Lahore incest

” Aaahhh ooohhhh” ammi chillarahi thi.she said “bete aaram se chato yaar kato mat”.but the smell of her vagina was making ahmed go crazy.he was mad when he was licking his moms sex he took his head and gazed at pink love hole.he couldnt control no more he held his thing inhis hand and entered. “ammi” he screamed as he reached his explosive orgasm.he took deep breaths as he lay his head in the space between his ammi nafzanas breasts.nafzana was a very god fearing and male fearing female, who was married to a very old guy afzal saheb as their financial conitions werent ok.within a month she became pregnant with our hero of this story ahmed.she was 18 when she gave birth to ahmed.its quite common in country side in pakistan.we live in a town near lahore.afzal saheb had made big money in export business .they were financially well ashmed grew they observed that he was more adamant stubborn and demanding than any of his friends.three years after ahmed nafzana had given birth to salma.years went by.when ahmed was eighteen afzal saheb expired leaving all the buisness to ahmed.within a shot duration he learnt the tricks of trade,salma was 18 and voluptuous for her age.when at home ahmed couldnt help feeling his dick go hard looking at salma.he had told himself he would get her to lay some day.his sexual appetite was increasing with age.he was he kept thinking of how to get salma one afternoon, his mom came with sharbat,she was wearing loose saree as it was hot,as she gave he got a glimpse of her service,his heart missed a beat,how about it he day he dint go to office,he stayed back after salma went to school, he called his mom to his she came and sat he asked mom do you love me and if you do you would do anything for me right?Nafzana was puzzled about what it could be and said yes she did love him.he came close to her and said “ammi,kasam lijiye ki aap mere liye kuch bhi karengi”.hesitantly she did swear.but she was feeling uncomfortable.after that ahmed put his hands across her shoulders and said “ammi,main aapse pyaar karta ju”.he pulled her feeling she was not moving “ammi, aapne kasam liya hain”.now with sweat trickling down her body

She understood the meaning of his words that he wanted her body.ahmed had already pulled her close to him and kissed her cheek,pushing her on the bed flat.he plunged on her pulling her saree up above her waist he undid her panties.with frenetic move he took out his penis and pushed it against her hole he was on cloud nine, he did not notice tears rolling from his moms eyes,he fucked her like mad dog and collapsed.after few months she started treating ahmed like her husband sharing her feelings she had fell in love after that unpleasant incident. After their routine love making ahmed said “ammi mujhe salma bohot acchi lagti hain”.she said’you have the right to have four wives beta”.then he told her what his plan was and she agreed to it,salma was to be given the drug which he will bring from hakim(the drug was to intoxicate her).nafzana did a good job they sat at dinner the one with drug lace chapati were given to salma.they finished dinner,after half’n’hour of tv watching.they saw salma had dozed off.pinching her ahmed saw she was not reacting.he undressed salma, nafzana was intently watching her sons actions.she was beautiful,ahmed nibbled at her nubile soft lips,enjoying her berating movements and the air on him, he licked every curve of her body, after playing with her toungue with his he entered her,after moms mature hole this tight hole gave him ultimate pleasure he had to literally grunt when he entering which was little painful,he made love to her two to three times a day

Nafzana convince salma to marry ahmed and told her what was do not to her last night.ahmed couldnt have asked for more. Send in your comments at [email protected]

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