Lose My Virginity To My Sister

Hi friends this is my first story here. I have been reading this site since last three years. This is a very true incident which happened 9 months before.

First about me am Kathir Definitely Name Changed from eroding Tamilnadu. I am 22 years old now, but this happened when I was 21 and this happened with my cousin sister. I still remember when I met her first. She was distant relation to our family and she is 5 years elder to me and when I was little younger my father and I went to my aunties village there

We stayed for 3 days as I was very bored to stay in that remote village, to make me happy my father asked me to get ready as we are going to meet a distant relative to my periyamma home. We started by 3PM and after walking for about 40 minutes in farms we reached their home. My periyamma after sitting outside the home welcomed us and hugged me and said I looking cute.

My periyamma asked her to bring water for us and that is the moment I saw my sister and good looking dusky girl coming out of home with water in her village outlook. She was wearing a shirt and gown. We talked there for some time and spent 4 hours roaming their farms and left the place after that I was busy with my studies.

I don’t go my native place because of my new friends. I don’t want to miss my new friends and go to a remote village for vacations too and when I was 20 a relative from my village came to our home for inviting to his marriage. We had some formals talks with each other while leaving he said that my sister ohh sorry I forgot to mention her name Kavitha name changed.

He said that Kavi was talking about me when he went to give invitation to their home at first I don’t remember who is it and asked him detailed he told the place and then only I realised that I went to their home 8 years back. He gave me her number and left after finishing my plays.

I called her in evening and introduced me and had some formal talks with her and my periyamma. Later we started chatting 2 days once as days were passing we become so closer. I bet you guys even a hard heart can melt for a typical village girl’s care and love. We were talking like brother and sister only until the day she came to home.

She came to our home on her vacation for 10 days. First 3 days she stayed in my uncle’s home and on 4th day she stayed in my home after the death of my father me and were alone so we are in a small house only with 2 rooms and a bathroom. My mom used to sleep outside for some fresh air and I used to sleep inside.

My mom know that we were talking for 1 year and also she is my sister my mom asked her to sleep with me and leaves to bed leaving us alone. First day we talking for up to midnight about different kind of things about her college and my life and etc and second day we were alone at home after my mom left to work.

We had some chit chats and in noon we decided to sleep for awhile. So we turned of TV and went to bed. I have habit of hugging pillow while sleeping as she I was sleeping with that pillow while in sleep I hugged her mistakenly, she also don’t care to take my hands as I was sleeping and she too slept after some time and I realised that I was sleeping hugging her.

That’s the time my devil comes out of my heart at very first time I am hugging a girl in my life even though I had my ex girl friend we were not into any physical relationship of hugging and kissing for a minute I forgot that she is my sister and started caressing her body over dress.

There was no response from her side so I slowly moved my hand from her stomach to her breast. It was real smooth and I started to roll my fingers on her breast. I caressed her boobs for 15 minutes and I started squeezing them mildly still now there was no response from her and I continued my play and slept after some time my mom came and rang the bell.

She woke up and went to open the door un till the door bell rang my hands were on her breast only. I thought that she might think it was accident that I keep hand in sleep. I was waiting for night to come faster. We had dinner and went to bed. Now I was ready to sleep earlier as it will be easy for me start my play faster after her sleeping.

We switched of the lights and were sleeping near after about 30 minutes and I started my play. This time i was bolder enough to play with her freely. I slowly inserted my finger inside the night dress and started to feel her bra. I am desperate that I will fuck her today, so I moved closer to her so that my breath will heat her up.

I played with her small boobs over bra for some time and started kissing her neck. First time I hear her moan. I turned her to my side and I can see that she was awake I asked her you want more. She did not speak but shake her head saying yes. I removed her top now and started squeezing her boobs wildly. I was uncontrollable biting her lips and squeezing her boobs faster.

We were kissing for 10 minutes and broke our kiss and I started feeling her body. I removed my banian and lungi and in my underwear only meanwhile she too removed her dress and in panty and bra only. I licked her whole body inch by inch.

Its real guys no one can satisfy a girl with his dick but as I was reading a lot about intercourse and sex I knew that I can satisfy her fully with my theory skills. Today I am going to apply it practically. I removed her panty and placed a soft kiss on her pussy. She shivered in excitement and I started playing with her clit spreading it with my fingers.

First I was teasing her pussy and later and I pushed my tongue in her hot love hole her taste was so good and kept on licking for 20 minutes in time she had many orgasms and I sit my dick near her face and guided my dick in her mouth. She was overjoyed with my licking in her pussy and ready to do anything for me.

She started sucking it like a lollipop and it was heavenly. We were in 69 positions for some time and we both had our orgasms. We lay for some time and I caressed her soft boobs and removed her bra and started chewing it. My dick was again ready and I placed it near her pussy due to her love juice it slipped a little but not completely.

I forced my dick inside in few strokes she was struggling with pain. I stopped for a while and started my to and fro motion and fucked her in rhythm for 3 minutes and I was ready to explode. I took my dick out and sprayed all my juice over her small breast.

We both had sex for next two days. Guys please sorry this is my first writing I know this won’t make you horny but I thought of sharing it to ISS readers and your comments will boost me to write better. Please your feedback on erode [email protected]

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