Maa Ki Sewa

My mom, Jeana, is the most beautiful person in the world to me. I’m telling you this because it is important for you to realize that no matter what she went through, and all the hell she was made to suffer, she’s still a very strong person and beautiful.


As the story goes, I am told by her, and she has no reason to lie to me, that I was conceived with a man several years her senior. She was only sixteen at the time I came to be, and he was four or five years older than she was. Shannon, her best friend in high school introduced them. He was smitten with her right away.

Shannon was dating his older brother, and so, why not get Ron and Jeana together so they could all four hang out, she thought it would be great since they hung out so much. Mom and Shannon didn’t think that Ron would be that interested in her, they thought he just wanted someone to hang out with and play pool with, or talk. But they were wrong. VERY WRONG.

My dad took up with her at once, at first thinking she was much older than she was, but when he found out, he didn’t care.

They had a lot in common, they both liked wrestling, and back in 1983-84, it was a big ticket. The music was kick ass, mom had her first mustang, and she and my dad loved playing pool.

They spent all the time they could together in his parents bar, and he helped her improve her pool game. Oh, but there’s a story there for later. There was a lot of cool shit that happened then, me being one of them… yeah, on with the story.

Ok, so dad, Ron, hooks up with my mom, and there’s no prying them apart. She told me the story of the first night they met, how they talked and played pool, had a few beers, (like I said, he didn’t know she was that young) and he even picked out a song for them.

My dad played ‘Shame on the Moon’ by Bob Seger for her, asking her to dance, it melted her heart and burnt into her soul. That song still makes mom cry to this day.

So between the pool, flirting, beers, dancing, all that stuff they did, things went really good between them. She thought she remembered it being about one a.m. or almost closing time when they left the bar and went to his house.

They spent the rest of the night kissing and talking, yeah that was all the first night. Don’t be so perverted. My mom said that my dad was a real nice guy the first night, besides, they sat up talking till dawn and she fell asleep in his arms on the couch.

However, the next dates weren’t so innocent.

God I wish I could tell you what she told me, but because of her age at the time, I can’t say it. But what she told me, after she stopped crying, it was so fucking hot! I can’t believe my mom was so naughty. And on the pool table after closing… oh shit! No wonder she cries every time she hears that song!

Apparently, my dad’s got a hell of a tongue and a fetish for licking hot pussy. I can understand that, moms pussy is fucking hot and worth every lap. *Eh-hum. Excuse me while I adjust here.* I can’t believe she told me this about them either. I’m glad she did.

He would come to meet her at school during lunch hour, calling her during the week, but they hadn’t any alone time. (Ya’ gotta remember, school was a more open back in 83-84.) She couldn’t wait to see him over the weekends. She was craving more than just hugs and kisses from him, and that was exactly what she got, More.

After they dated for about a year, she found out she was carrying me. My dad had gone back to Chicago for something and when he called her and found out, all hell broke loose. He wasn’t angry, but everyone else seemed to be. But she wasn’t the only pregnant high school girl in existence. I think it was mostly because of her age.

Dad came back to Mississippi with intentions of marrying her, but her parents wouldn’t have it. It caused a big fight and mom never saw my dad again.

Her parents married her off to some rich guy, way older than her, like almost twenty years, and shipped her off to Louisiana. My mom wanted to go back to Colorado where she was born, but no one would let her. At the time, it was become a pregnant run away, or marry this man. Lesser of two evil would have been to run away.

This guy beat her every chance he had. He sent her into early labor screaming that he was going to kill her and me if it was the last thing he ever did. When the ambulance and police came, they arrested him for attempted murder. My mom spent two months recovering.

She tells me that the only reason she survived that last beating was because she was protecting me, she was not going to die until her last breath was given to me for my life. And it almost was.

He had kicked her so hard that he broke several of her ribs and arm in two places. But she held steady in the fetal position so that he would not kick me. The last straw was the gun in her face. It has traumatized her to this day, and since I am a cop, I am careful about how I handle my guns around my mom.

Before she was released from the hospital, some people came to see her. They had heard what had happened and wanted to step in and help get her on her feet. She still doesn’t know why they helped her out, but they got her a job, and helped her heal both physically and mentally. They also helped her care for me. I will always be grateful to them, who ever they are. Thank you.

