Love Story Of Bhabhi Devar

Hi Friends I am Shahid khan from Kolkata working in Bangalore. I am a well-built guy of 5’10” height. Any Girl or young woman want to have sex chat, phone sex or time pass relationship can contact me on my Email ID [email protected] but don’t offer me money as i am not gigolo. Now without taking your much time let me come to my story which is a real incident happened with me.

I was in final year of engineering studying in Bangalore. I was virgin and didn’t get any chance to fuck any girl till that time. One day my mom called me and told that she has seen one girl for my elder brother and once I’ll go home we all will go to her home and will talk about the married.

I was very happy as this was the first time I was going to witness any married in my house. So I told my mom that we will go at the time of my winter vacations. After completion of my 7th SEM exams I took Howrah Yashwantpur train and left for Kolkata. When I reached Kolkata my mom told me that in the evening we will be going to the girl’s home. She told me that her name is Afreen and she is in final year B.Sc. we left for her house in the evening. I, my mom and my Dad left for her home. When we reached there we got a warm welcome there. After having light snacks my mom asked them to call Afreen.

When she entered our room wearing salwar kamiz, she was looking awesome and my eye was not going away from her face. She was very fair like milk and her lips were pink. Figure was perfect and height was around 5’5”. I asked about her studies and hobbies. Her voice was very sweet. After that we returned from her house after telling that we liked her and within few months my brother Zahid will marry her. My brother Zahid was doing job in some IT company in gulf. It was really good feeling that my bro will get married soon.

We took afreen’s mom’s mobile no as Afreen didn’t have her personal phone. After 2 days my mom called her and we talked on phone for the first time. After that my vacations got over and I returned back to Bangalore. In the final semester I got placed in MNC so called everybody and gave the good news. I was confused that should I call her or should I message her and at the end I sent her the message telling about my placement and wrote my name at the end because she dint have my no with her. I got reply with congratulations for me and then our message chat started.

We used to chat for day and night and we became very close. We started sharing everything. In the night time we used to talk on phone and once we talked for whole night. she asked me about girlfriend but I denied as I didn’t have any girlfriend at that time but she didn’t believed as I am a good looking guy. She told that it’s not possible that guy like you who is not only good looking but also good in talking don’t have girlfriend. For some days she regularly forced me to tell my girlfriend’s name but I denied every time.

Once I thought of lying her about my girlfriend so told that bhabhi yes I have one girlfriend. Listening to this she stopped speaking and on insisting her to tell why she is not speaking anything she started crying. She told that she shared everything with me but I hid the truth about my girlfriend. I was shocked by bhabhi’s behaviour and I was bit confused about the situation. On seeing that the situation is going out of control I told her the truth.

She became happy when I told that I don’t have girlfriend. I knew that something is wrong in bhabhi’s mind so I thought of knowing the real truth. I told her why you are happy that I don’t have any girlfriend. She told that she like me. I was stunned on listening this. She told that for the first time when our eyes met, she fell in love with me. I told her that this is not right as she is going to marry brother Zahid. She told that nothing is wrong or right in this world. Everything is with reference to somebody. The thing which is true for you might be wrong for me.

After that we became more open to each other. She even started telling me about her periods. I also started liking her. I was in love with her but my fate was going to marry with my own brother. And the day of her married arrived and she got married with my brother Zahid. On the day of her married I was feeling very bad and was so upset. I don’t want to see her with my brother. So I told everybody in my home that I have some emergency work so I have to go and I returned back to Bangalore.

She didn’t tell me anything but when I called her she told me so much that I did wrong by getting back to bangalore like this. I told her that I can’t see u with anybody else. I was waiting for my brother to go back. Soon the day arrived and I got the news that my brother is leaving for gulf next week. As soon as I got the news I booked the ticket. I took Howrah Yashvantpur train and reached Kolkata. It was a great feeling. When I reached home she was still sleeping. I went to her room directly and on entering I saw her sleeping. She was looking very beautiful. She was wearing red nighty. I went near her and started staring her. She got up and on seeing me she was very happy.

From that day I was planning to fuck her but I was not getting any chances, Meanwhile I used to touch her body and sometimes I put my hand on her chicks. Her room was on the ground floor and washroom was also on the ground floor so I got one plan. In the night I can go inside her room and if some catches me going down or coming from downstairs, I can tell that I went to washroom.

One night i went to sleep early. Actually it was my plan. Everybody went to sleep at 11 o’clock but I was in no mood to take risk by going so early. I waited till 1 o’clock. Every second was difficult to wait. At 1 o’clock I went downstairs and when I touched her door, I found it open. I entered her room and it was dark. I switched on the night lamp. She was looking very beautiful. She was wearing red salwar kamiz. She was doing acting of sleeping but I knew so I put my finger inside her hair and started combing her hair with my fingers.

She opened her eyes and gave me a sweet smile. I got down and kissed her forehead then chicks and at the end put my lips on her lips. This was my first kiss but not her. Our start was very slow but our speed increase slowly. She also started responding. While kissing her I put my hand on her boobs. This was the first time I touched somebody’s boobs. It was so soft. I started pressing her boobs. Then I started kissing her neck but my hand was still at its favourite place which was afreen’s soft boobs. She started moaning but I told her not to make sound as this can lead anybody to wake up.

