made aunt pregnant with GMA help

I am rahul age 14 height 5.10” cock length 6” girth 5 cm dark brown.i am going to tell the story how I took my mami with the help of my grand maa.mami Payal age 31 weight 67, white fig 36 30 38 height 5.5” bulky . she married my mamu 6 yrs b4 but do not have child,my grand maa asked him to visit the doctor test both of them but my mamu said he do not have any problem take payal to the doctor .grandma took her there but doctor said she is fine only problem is that she never had an orgazum, as he is the only son of my grandma she want a child .

The story began when went there place on vacation after my 10th exam. I never had sex by that time but I know about that from friends and sex between my grandma asked mami to had sex with some one else but she did not agreed .on the second day after reaching there mamu went for some biz trip to Bangalore and ll be back after one month. On the very next day mami come to me in the morning for waking me up for that she took off my bed sheet where I was sleeping naked and my cock was erect due to morning erection. As I acted like I am sleeping she touched the fore head of my cock and tried to hold it other can not take the full girth of mine. Then she woke me up and smiled at me. The day went normally. At night while having dinner mami told the incident to grandma and all of burst in laughter . We went to sleep after that . After 1 hr grand ma came to my room and told the full story to me . Then I asked her how I can help.

She asked me 1st show me ur cock I took off the bed sheet and show my tinny cock to her. Then she played with my cock to see the full erect cock and started educating me on sex. After 10 min my cock was fully erect she said u really has a huge one like ur grand pa. if he would have bell alive he could solve the problem ..beta u have to help me okkkk. I asked is mami ll get ready for this she said I ll speak to her.

Then GMA rushed to mamis room and tell the plan on which she said no. bcz rahul is like my son how can I do that. Gma said do not think that.. think he is a man fast. And u know his cock iz thicker than Gpa then Gma took her sari up and by showing her pussy to mami said pas dick had tore my pussy like this so u just think how rahul can satisfy u. then mami said I ll think think about it. Then GMA come to me and asked me to sleep naked and ll once again send mami to me tomo for waking me up. next day mami came and also did the same what she did last morning .this continued for another 4days gma use to ask me about this eveday on the 5 th day gma give a pan to me .I said in the night my fan is not working I ll sleep with u mami.on which she said ok.the plan worked. Me and grandma both are happy. we went to sleep by 10. as the rooms door was open at 12 GMA comein and woke me up and asked me to the next .then I place my hand over her belly slowly moved over her naval the I kept the other hand over her Brest which was really soft.

I got my erection so slept and placed mamis hand on my worm rode inside my pant. and placed my knee over her pussy. I do not know I am in sleep again.. but after some time I flt her hand is moving inside playing with my ball I I did not reacted then she pull my freskin down her soft hands and making me crazy I felt her warm breath on my face then took of her hand and smell her hand and she was filling that I am in sleep.then she put her finger in her mouth and then put her wet hand on my cock again.

After2 min I I brought her towards me and kissed her lips she was horny by that time .i opend her blouse and bra put her nipple in my mouth and slowly I put my hand inside har saree through her belly. I touched her pussy which was as smooth as her chicks then I put my finger in her hole which was burning like stove. It was wet then I moved doen opened her sar and saya 1 st time I saw a woman naked who in much older than me .whr pussy was very big than what I imagined. I spread her leg for better vison . I smelled my finger which put in hr pussy. Then I planted a kiss over her thigh and smel her pussy and then started eating her warm juice.i hav never seen such a big pussy earlier.she was mowning in plase

Then asked me 4 69 position after 15 min we both came . but I was still busy on pussy then she cummed once more then grand ma came inside and asked her how is she filling. She said great. How many times he fucked u. not yet..

Then grand maa sw her pussy full of juice she asked me to fuck her . I placed my cock on her pussy but it did not went in then GMA asked e to put presser but I am not able to hit the was sleaping bcz of her juice tightness the GMA hold my cock in her hand and asked mami to spread her leg wide and she spread her lips and asked me to press I enter this time half waf and mami was not able to control my thickness she started crying in pain . Gma asked me to stop ther and message her pussy and belly after 3 min mami calm down then GMA asked me 2 enter in full force I did so and tore her pussy she started crying more this time and blood started flowin out of her pussy which me and GMA saw but we did not informed her .then after 15 min I filled her cunt . by the time she was giving company to me.she also cummed 2 times in between the room was filled with the smell of our sex it was 1.30 now.GMA went to her room.

We both stay nude there by holding each other in the arms. My half erect cock was touching her pussy and I was pressing her breast on my chest. after half an hour I got my erection back and cock head was finding the way to her hole through her cunt which was asking for some support from me or her side.she was also hot by time and she took the initiative she asked me to lay down she went top of me and hold my cock in her hand and tried to sit on that it was really painful for me to tolerate her 67kg body. Then she started jumping and shouting . after 10 min she cummed all over me and stopped . then I put her down and started fucking she was moaning she cummed once more and asked me to stop but I did not and increased my speed and fucked her for 10 more min then I filled her love whole with all my cum.she cummed twice in between that and lost her sense . I kept my dick inside her hole and slept over her.

Next morning gma came to the room and saw wake us up and asked mami is there any problem with her . she said her pussy is paining Gma she said wash it with warm water . in the night both of went to sleep. I given a kiss ti her she said not to do anything today bcz she is still filling pain in her pussy. I said why she replied that she was never been fucked this much by mamu as well as the thick ness of my penis cause it.

I said ok show me ur pussy I ll take away ur pain. She said how. I said 1st show me. She then said ok then I opened her sarry she was only in her blouse and saya . I opened her blouse and while open her saya knot I did some mistake it got crushed then I tried opening that with my teeth where I cann smell the musk of her pussy I some time put my toung in het naval.then I opened her saya her pussy was wet I said mami I ll eat your pussy and pain will go wawy I ate her for 20 min the she cummed . I said how r u filling now . she said better then I asked her plz do some thing for my penis she said ok put it in . I slowly started moving my rod in and out she was also accompanying me. After 10 min both of us cummed jointly. She screamed . She asked me to keep the rod inside and after another 15 min she took the initiative for the next round.. for the whole holiday I enjoyed her a lot and made her pregnant..her pussy was widely spred by this time.. she gave birth to a girl child after 10 months. But GMA was lookin for a boy .i ll tell the next part after getting feedback of this story.married womens of bagalore cantact me on [email protected]

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