Mom went back to Mississippi when she was able. She wanted to start over there so the people that helped her, get back, get on her feet and get going. They were so cool to do that. By this time, I was around two, and a hand full.

She hooked up with a guy she knew in high school and he seemed to treat her really good. She ended up pregnant with my sister and he packed her off and moved them to Florida. He worked odd jobs and for daily labor places and mom took a part time job with some small store. Balancing me, her pregnancy, job and whatever else she was dealing with wasn’t easy for her. She just kept going because she had too.

Her relationship ended with this guy when she came home from work early one day because she was sick, and found him tied up with her sister on the couch fucking.

He packed up everything he owned and took the only car they had and left her high and dry. After two weeks of trying to balance getting me to day care and to work on the bus, she got fired. We had to move back to my grandmothers because she didn’t have any way to go or any way to take care of me.

The morning she went into labor, she had to ride the bus to the hospital. She bundled me up on that cool December morning and we walked to the bus stop a few blocks from the house, it was 4:30 am. We hitched 2 buses to get to the hospital. It was a good thing that her water hadn’t broke before we got there. She got to the hospital and finally someone came to get her.

A kind nurse took me and got in touch with my grandmother who had been at work when mom left the house. They came and picked me up, took me back home and left me with my aunt. Mom had my sister the next morning.

When I saw my mom, she said I snuggled into her chest and wouldn’t let go. They had to wait till I went to sleep to take me away from her. She came home three days later and she said that I never left her side. She kept both of us in the bed with her.

Mom has been though two marriages. The second one was also an abusive one, but it was more mental than physical. I watched her deal with that one, two miscarriages from it, and almost a third. She was six months pregnant, but you couldn’t tell it because she was good at hiding it. And she hid it on purpose because she was afraid of him.

He beat her so bad after she told him she was pregnant again, she couldn’t walk for a week. That was when I decided that was enough. I was sixteen then.

I took my sister, who was 12, and mom, and drove them to my best friend’s house. They rushed her to the hospital and kept her from miscarrying. They nursed her back to health, and by then, I had managed to get us a place to stay and chose my career path after one of her best friends, a county Sherriff, Wes, had come to see her after the arrest that he made personally.

Wes stood outside her hospital room talking to me for awhile about what happened, and I told him everything. He was so angry that he threatened, and I quote, “to kill the fucking asshole if he ever came near my mom again.”

Bob hasn’t spoken to my mother since before the end of their divorce. He pleaded her to come back, but Mr. Wes stepped in and slapped a restraining order in his face. I had to personally thank him for that.

My little brother came into the world safe and unscathed. I was there, mom said she needed me. Ok, not exactly the best time to see your moms pussy for the first time, but it gave me a new understanding and better appreciation of what a woman goes through in her lifetime.

After they cleaned her up, and handed her Arron, (I think she named him after my dad)and I saw her pussy for the first time in its natural state, was when I wanted to crawl back inside of it.

I felt love in a completely new way that day for my mom. I have never regretted it either.


The years passed and she managed all three of us on her own. I came to love her even more for her devotion and drive. But I continued to see her go through so much. One night, I happened to be coming home to visit her and my brother.

When I walked in the door, the house was dark and quiet, except for the candles, and their song in the background. I’m guessing it was around my dad’s birthday, she always tried to celebrate it, she was crying. I hate it when she cries like that. She says, “Bo, your so much like your dad. God I miss him.” then she starts crying again. It had been that way every year since I could remember. I knew what I was walking into then.

But this year, it was different. She had been drinking something that wasn’t wine, and wasn’t crying. She had sent Arron off to his friends for the weekend, and she sat in the candle lit room alone, with the song playing, maybe she had cried, but not like usual. There was something different in her eyes.

I walked over to her and sat down, taking her hand.

“Mom? You alright?”

“Yes baby. I’m fine.”

“I’m sure if dad knew…”

She scoffed.

“It’s not for him baby, it’s for me. It’s was the night I got pregnant with you, not for him.”


“Yeah.” she smiled. I had never seen her smile like that. “It was so beautiful. We just clicked that night. We made love like I can’t describe, and I knew the moment he let loose in my body, I was pregnant with you.” She stroked my face. “Bo, baby, you look so much like your dad at that age, but you know what.”