Now I went down and put a long kiss on her belly after lifting her kamiz a little up. Then I started licking her naval. Licking on her naval was making her horny. She was lifting her hip on every kiss on her naval. This was making me hungrier for her body. I lifted her kamiz more and exposed her whole belly and started licking her belly.

Now it was time to proceed further so I asked her to remove her kamiz but she gave me a naughty smile and told “kuchh chahiye to mehnat to karni padegi” means if u want something then you have to do hard work. I then lifted her upper half body and made her sit. I started removing her kameez to which she supported by lifting her arm. Oh My God a full view of her boobs in her pink bra was just in front of me. I attacked on her boobs like a hungry dog and started pressing it hard to which she told me to go slow. I was licking her boobs without removing her bra. After licking I removed my t-shirt and hugged her tightly. I was feeling her boobs on my chest and her bare back with my hands. I opened the strap of her bra and removed it completely. Now one pair of well-shaped boobs was in front of me.

I put my hands on those soft boobs and started pressing them. Now I made her lay down and started kissing her boobs. Her hand was searching my dick and when she touched my dick over my trouser I became tighter than before. Now it was very difficult for me keep it inside so I lowered my trouser and underwear. My dick was like thirsty for pussy juice. She started playing with my dick and I was sucking her one boob and was pressing the other. My second hand was slowly going towards its main target. For the first time when I touched her pussy over her salwar I felt like in the top of world. i started to play with her pussy with my finger. Then I got up and brought my dick near her mouth but she told that she can’t suck it as it’s not hygienic. I didn’t force much and put her hands on my cock. She started moving her hand up and down.

It was a great feeling when that beautiful girl was playing with my cock I then opened her salwar’s string and moved salwar below her thighs. Her pink panty was covering the most beautiful place on earth. I thought of removing her panty at once and fuck her without making any delay but I wanted to make her feel the best sex experience of her life. So I started rubbing her pussy over her panty. I lifted her half stand on her knee and hugged her. The position was such that my dick was positioned on her pussy.

I started rubbing my dick over her pussy. She was going out of control. She started begging me to put my dick inside her pussy but I asked her wait. After sometime of rubbing and pushing her pussy she told that she is cumming. But I didn’t stop and after few seconds she started shivering and her pussy juice started coming out. Even my cock got wait with her pussy juice which was separated from pussy by her panty. After that I made her lie again on bed and started licking her pussy juice with her panty still on.

She was literally jumping Then I changed my position to 69 and asked her to play with my dick but I was amazed when she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Initially she was not doing that good but these things are self-learning and no one can teach you so after some time she was sucking it like professionals. I will not tell lie about my dick as other writers who usually tell to have 9″ or 8″ long dick. My dick is more than 5.5″ but in sex length of dick is not that important. Most important thing is positions and these positions help you to satisfy girls even with 4″ dick.

Now back to story, we were in 69 position so without wasting time I started removing her panty with my lips She was enjoying it very much. When I removed her panty till her knees, a full view of the world’s most beautiful thing was in front of me. Her pussy was not fully shaven but very small hairs were present. Her cunt lips were pinkish. I started licking it with my tongue. I inserted my tongue inside her love hole. I started fucking her with my tongue and mouth fucking with my dick at the same time. I was pressing her G-spot so in no time she released her juice for the second time. I drank all her juice.

It was a bit bitter in taste but at that time u can drink even poison Meanwhile I was also getting the feeling of releasing my cum so I told her that I am cumming but she didn’t removed my dick from her mouth. After few seconds I released my cum inside her mouth. She drank my cum in no time. Now again we changed the position and I started kissing her and then I went down to suck her nipple. Sucking her nipple again made my cock hard.

She was literally begging me to fuck her I positioned myself and put my dick at the entrance of heaven. I slowly rubbed my dick and then pushed it a little but her cunt was very tight. I knew that she may scream in pain so I locked her lips with mine and started pushing my dick inside her pussy. after few efforts, my dick was half way inside the pussy then I made a hard push and it was totally in.

Tears started coming out from her eye but I knew that this is the end of pain and soon she will enjoy my ride I started stroking my dick in and out. I could make it out from her facial expressions that she enjoying the ride. After some time I made her sit in doggy style and inserted my dick from back. I really enjoyed the doggy style and cummed inside her. I was totally exhausted but when I saw her full nude body, my dick was ready again. She told me to fuck in doggy style again as she enjoyed it very much but I told her that let me fuck in different styles to which she agreed.

I then made her lay on her back and I sat in between her legs I raised her left leg on my shoulder and inserted my dick In this position I fucked her for few minutes. Then I lay on the bed and asked her to sit on my dick. I asked her that I have fucked you and now it’s your turn. So she sat on me and positioned her pussy on my dick and pushed her pussy on my dick and my dick was inside her. She was riding me and she was really enjoying it. After some strokes we both reached extreme points and released our juices. I was totally exhausted so I kissed her for the last time and left her room. Next day she was very happy and we were exchanging naughty smiles.

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