little experience for my hard lund

Hi this is Vinod from dublin. I am going to share another experience where I had the second chance of breaking the virginity of my cousin. First one is being Aparna. So let me proceed. On my summer holidays we [parents and myself] had gone to chennai where my father’s brother stays. He had one daughter. Both of us are of the same age. Let me describe Mini my cousin. She was fair and a bit plump. I liked her huge boobs and arse, which used to sway whenever she used to walk. Let me not waste more time. Our sleeping arrangement was such that my father and his brother used to sleep in the living room my aunt and my mother in one bedroom and we cousins shared one room. In that room there was a double bed and we used to sleep on the bed. As Chennai used to be HOT I wore one bermuda and a banyan. My sister wore a loose T-shirt and track pants. I could not sleep properly due to the heat and got up at one in the night. I saw my cousin was not on the bed. She had gone to the loo. I could hear her peeing sound and I felt an erection. But I slept.

Next day when I saw her I used to imagine her peeing and I having a close-up view. She went to have her bath and I frantically searched for a hole in the door. But I could not. As soon as she came out, I went into the bathroom and I found her undergarments. I saw her pink panty in the bathroom and it had a patch in the crotch region. I thought that her periods were on. I looked into the dustbin to see a sanitary napkin. I opened it and saw blood marks on them. I felt aroused and I shagged and spilt all my cum on the sanitary napkin. I took the panty and kept it in my bag. Even now I have the panty and I smell the panty and the smell in mind-boggling. That day she was wearing a frock. We all sat for lunch on the floor, as the dining table was small. Mini sat in front of me and whenever she moved her legs I could see her light green panties. I had an erection but had to control. Later we saw movies and went out. In the night when we returned all of us were tired and I went into my sleeping dress(bermuda and banyan). Mini was in a T-shirt and stretch pants. In the night, I saw the room light on and Mini was closing all the doors and windows. I asked her the reason and she told she did not like doors to be open. I kept mum. Later she came close to me and kissed me on my lips. I was surprised by her move.

I again kissed her. I removed her T-shirt and her pants. She was in her white bra and green panty. I removed my bermuda and my banyan I was in my underwear. I slowly removed her bra and her huge boobs were standing erect facing me. I started sucking her boobs and her nipples started becoming hard. She removed my underwear and my 6″ dick sprang from its position. She started sucking my dick and I was in seventh heaven. I was about to cum when I told her. She took all my cum on her boobs. Now I removed her panty and saw her pussy for the first time. She had a lot of pubic hair. She even had a lot of armpit hair and I started licking her there. She asked me to stop and said that she had to go to the loo for a leak. I said I want to see you peeing she felt shy but later agreed. In the toilet I asked her to pee on me. She felt it obnoxious but on me insisting she peed on me. I felt great. I asked her if she ever had sex. She answered in negation. I said its lovely and asked if she would have it with me. She agreed and then I started licking her pussy. I tasted her urine from her pee hole. I licked her inserted my tongue into her and she had an orgasm after 10 mins. I asked her whether she is ready for the act and she gave me the green signal to proceed. I placed my cock head on her pussy and gave a thrust.

To reduce the sound of her cry I French kissed her. I saw tears in her eyes. I saw the bathroom was full of bood. I knew I had broken her seal. I started pumping her and asked whether I can ejaculate into her. She told that her periods were on. I removed my dick and smeared all my cum on her plump belly. I then asked to stand on all four limbs. I inserted my dick in her virgin arse. I covered her mouth and did not allow her to scream. I pumped her arse for 15 mins and ejaculated in her arse. We had a bath and slept naked. In the morning we acted as though nothing happened. We had sex for the next few days. If any girl or lady want to know more about me and get a non stop session fucking then contact me @[email protected]

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