“What mom?”

“I love you more.” she had a funny tone to her whisper.

“Thanks mom.” I whispered. “I love you too.”


“I want something from you.”

“What’s that mom? I’ll do what I can.”

She was hesitant, cleared her throat, quickly downed the rest of what ever it was she was drinking before she actually said anything.

“Bowen, I want you to make love to me.”

It was a good thing the room was dark and she was well past her way to wasted because I almost shit myself when she said that, and I’m sure she would have noticed my reaction right away if she wasn’t. Then again, she may have never asked me if she wasn’t.

“Fuck mom, I can’t fuck you! Your… your… you’re my mom!”

“Who said anything about fucking! I can fuck myself anytime I want to.”

She spread her legs open exposing her naked juice soaked pussy and flicked her swollen lips. I went stiff instantly.

“See! I can fuck myself just fucking fine!” She was panting and moaning with pleasure as her fingers swiftly brought her over the edge of ecstasy.

“Mom. Please. Stop.” Oh yeah, I begged her hard, and enjoyed every second of her fingering herself too. “Fuck mom! FUCK!”

“No, make love to me Bo. I don’t want to fuck. I want to be touched and licked and loved.”

She brought her juice filled fingers to her lips and licked, what a turn on! Then held them to me, I was so tempted, but it was so wrong.

“Come on Bowen baby, I don’t taste so bad.”

God! She smelled incredible! If it was as awesome as it smelled, I could only imagine what it would taste like. I couldn’t help but lick, and when I did, I felt my cock stiffen so hard I had to undo my jeans, revealing the engorged purple head.

“Oh Bo! So beautiful.” She whispered, reaching for me. I eased back a bit as she grazed the

pre-cum soaked head of my erection. It shot lightening through my body. “Baby let me see it all.”

“Mom, no, your drunk, your, you need to go to bed.”

“BOWEN SCOTT I am not!” her voice sank from a scream to a whisper. “And I am going to bed when I feel you, like, when I feel I should, when I feel myself come for you and bed.”

I stood up so I could help her to bed, and she lunged for my jeans pulling them open, exposing my massive hard on. I was ashamed that it was because of my own mother I was so stiff, but she was so sexy and so hot at that moment, such a beautiful woman.

“Oh My!” she grinned massively, licking her lips. “Oh Bo, you are so beautiful.” she murmured.

I don’t know what happened next, it was like some one threw cold water on her. She looked me dead in the eyes, and I saw something, (I’m still not sure what it was), in hers.

She withdrew from me quickly and got up from the couch just as swiftly as she could, stabilizing herself on the arm as she backed away from me.

“I…I…oh god, I’m so sorry Bo, I…I…”

She turned on her heel, stumbled, almost falling, and ran to her bedroom.

I stood there dumbfounded, my manhood limping. I almost felt insulted. I gathered myself together and turned on a small lamp just inside of the hallway, then went back to blow out the candles.

I saw she had been drinking Jose’, and shook my head. No wonder she was so bold.

I picked up her glass and what was left of the fifth and carried it to the kitchen. I sighed, rinsing out the glass and looked at my reflection in the window over the sink. What did she see?

I’m not ugly, girls chase me all the time. I don’t have time for them because of my career, and… then something caught the corner of my eye. It was a photograph of her and us three kids.

We all resembled her in some way, but each of us had some attributes of our other parent. She was smiling so big in that photograph. It was the day I gave her the keys to the house.

She was so proud, she finally had a home after all the hell she had been though. I looked in the window again and looked away, shaking my head. “Oh god, mom.”

I kicked off my shoes and turned the kitchen light off as I went towards the hall. Her bedroom door was ajar and I slipped inside. She was lying on her side, the moonlight caressing her bare shoulders through the window.

I caught a glimpse of her face in the fingers of the light, I had never known my mom to be so beautiful. Her dark hair embraced her, dancing down her body. I fell in love with her that night.

I crawled in bed next to her, gathering her up in my arms. I was pretty sure she was passed out, but she stirred.


“Yes mom, it’s just me.” I snuggled against her, remembering doing it was I was younger.

“I’m so sorry.” she whispered, tears cracking her voice.

“Don’t be mom. It wasn’t so bad.”

She choked on her tears she was crying so hard.

