th day gma give a pan to me .I said in the night my fan is not working I ll sleep with u mami.on which she said ok.the plan worked. Me and grandma both are happy. we went to sleep by 10. as the rooms door was open at 12 GMA comein and woke me up and asked me to the next .then I place my hand over her belly slowly moved over her naval the I kept the other hand over her Brest which was really soft.

I got my erection so slept and placed mamis hand on my worm rode inside my pant. and placed my knee over her pussy. I do not know I am in sleep again.. but after some time I flt her hand is moving inside playing with my ball I I did not reacted then she pull my freskin down her soft hands and making me crazy I felt her warm breath on my face then took of her hand and smell her hand and she was filling that I am in sleep.then she put her finger in her mouth and then put her wet hand on my cock again.


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