Karachi family

Everyone was naturally very tired that night. After all, nabila had been fucked and sodomised by her brother nasir; alia had been pumped up against the storeroom wall by her father’s long cock and nilofer had been taken doggy style by her son taimur, in her bedroom…

It seemed that everyone was a little more quiet then usual at dinner and headed to bed earlier… Yet, as everyone ate in relative silence, they were all busy thinking about what had happened that day and were hoping to repeat it soon.

Nilofer was the first to wake next morning. She was busy making the breakfast when taimur came in and stood beside her.

“salaam ammi jaan” he said slipping an arm around her waist after closing the kitchen door.

Nilofer moved away after returning his greeting. She was still feeling guilty about having sex with him and was embarrassed by his behavior.

Taimur moved behind her again and putting his hands on her hips kissed her neck.

“don’t do it taimur. It isn’t right. Whatever happened was wrong. Please forgive me and forget about it” nilofer said firmly turning to look at taimur as she pushed him away.

Taimur was just about to say something when the door opened and nasir came in with nabila, for breakfast. ………………….. Ali had waited for nabila to come out of the room she shared with alia. He had spent the night dreaming about his daughter alia and planning his next encounter with her carefully. It was risky to take her with the whole family at home but he was desperate for another fuck with her.

Seeing nabila leave the room and walk slowly to the kitchen, he entered and saw alia busy breast feeding her daughter.

Alia smiled at him and made no attempt to cover up. Her father had screwed her, why be shy about a little bare breast now? As she smiled at her father, noting the flushed look on his face and lust in his eyes, she was certain he had a sexual motive for being there and a little show of full tatty was going to make him only hotter…

The baby was full but alia still felt her breasts were bursting with milk. The baby didn’t have the appetite to match alia’s milk production. The baby had fallen back to a contented sleep, with milk still oozing from alia’s nipples.

She began to squeeze and press her nipples; trying to expel the excess milk from her breast and watching her father lick his lips and rub his cock slowly, as she did so…

“abbu?” She asked. Understanding at once, ali knelt beside her and took hold of alia’s breasts and began teasing and squeezing her nipples before he bent forward and began sucking on them.

Alia was getting more turned on as her father suckled at her breasts and handled them with his expert hands. His long beard tickled her stomach and added to her enjoyment of it all. How respectable he was now. Busy sucking the tits of his own daughter. She felt his hand move down between her legs and leaned back slightly so his hand could access her shalwar covered pussy. As his fingers tugged her nara open and loosened her shalwar she sighed ….

Ali was also enjoying it. He hadn’t done this with a lactating woman since taimur was a baby. He had always enjoyed it with nilofer and nilofer had enjoyed it a lot too. Immediately after he would suck her, she would almost beg him to fuck her. Naturally, he would never refuse. Always amazed at how hot her choot was as he fucked her.

Now here he was, sucking his daughter’s tits and drinking her milk. It was so erotic! His cock was hard as an iron bar and he was already thinking of where he wanted to put it….her asshole. He had fantasized about it so many times.

The milk was all gone now and alia was as hot as ever and eager to take care of her father’s erection, feeling the teasing pleasure of his finger tips in her sticky hot slit and pussy hole… she lay backwards as her father concentrated on fingering her fuck box. His strong fingers moving in-out with ease thanks to her heat. She felt his fingers move down her slit, towards her butt crack and sighed contentedly. She adjusted her position and put her feet up and on the bed, allowing her father to locate and tease her anus easily. His fingers probed and tested her butt hole. As her father leaned over her and sucked her breasts.

Ali stood up and untied his nara, his shalwar falling to his feet as moving his kamiz shirt tail and vest up over his small pot belly; he asked alia to sit up and aimed his lund at her sweet mouth and smiled.

Alia opened her mouth and obediently began to suck on his cock-head. Her hands going up between his legs to the heavy sack of his balls and his damp butt crack. Marriage and incest with nasir and taimur had fine tuned her cock sucking skills. She was rather proud of herself as she worked her mouth over her father’s prick. She took more and more of his man meat into her mouth with each bob of her head. He was the biggest lund she had ever sucked but his width was slightly less then nasir’s.

Thinking about nasir made her even hotter. That was what she needed; a cock in her mouth. Nasir under her with his prick in her pussy and taimur behind her feeding his lund in her butt hole…. It was her favorite fantasy and one she hoped to fulfil soon.