“Come on mom, it’s ok.”

“I’m sorry Bowen.” she just kept repeating herself.

“Mom, it’s ok.” I kept trying to reassure her.

She looked up to me, I put my fingers to her lips and rubbed her cheek to calm her down. I knew I shouldn’t have done what I did next, but I couldn’t help it.

I kissed her. I kissed her deep and long. I felt more lightening shoot through my body when I did. She kissed back, and it was soft and lovingly. She broke the kiss and drew in a deep breath. I kissed her forehead and drew her into my chest, she snuggled down into me.

“I love you mom.”

“I love you Bo.”

“Get some sleep mom.”

“Thank you baby.” she whimpered a little, I felt the dampness of her tears on my arm and chest, but soon, she slept.

I lay there for a few more hours watching over her. She was so vulnerable all of the sudden, this woman who had been so strong for all of us, was suddenly a mental mess of emotions. I cradled her closer and slept.

The night crept into daylight and the phone awakened me. It was Arron needing a ride home because his friends parents had to go somewhere all of the sudden and he needed picked up. I told him mom wasn’t feeling well and I would be there shortly to get him.

He asked if I had my patrol car and I said I did, “cool!” he said. I laughed. I hung up the phone and looked over at mom. She lay there naked, and I longed to touch her beauty. But she was sleeping so good. I kissed her cheek and got up, sliding my clothes back on.

I went to the bathroom and took care of business quickly. As I washed my hands, I looked in the mirror, still trying to figure out what she saw that made her act the way she did. Did I look like my dad? I know I looked like some one besides her. Maybe that’s what she saw. I left her sleeping and picked up Arron.

Mom was a wreck the next few days after recovering from her hang over. I spent the rest of that Sunday there because she was in no shape to take care of Arron. I don’t think she completely recovered from that hang over for about three days. I had never seen her that bad.

My usual night to visit for dinner was Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the occasional Friday. When I showed up for dinner of Wednesday, Arron was sitting in the living room with take out and mom was nowhere to be found.

“Hey bro, where’s momma?”

“Her room. She picked me up from school, got me this and said she didn’t feel good.” He held up his chicken leg and pointed to the rest of the food on the table. “Bo, she don’t look so good.”

His voice was worrisome.

“I’ll go check on her. Save me a piece of that chicken will ya.” He nodded.

I went down the hall to her room and knocked softly. No answer. I eased the door open and saw her sitting in the big chair that sat in the corner of her room next to the picture window that over looked the pond in the back yard.

“Mom?” She looked over at me and looked away. “Momma, you alright?” she just stared out at the pond. I walked over and pulled the footstool closer to sit on. I took her hand and she withdrew from me. We had always been so close, I had no clue what was going on.

“Come on mom, if this is about the other night, it’s no big deal.” I don’t think that sounded right.

I saw the tears roll down her cheek. I took her hand and this time she let me. I reached up and brushed the tears away. “Mom, I know that you weren’t yourself the other night. And I’m sorry if what I did made things worse.”

She smiled then, “I liked it when you kissed me. But I’m so ashamed of myself for that.” she looked at me, her eyes so dark with fear and pain, “I’m so sorry Bowen.”

“Don’t be mom. It’s not like I didn’t start the kiss.”

“It’s not just the kiss, but touching you, wanting something from you like that. Exposing myself and doing what I did in front of you. I’m an awful woman!”

“No you’re not mom, you’re beautiful and strong. I’m not going to analyze what was going through your head when that happened. But for the record, it was very hot and sexy.”

I saw her cheeks redden a bit and felt a tingle in my groin as I thought about it. Damn, it was fucking hot to watch her finger herself and smell of her luscious sex. I cleared my throat.

“Mom, if I wasn’t your son, I would make love to you in a heart beat.”

She smiled a bit.

She hadn’t been with a man since my brother was conceived. She didn’t even date for fear of being beat up again. I felt bad for her because there were some really nice guys out there, but she wouldn’t because of her track record.

I knew she needed touched and loved, the way she had kissed me that night, my god! It was the best kiss I had ever tasted in my lifetime.

I wondered if I shouldn’t be dating her. Sure, she was my mom, but what difference would that make? Instead of going to family restaurants all the time, I would start taking her to places that are more intimate. The more I thought about the idea, the more I liked it. She startled me from my thoughts when she touched my cheek.

