Little Sister Seduces Me

Hi I am Nandu 21 years old, from
Kerala. This story is about how my younger sister seduced me to have sex with
her. My sister’s name is Divya. She is 18 years old. She has very good figures
and round boobs and ass, our family consists of our parents, Divya and I at
most of the day times, I and Divya will be alone at home as our parents goes
for work.

We had two bedrooms, one for
parents and other for me and Divya. The incident happened a month ago. As any
other boys of this age, I had knowledge about sex. I used to read stories and
watch porn videos. But I never had a chance to fuck anyone before. It all
started in a few months time. I never had any sexual feelings towards my

But I did not know that my little
sister desired to have sex with me. We never used to share any thoughts about
sex among us. But we were very close. My sister always used to approach me for
various reasons. She used to come to me with her doubts in her studies. But I
never knew that used these chances to get some body contacts with me. She used
to come and sit near me, or often hug me.

By and by, she started to go
further. She had the intention to seduce me. She started make things more
complex. Unlike before, when she came to me with her doubts, she started to sit
on my lap. Often she sits right on my dick so as to get some pleasure. Many a
times her hands went over my cock while she points into the book. I never
suspected her deeds.

She even rubbed her boobs and ass
on me during the day whenever we are near. After this, she started to do more.
We usually sleep on the same bed. During her sleeps she used to hug me, which I
thought she was doing unknowingly. One day, before going to sleep, she went
into the bathroom. She came out with the same dress, but I saw her hanging her
bra on the cupboard.

I understood that she was not
wearing a bra. But I never suspected that she was doing all these to seduce me.
During that time we had 10 days holidays. But parents had to go for work. So
all these days we were alone during day time and my sister found more time to
play with me. One afternoon, I was sitting in our room. My sister was bathing.
After sometime, she opens the door and came out, wrapped herself in a towel.

Usually she takes the dress
inside the bathroom. I asked her what happened. She said that the dress had got
wet by falling in water. She was looking very sexy. The towel was not big
enough. Her cleavage was partially visible. The towel covered only just above
her knees. I started feel uneasy. I cursed myself for seeing my sister in such
a way. After sometime, she changed the dress and sat near me. She was wearing a
short skirt and a tight short top.

She was not wearing a bra and her
nipples were hardly visible. Since the top was short, her navel was partially
visible. I was getting turned on. I tried to divert from it and concentrate on
something else. I switched on my laptop and placed it on the bed. And now, my
sister came and leaned down in front of me. Her cleavage was clearly visible
and this made me more uneasy.

She came near me pretending as if
she was looking into the laptop. She carelessly placed her hand on my dick. I
was shocked. She was looking into the laptop. But she did not take her hand
off. I felt good to get a touch on my penis. After some time she started apply
more pressure. I tried to take her hand off it.

But she said, “I want
it.” I was shocked. Saying this, she pushed me on to the bed and kissed
me. I tried to stop her, but she kissed me again and said “I need
you.” This made me more turned on and started to kiss. She stood up and
removed her top. Her big round firm boobs popped out. I stood staring at her
boobs. She said, “What are you waiting for? Suck them..

I grabbed her boobs with my hands
and squeezed. I licked her brown nipples and took one in and started to suck.
She started to moan. She was running her fingers through my hairs. Then she
stood up and removed my t-shirt and pants. I removed her skirt too. Now both of
us were in underwear. She bends down and grabbed my cock over my boxer. She put
her hand inside and pinched it.

Then she took it out. She started
to run her hand up and down. It was great. Then she took it inside her mouth. I
never thought she would do that. She started to suck my cock like an expert. I
was in 7th heaven. After sometime I came in her mouth. She drank the cum. Now
it was my turn. I quickly removed her panties. I bit her on her ass cheeks. She
moaned lightly. Her pussy was cleanly shaven.

I went down and started to lick
her cunt. It tasted good. I licked the length of her cunt. As I increased the
speed, she had her orgasm and I drank it. I stood up. I doubted whether she
would be ready to go any further. She said, “What are you waiting for? It’s
not over yet! I kissed her passionately. I took my cock and kept near her pussy
hole. She helped me to guide it. It was tight.

But she told me that her hymen
was already broken due to masturbation. I slowly started to push my cock in. It
was paining as it was our first time. She started to make sound of cry. I
applied some force and the full length of my cock entered inside. After that I
slowly started to pump her in and out.

Both of us started to enjoy as I
increased the speed. After some time I came inside her. Both of us were
exhausted by this time. We lay there hugging each other. Then we went and had a
bath together. During those holidays we had sex many times when we go chance.
We even tried different positions and role playing.

What did you think of this story??


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