Keeping mum happy

Hello, i am arun here. I am 25 years now.i want to share my sex weakness stories with you. I saw from this website, there are so many in this world sex starved male and females existing in this world. Some are desires to fuck their own mum, some are interested in fucking their own sisters ,some interested to fuck others ,some interested in getting fucked by males only. I am also among them and i want to share me experience with like minded persons so that it may give them some pleasure. I myself when i some worries, after reading such type of stories i am getting some relief and feeling some activeness. So i thought that it may give some sort of relief to my like minded fellow readers. I am now coming to explain my first experience how it was occuried in my life.while i was 21 years just completed my degree, i went to hyderabad to search for my job and after thre e months i could able to get one small job and i joined there for duty and thought to goover to my native to see my mum who was living alone there.on hearing that i got job at hyderabad se felt very much happy and she expressed her desire to get marriage to me so that i may not feel inconvience for my food and to my desires. I expressed my willingness for my friends forced me to give party for them in connection of my getting job, i prepared for it and informed my mother the same thing. She advised me to celebrate the same in our house since no one was there except me and my mum were there. At about 7 p.m, nearly 6 persons who were my friend came to my house and sat in my house and started taking drinks. Fisrt round, second rounds completed and all were in certain intoxigatin and started talking about their personal likings about ladies and connections that we there with ladies and how they were enjoying their life with them.mean while 3rd, and fourth rounds were completed and one among us expressed his likings, and his connections with there family members.

I got interest and asked him repeatedly how it was happend and was it not sin. All persons there were expressed as if it was not sin since it was the creation of lord that male and female should have that type of enjoyment when it was not there in their life.on talking with them, i was started thinking of my mum, who was 42 years and my father died while i was only 5.i thought she was also a female, that too my father died only when she was around 20, she was not satisfied her desires with my father.i could not able to sit there along with them no more and hence stoped the party and were dispersed all. I called mum and she came to me.then i saw my mum who was 36, 32, 36 figure,with red colour with height 5.3 feet height. She was sexy for my eyes on that minute and i could not lift my eyes from her.she called me and asked what i was seeing .i said to her stating she was too beautiful,too attractive and too sexy.i asked mum, how she was leading life without having any joy in her life.she said to me that she was living for my sake only.i got some courage and asked repeatedly let me know why she was living in the world. She repeatedly informed that she was living only for my sake day i pressed my mum to start along with me to stay at hyderabad force she had accepted for my proposals and we reached hydeabad. I stayed with mum, in our friends room for three days and i could get one small portion for rent and we both shifted there.two days completed and on third day i came to my house a little bit late.soon after i enter in to my house my mum asked me why it was late. I said to her that he was busy in purchseing household things and shown one by one. Finally i opened flowers packet and given to her.she said that whether i was not having knowledge of that she should not wear flowers .i said to her she has to wear them for my sake and for my enjoyment and i was not battering about anyone in the world and finally with great difficulty i could able to succed in my attemt. After wearing flowers i forced to keep kumkum in her forehead and i myself kept it on her face. On seeing with flowers and kumkum, she looks very beautiful.i said the same to her stating that she was sexy queen.after finishing dinner we slept on the floor side by side. I asked my mum whether she was livung only for my happiness and for my sake. She replied why i got that doubt.

I asked her if i ask what ever was she ready to give to my for my happiness. Then she said what was there with her to give me.i couldnot say anything but i hugged her forcefully and taken herlips into my mouth and sucked forcefully. She was atonished with my act and couldnot react to some time and in meanwhile i started pressing her big boobs. They were very shoft and on pressing i got fully emotion. She tried to escape from my hands and throuing my with her hands. I was not given any chance to her and climed upon her and sat upon her and forcefully removed her sari and throwen it aside by sucking her lips continuosly.i kept my hand inside her petticot and found her pussylips around with it a small jungle. I could enter my finger in her cunt and pressed it deeply in side. I t was totally wet.i removed the finger from there and teasted it by keeping it in my mouth.on seeing it she couldnot say anything but asked me why i was so interested in her.i said that she brought up with great difficulty by doing so many works and she was not enjoyed anything in her life and decided to make her happy here in after. She said she was my mum and this connection may lead problems in my future and i should not get any problems in my life. On hearing this i was impressed so much and i hugged her and kissed deeply by taking her tounge in side my mouth and sucked forcefully. She was not resisted but on the other hand given cooperation by putting her hands around my shoulders and hugged me and keep her hands on my manhood. As it was already erected, on taking it into her hands it got too much emotion and it stood like iron pillow.she pressed it smothly and remained in my arms. I rolled myself upon her and kissed her novel and slowly went under and reached her vally and separeted hairs there with my fingers and entered in it with my tounge and rotated in it and sucked its juice and inserted my cock in it. She mourned saying that she becomes mine and can enjoy her like his wife.from that day onwards we were wife and husband and leading life happily and we got one son now.

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