“Bo. Why don’t you go in there with Arron, I’ll be out in a bit.”

“Alright mom.” I got up and kissed her cheek. “Mom?”

“Yes?” God I loved her eyes. I could see why my dad loved them too.

“How about you and me go out Friday night? Somewhere nice. I mean really nice.”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Arron and see what he thinks?”

“I’m not interested in what he thinks. I want to know what you think. I just want to take you out. Just me and you.”

I felt her shudder. “Just us? We haven’t been out to eat as ‘just us’ in forever.”

“Yeah. I know. And I think it’s about time.”

“What about Arron?”

“He can stay at his friend’s house that night. Or we can get a sitter. I’d ask Lauron, but…?”

“He won’t like that.”

“So, call and see if he can stay over at Cody’s and we’ll pick him up the next day.”

“I’d like that.” her smile brought me warmth and relief.

“Good. Then it’s settled. I’ll pick you up at seven.”

“Bo, are you sure?”

“Yeah mom. I’m sure.” I bent down and kissed her cheek, “love you mom.”

“I love you too baby.”

I left her sitting there quietly. At least she acted like she felt better now. I went back in and sat on the couch next to Arron.

“Hey, I’m gonna take mom somewhere special Friday. You think you can get one of your friends to let you stay over?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Tell ya what, you do this for me, give me some alone time with mom every now and then, and I’ll take you to the store and get you that new video game you want.”

“For real!”

“Yeah, for real.”


“But you gotta promise me that you won’t get upset if I spend time with her.”

“Na. Besides, she ain’t feeling so hot. I think it would be good if you were home.”

“Yeah. Me too bro.” I gave him a noogy and we laughed.

We watched cartoons and ate, mom finally joining us. I still saw some apprehension in her face. I got up and followed her to the kitchen. She had her back turned to me and I put my arms around her.

“Mom, I want to thank you.”

“For what?”

“Being my mom. Being strong, and loving all of us the way you do.”

I saw her reflection in the window. She was smiling. I kissed her cheek, wishing it was her lips again. I pulled her hair away from her shoulder and snuggled down in the curve of her neck, softly nuzzling there.

She squirmed a bit and I thought I heard her whimper. Her eyes were closed and I kissed up her neck and too her ear.

“I love you mom. I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

She went a little stiff as I kissed her, but soon relaxed against me, sliding her hand up to my head and holding it there as I did. I knew she was enjoying it as much as I was. I put my hand on her belly and pulled her closer to me, working my way over her cheek to her lips.

She turned to speak and my lips were to hers, softly taking her all in. She kissed me back, as she had before, only a bit more aggressive this time. I took a chance to entwine my tongue with hers, and she accepted.

It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was satisfying. I felt my stiff rod between us and she pushed back against me. I knew where I wanted to push it against her.

“Mom, I want to…”

“Oh Bowen. We can’t, it wouldn’t be right.” her lips were still grazing mine as she whispered.

“I don’t care. I wouldn’t have this fucking hard on if it wasn’t for the things you do to me.”

“We can’t, Arron is in the other room.”

“Maybe not now, but he has to go to bed sometime.”

“Bowen, we can’t.” she pushed against me, I know I heard her moan then.

“I don’t work tonight, we have all night. I want to make love to you. I like the idea. I did the other night too, but…”

Her expression changed, and I felt her body change.

“Mom, you did nothing wrong, in fact, I think it was right what you did. I just wasn’t expecting it.” I kissed her cheek again, “You were so fucking hot and sexy playing with your pussy like that. If I had any sense, I would have been down there licking your beautiful sex. I regret that I didn’t.”

Tears welled in her eyes.

“Don’t cry mom, please.”

She turned to face me, still in my arms. “Bo. I don’t know what the hell is going on in my head. I’m going to be 42 soon. I haven’t had a mans touch in almost ten years. When I think about you, I go crazy because,” she paused, looking away, “Because you are the only man in my life. I’m scared shitless because I don’t want to hurt you or be hurt again. My god, you’re my son!”

“I’d never hurt you mom. NEVER!”

I kissed her fully then. I had the chance and I was taking it. God she tasted so sweet and perfect. I can only describe her kiss as a delicate breeze caressing my body. I pushed up into her and she clung closer to me.

