Maa ki chudai

Hi to all iss readers.i m a regular iss reader and i like the incest stories the most.this is my first story.i hope u all like it.first of all i give my introduction,my name is sonu(name changed).i m 16yrs old.i study in class abt my my family my dad who is buissness mother she do sister which is of 5 motheres age is 35.beautiful and sexy figure 32-28-36.white color.nice ass .when she moveves her boobs and ass shake and every who see her want 2 fuck her.she wears suits.

I m a very naugty boy.i always think abt i have done it many times with my gfs.but i never thought tht i ll fuck my own mother as i have never wrong intensions abt her.but one there was raining out mom come frm office completely wet.her body was naked.she went 2 the bathroom to change as she never close the door she starts changing clothes.i was watching tv so i dont know tht she was in bathroom so i went to bathroom for susu when i opened door i see mom naked witout bra and panty.hairy pussy and brown nipples boobs.i came out of bathroom without saying anything.but u cant forget the scene of bathroom.i was just thinking of the scene and then i think 2 fuck my mom.

Ususally my mom and dad sleep together but tht night i forced mom to sleep with room is on first floor and theirs on ground.after eating food i came in my room .after some time my mom also come 2 my room.she think tht i was sleeping but i was not sleeping.she off the light and slept beside me.facing her gace toward me.then after 30min i open my eyes.she was in deep sleep.i put my hands over her stomach.after some time i get some courage.i put my hand downward toward her pussy.i was complete in sweat.i move my hand overs her pussy on salwar as she woere salwar kameez at night also.the didnt respond after 15min i open the nara of salwar as i was scared also i open it very slowly.and push the salwar downward.then i saw her panty.she was wearing broen panty.and it was little bit wet.after 10min when she didnt respond i put my hand inside her panty.her hairs were huge i thing i was in forest.then i inserted my finger in her was wet and warm.her pussy was tight.i move my finger in backward and forward direction.after 15min of regular fingering suddentu she did susu in my hand and in panty her panty get comletely wet.she suddenly wake up and get shocked by seeing her pussy naked and my touching it.i also get scared and i cant face her.she said tht wht r u doing i keep quiet.then she siad tht look at me i slowly looked at her she was having smile on her face .i thougt tht i get the green signal.she turned to my side and closed my lips with herr..we kissed for 5 was the moment which i had been dreaming for morning….. Hugged her hard and it made her breasts to get pressed on my chest..

She took off my tee shirt and started kissing my chest…

She moved down and took off my shorts and caught hold of my 8 inches cock..she moved the foreskin up and down and tasted it with her tongue..she kissed my dick with her lovely sexy lips..and then she put it inside her made me feel so horneyy…she started to move my dick inside her mouth in and out..she done it for about 5 mins and i cummed inside her mouth itself…then she slept beside me

I slowly took off her kameez and made her to lie down only with bra and pantiess..she was wearing a black bra .i kissed her entire bodyy…her arms,armpitss,cheeks,neckk,chest area,navel…after that i took off her braa and it made heavy boobs visible with dark brown nipple hard as a rockk…i squeezed her boobs with my mouth and licked her boobs with my tonguee…i pinched her nipples with my teeth..mmm oh god her boobs are the best part of herr…then i moved down and took off her pantiess,

She was wet and put my fingers into her pussyy..she asked me to lick and i followed her..her fluids were really tastyy…i enjoyed a lot with dat fluidsss..after that i put my strong and hard dick into her pussyyy…and she made a sweeet moan…her legs got flexed and were holding me…i started fucking her hard and hard…she made me lie down and she sat me to fuck me….it was the best angle i hope with her….and then she turned to the back and i fucked her like a dogg fucking his mom dog…hard and hard….

When i was fucking her in d doggy style i got an idea to fuck her asss..she said go n get butter and i didd..i was very tight u know…bt i fucked her assss very hard and maddeee it redd than ever..after fucking her for a period of about half n hour i cummed into her pussyyyyyyyy… was a great experince really and v r fucking each other daily.

I hope u like my story.any unsatisfied aunty or girl wanna fuck contact email id is [email protected]

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