Kamya punjabi gets a role

Kamya had been in bombay for 11 months and had been looking for a break in the movie industry. However within her first few months itself she realized that there was no break coming regardless of how hot she thought she was. Everyone just wanted to fuck her and then maybe she could a shot at playing the heroines friend.

Not very happy with this situation and not wanting to whore her self out she decided to start dancing in groups which did the background extra work for songs. It was decent, she didnt mind it. They gave her two meals a day transport and on top of if they paid her. She was happy to just get work and make money as well as spend time around the sets.

She was on set and was waiting for tushar kapoor & kareena, her rehersals were done and she strolled around the set. She never mingled with the other dancers because they were fairly slutty and she considered them beneath her.

While walking she bumped into a chubby girl with weird teeth and a red teeka on her forehead, she was surrounded by a bunch of people and kamya guessed she must be important “sorry madam” the woman, looked at her intently and then smiled “koi bat nai” (its allright) kamya smiled too and walked away. She could feel a gaze on her back but she did not turn back.

Her shot was called and she danced, the dance director suddenly called out “kamya tum first row mein aao” kamya was surprised, the first row was reserved for women who sucked cock or gave pussy, she was notorious for having tight legs and a closed mouth. “jaldi karo baccha, jaldi” (hurry up child)

She did her moves and she did them well, she worked hard and the shots were oked. She was really excited because she was in a fair bit of the frames and would be seen on tv. In her giddiness she continued on, the shoot lasted nearly a week and when it was done kamya decided to take a break and just enjoy herself. She had enough money to pay rent and stuff this month, so she was in the mood to party.

Sitting home reading filmfare she got a call on her phone which said ekta kapoor of balaji telefilms wanted to meet her for a part on tv if she was interested. Kamywa was not interested at all but she decided to give it a shot. She headed out to the office and met with the nivedita basu the creative director. “the show is launching in 4 months. We will bein shooting in 2. The part is for a young, very sexy vamp who ruins a families life”

Kamya didnt want to be a vamp nor act on tv. Nivedita went on “however you will be a central character which means you work 25 days a month and since you are a lead your pay will be 10000 a day for the first 2 months. If the show hits a certain trp it gets bumped to 20,000 and could go as high as 25,000”

Kamya was lost at the 10,000 mark. 10,000 per day was ridiculous. She got a week off on top of it… She had made 8500 for the song sequence she had just finished and she was definetely not the lead there. This tv gig did not sound too bad. Suddenly she was excited.

“kamya, kamya” nivedita called to break her dream. “is this something you can commit to” she was silent for a minute. “yes, niveditaji, i could” nivedita, smiled. “okay, you must meet with our head ekta kapoor” wait here for an hour and she will buzz you in.

Kamywa was buzzed in and she was surprised to find that the girl she bumped into was actually ekta kapoor. She guessed she was visiting the set to see her brother tushars dance with kareena. She walked up “arre madam, aap” (you!)

Ekta smiled, “ha. Main” she motined for her to sit “you didn’t recognize me” kamya embarassed motioned a no. Ekta smiled again, “its allright, sharmao mat, nivedita told you everything i am sure” kamya nodded, “yes madam, she did, it’s a great offer”

“yes it is. Are you interested”

“yes madam, very much. You know how the industry is, i have been struggling for a year almost”

“hmm.. This offer will allow you to have your own place, a nice car and the contract is minimum for 6 months which means kam se kam you will make 15,00,000”

That was more money than she would earn in 3 years if she kept doing what she did. This truly was exactly the kind of offer she expected to receive, well she thought shah rukh would offer her a movie too but that was a dream, this was real.

Ekta got up and walked up to her. She played with her hair, “you are too beautiful, in that evil sort of way, you will make a great vamp”

“th th thanks” stammered kamya, ektas proximity made her feel very weird.

Ekta leaned in and kissed her forehead to test her resistance. There was none. The offer was too good and the woman too hungry. She had elevated kamya from the background dance to the foreground to give her a desire for success. Now, she would swoop in and devour this hot body.

Kamya quickly decided that there was nothing wrong in this. The fact that ekta was a lesbian had been lost to her and she figured a little sex with a woman for a sure thing was better than sucking dirty cocks for nothing. She did not resist.

Ekta leaned in further and offered her a kiss. Her tongue entered kamays sweet mouth, parting those lips it began to probe the insides of her mouth. Her saliva mixed with kamyas and it was glorious. The kiss continued for a long time, until ekta had explored every millimeter of kamyas mouth several times over.

Kamya for her turn kissed back with increasing boldness and her tongue entered into ektas mouth. Ekta sensed that the fire was on both sides, the dance began. The kiss, which had been so gentle before heated up, until their tongues were battlin, sucking, licking each other with the intesity of cocks searching pussy.

Ektas hands slid down kamyas her back and to her ass and she began to squeeze her ass cheeks. Kamya reacted by breaking the kiss and began to lick ektas neck. Ekta surprised by this action and having her hands full of a tight ass could only offer slow moans.

“oh god,” she said, “rukna mat kamya, please” (don’t stop)

Kamyas tongue began to go lower and lower and then it reached her chest where her blouse got in the way. Kamya’s hands moved to the neck of the silk blouse and she undid a button pushing the blouse aside and making an attempt to lick her breasts from top to her nipples.

“apko maza arha hain madamji” kamya asked.

“haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan” ekta responded, forcing her head back on to her nipples.

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