Soft sighs came from her mouth and into mine, I almost couldn’t stand it. This time, the kiss was long and heated. She was giving me so much more of herself than before, accepting my unspoken promise of loving her.

We were interrupted by Arron’s voice calling her from the other room. I was glad he did or he would have walked in on us, and that was something I didn’t want to happen. I broke from her, kissing her lightly one last time.

She withdrew and patted her face, stepping aside of me and calling back to Arron, telling him to come get his drink. He came into the kitchen and I was still standing close to mom, with my arm around her waist, but propped against the sink. He either didn’t think anything of it or didn’t care.

“You’ve got a half hour before bath time.”

“Yeah mom, I know.” he shuffled off from the kitchen. She looked at me. I’m not sure I understood her eyes. They were loving, wanting, worried and tired. But if the feeling that ran through my body was correct, what I saw before she smiled and looked away, was a feeling of want and longing for something she hadn’t had in a long time.

She eased away from my side, deliberately brushing my stiffness through my jeans as she did. Oh fuck! That felt so great. My heart went crazy with want of her.

She was bent over retrieving something from the refrigerator and it took all of my will power not to go over there and plow her. I looked at the clock, could I wait a couple more hours to lie beside her? Damn! I had to do something to keep my mind occupied and off having sex with her.

I cleared my throat, “Mom. I, ah, I need to run to the store real quick. You need anything?”

“You can bring me back a coke.”

“Ok, I’ll do that.” I started towards the door.

“Bo, be careful baby.”

“Will do mom.” I slipped from the room before I walked back over too her and never let her go.

I turned up the music really loud in my truck trying to preoccupy my mind. It didn’t work. I just got more turned on.

I pulled off into a darkened part of the parks parking lot and sat there for a moment. My dick was so stiff, it hurt. I undid my pants and released it, slapping against the steering wheel.

It felt good to have it exposed.

I started rubbing it and it just made things more intense, but I couldn’t help the feelings it gave me. Thoughts of my mom rubbing her pussy and coming the other night, her kiss, the smell of her skin raced through my head. I realized that I was whacking my rod harder and moaning loudly.

Suddenly, a thought traced my mind about jerking off in an empty public parking lot being against the law, what was even worse, was being a cop and doing it. But Fuck! IT was so intense and I wasn’t going to stop. I felt my hips buck up and my swollen head bump the edge of the steering wheel. I pretended it was the inside of mom’s pussy as I bottomed out deep within her soft wet boundaries.

“OH GOD! YES! FUCK YES!” I screamed out. The music that was still loudly playing, I continued slapping my extremely hardened head just right against the ridge of the wheel. “FUCK ME! FUCK YEAH!” It sent me over the edge and I blew my load all over the place.

Come covered my hand, the steering wheel, and part of the dash panel. I hadn’t gotten off that much since I was a teenager. I looked down at my throbbing cock, semi-hard in my hand, still stroking slowly on the shaft. “Oh Fuck!” I whispered to myself as I panted. “God mom, I won’t last long with you at that rate.”

I relaxed against the truck seat and let my dick go limp before managing to clean it up a bit. I had a t-shirt in the seat and wiped off myself and the truck with it. I was going to have to get some water soon. I could smell the saltiness of my fluids and thought about mom’s fingers the other night. They smelled so good.

I couldn’t wait to taste her fully on my own lips. I tucked myself away and tossed the t-shirt aside. I was sitting there trying to regain my composure when a tap came at my window startling me. I jumped and looked to see who it was. I rolled down the window and turned down the music.

“Hey Bo, what’s up?” Dan said, shining his light into the truck.

“Dude, get the light out of my face.”

“Oh, sorry.” he clicked it off. “I saw your truck sitting here, just thought I would stop and see what was going on.”

Dan is a co-worker of mine; we’ve been friends for years. He’s about mom’s age. I thought about hooking them up once, but now, I’m glad I didn’t.

“Nothing. Just had to pull over for a minute.” I was freaked that I was busted by my buddy. I could smell it, could he? I popped the door open and he moved away as I slid from the seat. “Just thought I forgot something at mom’s house. Had to pull off and look for it before I got too far down the road.”