Ali was enjoying it but he was worried about time. The family would soon be finishing breakfast so he eased alia backwards on the bed and tugged her shalwar down her shapely legs, over her feet and off. Alia also knew time was short and was certain that her father was ready for her choot. She was certainly ready for her morning fuck… ali put her ankles on his shoulders as he got between her legs and aimed his prick at the wet opening between her legs. He entered her rapidly, his lund sliced into her hole like a hot knife through butter, as his balls slapped against her ass, and he pushed her legs up and fucked her hard, sending his cock hard and deep into her with each thrust.

Alia was moaning with pleasure, he was screwing her so well, filling her up with his hot lund and pumping her hard and fast. She heard the bed shake and squeezed her tits hard as she panted, suddenly feeling her well filled choot spasm and shudder as she came…. It was amazing how a hard fuck after a session of tit sucking can make you hot… so hot that you feel you pussy orgasm in minutes … but the real fun was to feel a cock still pumping in and out as the wave of pleasure passed over you …..

Ali pulled his well lubricated cock from her choot and pushing her legs back higher, guided his lund to her butt hole. With lustful determination he, pushed his cock into her gaand (ass) and buried it in three hard thrusts, enjoying the tightness of her rectum around his lund.

Alia was used to anal sex. After her husband, nasir and even taimur’s pricks in her ass, she was able to take it with ease but her father was being rough about it, even rougher then the inexperienced taimur had been. (she had been his first taste of anal sex)…

Still as her father settled in her and began to pump her as with confident strokes, she began to moan with pleasure and enjoy it a lot. He knew how to work his cock in and out of her butt really well.

After a few minutes, she reached for her clit and frigged herself to another orgasm… minutes later she felt the hot liquid shots of his cum fill her back-passage and came herself once more…

Ali had wanted to make it last. He was sure that alia was no anal virgin (only a fool would leave such a gorgeous ass unused) but had been relieved that she didn’t scream in pain as he entered her… The tight hot heat of her anus and the knowledge that he finally was in her butt hole had made control difficult. Then there was the risk of being caught by nabila. What a hot girl and fuckable chokri (babe) his daughter nabila was. As the thoughts of nabila raced through his mind; the sight of his cock fucking alia’s asshole while she frigged herself and her breasts bounced before his eyes, he felt his balls explode and his lund spat his seed into her gaand. ………………………..

It was still raining. The roads were still underwater and so taimur decided to miss college and stay a home. Nabila and alia disappeared into their room shortly after breakfast and nasir and ali had headed out to work.

Nilofer, after cleaning the kitchen had busied herself getting the massi (servant, who had arrived late) to sweep and mop the house. Her mind though was on taimur. How sad and depressed he had looked during breakfast. He had hardly eaten anything and had disappeared just before nabila and nasir had finished eating. As she watched the rain falling from the kitchen window, she hoped he had taken his jacket with him to college.

It was only when she went to check on the massi’s progress in cleaning the three attached bathrooms that she noticed taimur lying on his bed under a bed sheet, fast asleep.

The massi had finished the bathrooms and after nilofer had fed her lunch, she left for her next job. Calling the girls for lunch, she sent nabila to call taimur. After a few minutes, nabila returned to the kitchen and said taimur didn’t want lunch and was sleeping.

Lunch over, as nabila washed the dishes and alia took care of her daughter, nilofer, went to taimur and nasir’s room and knocked.

“taimur?” She said waiting for a reply. “taimur aren’t you hungry son?”

Again no reply so nilofer opened the door and went in….. The clouds and rain had darkened the room and although it was only 1pm it felt like 7pm.

Nilofer saw that taimur was lying on his back in his vest and sleeping shalwar. The sheet kicked down and at his feet as he slept with an arm over his eyes and a hand on his stomach.

Nilofer went closer and noticed that his shalwar was untied and his hard prick was poking its red head above the waist band. He looked very sexy….

Nilofer wondered if nabila had seen him this way when she asked him to have lunch.

She then watched as taimur’s hand moved from his tummy to his open shalwar and onto his lund. The hand gently began to stroke his hard manhood; easing the shalwar down he began to gently masturbate himself in his sleep.

Nilofer watched him for a minute or so, before saying softly, “taimur?”