“That’s cool. I just was checking. I wondered why your truck was here.”

“Yeah, she sent me after some things from the store. I just thought I left my wallet at the house and I didn’t want to go too much further if I did.”

“That’s cool. So how is your mom?”

“Honestly,” I shook my head, “she’s had better days.”

“Really? I don’t think I have ever seen her in a bad mood. She’s always so perky and you can’t help but fall in love with her. She’s got a great personality. I never thought anything would get her down. What’s going on?”

I felt a bit jealous him talking about my mom like that. Hum. “I don’t no. Something’s bothering her. I’m considering taking a leave of absence for awhile, see about taking her some where nice she hasn’t been in awhile. Maybe back to Colorado.”

“She’d like that.” he paused, “Hey, your mom dating anyone?”

“You know she don’t date.”

“I was thinking I would ask her out to the policeman’s ball next month. You think that would be ok?”

“Have to ask her.” I was steaming. Why was I steaming?

“Ok, I think I will.” He smiled. “I’ll call on her in a day or two when I’m off.”

I felt uneasy all the sudden, maybe it was because I had just shot a hell of a load off and hadn’t recovered, or maybe I was really jealous of his words.

“Hey, I got to get going, mom’s expecting me back soon.”

“Ok. Tell your mom I would liked to talk to her ok.”

“Sure thing. I’ll see you tomorrow night.” I shook his hand, squeezing as if I was making a point to be the alpha male.

He walked away and I loaded back in the truck, slamming the door.”Fuck you if you think I’m letting you near my mom!” Damn, I sounded just like I did when I was sixteen.

I backed the truck up and drove to the store, steering wheel still sticky with my own come. I got some wipes and cleaned off the dash and wheel before heading back. I didn’t noticed it was so late until I got back.

Mom had locked up the house and left the kitchen light on like she always did. She and Arron were already in bed. I put her cokes in the fridge and took off my shoes. I went down the hall and looked into Arron’s room. He was dead to the world like he always slept. I slipped off to mom’s room and eased the door open.

She lay naked caressed by the fading moonlight. God she was beautiful. I took off my clothes, laying them over the chair and slipped between the sheets and next to her. She moaned lightly and pushed against me.

I draped my arm over her and pulled her deep to me, snuggling into her hair. Her scent was so alluring. I felt my hardness gain and wiggled closer to her.

“Umm, Ronnie, make love to me.” she eased her legs open a bit and pushed towards me.

I was shocked, but knew she was dreaming. I pushed to her a bit more, and she said something that I couldn’t understand, slipping her hand down between her legs, touching herself and me.

She gasped suddenly making me realize that she was remembering how it felt between them. Did I take advantage of the situation or did I just bide my time? She rolled on her back, fingers between her sweet sex, pumping and moaning gently. I was stiff before, but now, good god!

She looked dead at me, sweeping her cream soaked hand up to my lips, tracing them lightly.

“Ronnie, make love to me. I’ve missed you so much. I need you to touch me like you always do baby.”

I licked her fingers and let my hand slide down to her wetness, fingering her soft folds. A supple whine came from her lips and she continued to trace mine with her fingers. I licked at them and she withdrew, tracing her nipple.

“See baby, I told you I taste good.”

“God mom, you taste incredible.” I whispered.

“Love me Ronnie, love me like we always did.”

I didn’t know what to do. She was either still dreaming, or else she really thought I was my dad.

I felt bad taking advantage of the moment. But fuck, she was begging me to love her.

I decided that I would do the one thing I knew I could get away with, and should have done the other night, lick that sweet juicy sex of hers till she came on my face.

I slid down her body, she coaxed me in the right direction in between her thighs. Her scent was so strong and appealing; it was hard for me to decide if I wanted to forego the oral and just push deep into her.

She always told me how wonderful dad made her feel when he licked her. She had never met another man that made her feel that way. I had been pretty good at it according to my ex’s, the ones who liked it anyway.

Mom took her time teaching me Sex Ed. How and what to do to please a woman and do it with out treating her like a piece of meat. Mom felt confident enough to tell me of her ‘sexcapaides’, as she put it. Yeah, there were times when I was shocked at her words, but over all, and after what I had seen her go through, I knew she was right in telling me what she did.

I took a few minutes to adjust her to my liking, giving me a chance to take in what lay before me. I didn’t want to rush into anything with her. I certainly didn’t want her to wake up and kick me in the face.

Her fingers traced her lips and dashed in and out of her hole, bringing juice to her clit and labia. As she crossed them in front of my nose, it was intoxicating. I wanted to ask her if it was alright, but just went straight to tasting her.

I slowly ran my tongue up the middle, between her lips, she gasped and moaned. That was a good sign. I took my time, pulling and suckling at her, teasing her stiff little clit with my lips. It wasn’t long before she was begging me to work harder at her. She even pulled my face down onto her, but I pushed her hands away.

“No, this is my time with you. I’m going to make you come like you never have.” I whispered over her belly.

“I know you will,” she panted softly as she arched up as my tongue wrapped around her sex.

I went to work a little harder on her, but still took my time. I wanted this so much, and I wanted to make her feel like the woman she deserved to feel like. My thoughts ran with the past, of how she had been treated, what she wanted and needed, and why she asked me to make love to her.

It had been over 24 years since someone took their time making love to her and making her feel this way. I wasn’t going to spoil that, but I was going work more intently.

I pushed into her, moving her legs back so I could get a different angle and lapped at her harder. Her moans became louder, I was afraid she would wake up Arron, so I eased off a bit.

Whatever I did when I eased off brought her over her edge. She bucked up at me and shot hot liquid all down my chin and neck. I was a bit shocked, as I had never experienced something like that with a woman before.

“Please, please, lick me again, make me come again. Lick me here,” she begged, running her fingers over the spot she wanted licked. I did as she asked and with in a few minutes she gushed again, soaking everything.

“Oh Fuck Mom!” I mumbled as she came. Of course, after the initial shock of the first one, and the strength of the second one, not to mention it’s heat and intoxication level to my senses, I licked every ounce of ejected liquid I could retain.

My throbbing cock was only getting worse, and I finally had to pull away and sit up on my knees. It stood out like a metal soldier in front of me.

Mom panted and whimpered, her body relaxing after I pulled away from her. She looked down her body at me, scooting herself up a bit for a better view.

“Is that what you have for me?”

I stroked it a bit, lubricating it with her juices that were on my hand.

“Yes. I want to feel deep inside of your wetness and love with it.”

She smiled, “it’s beautiful baby, just like you are.” She opened her legs, inviting me to her pleasure. “Love me baby, push deep inside of me, show me how much you love me.”

I wanted to call her something besides mom, and not Jeana. God, what could I call this woman that I was so in love with, who’s beauty was overwhelming to my eyes and senses.

“Will you allow me that pleasure my Angel, to take you as my own?”

“Yes, please, make me yours.”

I maneuvered to her openness, pointing myself towards her sodden sex and effortlessly slid inside her. I didn’t go that deep, but she gasped. I pulled from her concerned that I had scared her or she realized that it was me and not my dad.

“No. No. Don’t stop.” she begged.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Bowen, you’re not going to hurt me. Please, don’t stop.”

What the…she knew it was me and let me continue, how long had she… she played me right where she wanted me. Damn! I love this woman.

With that, I shoved as deep in her as I could, right up to the hilt of my size, meeting her hips to mine. She gasped again, forcing towards me. I felt her cervix with my hardened head. God she felt incredible inside! The heat that she extruded was remarkable! I had never felt another woman like this.

I pumped her moderately, but she wanted more. She built up her body and forced herself on me. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. I was trying to take my time because I knew I wouldn’t last long since I had been so turned on from eating her. She reached up and clasped her nails into my arms, drawing me to her.

“Deeper baby, all the way. Harder.” Her hips moved in desperation with her voice. I felt her heat build and quickened my pace inside her. She met my every movement, her beautiful breast bouncing with her body. “Harder my lover, harder!”

“I can’t go any harder mom, I’ll hurt you.”

“Hurt me, hurt me with your pleasure.” she groaned and let loose a stream of liquid heat from inside, washing all over my cock and balls. “Come, come deep inside me, I need to feel your cream inside of me!”

“OH GOD! I’m gonna come!” I felt it building, like before in the truck.

She tightened herself around me and I couldn’t hold it any more.”Come, fill me!” she screamed. Her clenching muscles and heated insides pushed me over the edge.

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