No reply.

Nilofer felt her nipples harden and her mouth water as she watched taimur bare his privates and caress his balls and cock lovingly before beginning to stroke his shaft slowly up and down….

“ammi” she heard him mumble “ammi please do it” he moaned in some lust filled dream.

Nilofer moved closer and looked down at him.

The poor boy was in agony and it was all her fault. She had allowed things to go too far and seduced him. Now he was lusting for her, even in his dreams. This was what she thought as she turned around and left the room.

About an hour later, as her daughters and grand daughter took an afternoon nap, she tried to take nap too but the image of taimur lying on his bed playing with himself kept appearing in her mind. She felt sorry for him. But also hungry for him and his lovely young prick; her guilt was fading fast. A young man needs sex. She needed to feel wanted again. Taimur wanted her… taimur needed her… it was only natural to want sex. She was only human after all.

She returned to taimur’s room, he was still asleep, the bed sheet back over his body.

She locked the door and went over to close the bedroom curtains.

Taimur didn’t move as she eased the bed sheet down and saw to her surprise that he was naked from the waist down. His shalwar around one of his feet, his lund hard and heavy against his groin as he lay sleeping…..

Nilofer took hold of his shaft and squeezed it gently hearing his breath escape from his mouth in a moan of pleasure.

The sound of this made her pussy get wet. She had been thinking about his lund for an hour now. Well, longer actually, since the previous night when he had fucked her for the first time. Her dreams had stared taimur as well. Pumping into her from behind as she sucked on her husband ali’s cock. Then in her dream she had seen taimur become nasir and had cum over her fingers as she frigged herself in her sleep…..

Now here it was, in all it’s magnificent glory, as long as ali’s but not as thick. Still he was young and no doubt, it would grow and give some girl a lovely fuck. As lovely as the one it had given her the night before.

She leaned closer, a hand holding the base of his cock stand as the other went between his slightly parted legs and held his balls. How heavy his hairless sack felt. No doubt full of sperm bursting to be released into some hot cunt or mouth…

She licked the column of flesh and the bloated helmeted head already oozing pre cum. How delicious he tasted. All hot, fresh and salty…..

Taimur moaned as she felt his hand on the back of her head…

She looked up along his flat stomach and hairless chest to see him staring with open eyes and open mouth at her. His other hand went to cover her hand, holding the base of his cock as he said in a sweet pleading voice “please”.

That was all that nilofer needed, she opened her mouth and swallowed his lund in one smooth motion. Her experience showing as she deep throated him with ease. Her hot wet mouth sucking as her tongue played over the soft sensitive under side of his prick.

Taimur heaved his hips up, thrusting his cock into her mouth as she worked on his balls and bobbed her head up and down. The spit from her full mouth trickled down his shaft and over his balls as she moved her head. Nilofer rubbed it over his ball sack and then moved her finger below to the base of his butt crack… she wanted to taste his cream and she knew how to ensure a good hot flood of it…

Taimur was panting and moaning, his eyes shut tight as he enjoyed the sensation of oral sex.

Nilofer’s fingers had traced a teasing trail from his balls to the butt crack and then pressed between his buttocks to seek his anus. The spit and sweat mixing to make her finger slide easily over his hot flesh…

As her index finger teased his hairless butt hole, she sucked hard on his cock head, making him gasp in surprise. Then sinking her mouth down over his lund, till his cock almost gagged her, she pressed her index finger tip into his rectum and felt his shaft throb and pulsate as he came.

Moving her finger tip in and out of his butt hole, she moved her mouth up his shaft and let him fuck her mouth as she fucked his rectum till he filled her mouth with his hot lumpy lund cream.

Taimur was lost in total pleasure. His rectum violated by his mother’s finger throbbing in a curious feeling of pleasure as his balls dispatched shot after shot of cum up his prick shaft and into his mother’s mouth…

As nilofer sucked the last drops of semen from him, she removed her finger from his butt and massaged his balls. Turning the hard nuts this way and that gently as he shivered and gasped in exhausted post orgasmic pleasure…..

After licking her lips clean, nilofer stood up and looked down at taimur as he lay panting on his bed. She said sweetly as if she had not just sucked him dry. “taimur, wash and dress then come and have something to eat. You must be hungry jaan” she added as she left the room, with a warm feeling of satisfaction in her stomach.

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