Insect Act By Sister

Insect Act By Sister

Good morning dear friends, I live alone at barnala. I am a male of 24 Yrs, 5’7” height medium built. Any unsatisfied aunties who live at barnala (punjab ) can contact me at my e-mail [email protected]

The story takes back to 14 yrs where I was a kid of 10yrs, I have an elder sister who name is shilpa. Our age gap was 8yrs, so she was 18 at that time. Well built 5.2” height, I don’t know how to measure boobs but my hands were insufficient to hold them, they were big.

Ours is a simple family of 4 members, me my mom & dad, & my dear sis. We live in a small town, we had two rooms, one in which our parents live and in other I share room with my sister, at that time (when I was 10yrs old) I used to have strange doubts, i.e; why there is bulge in female chest, I felt females are lucky as they have hole, as when I was playing cricket, when ball hits to my pennies I used to have pain, and women are free with this feature. So like this my mind was stupid with all these stuff.

So one fine day, it was Sunday and I & my lovely sis were at home, mom & dad went to bazaar to get grocery for the week. I came to house after playing cricket at nereby gully. I entered house, and went to my room, as fridge is in my room.

When I entered my room I saw some strange activity going on, my sister was on bed, legs spread one hand was on boob and another on her pussy over clothes (she was dressed in Punjabi suite) and was making sounds like Aaahh…. Aaahhhhhhh……

She didn’t notice my entry in room and I went to her and disturbed her,

Me: didi what are you doing, are you ok..??

Didi: I am feeling pain at both places, and I cant tell to mom, will you help me..??

Me: I thought I have to help my sis, I said, “Ok didi tel me what to do…!”, and i sat near her.

Didi took her top off then another sameez, now she is only in her bra, and she was dressed completely in her lower.

“shivam, suck & bite nipples…”didi said to me

She pointed out the nipples and told me first bite slowly then suck it nicely…..

I asked her weather it is a correct treatment to pain …?? She said we shall do it in steps.. I said OK…….

I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking and biting, she started making more sounds….. and started shouting “do it, my brother u r going in correct way, treat me as fast as you can” this continued for about 10min, she started shivering, I was shocked to see the status of my sister

She started opening her lower garments, now she was in panty, I can see It is fully wet, she hey removed her panty also, I can see hair on it and liquids are oozing from hole, she said

Didi: drink all liquid, it will make u sharp in future, I am loosing it. Try to stop it.

Now I was puzzled, my didi is good at studies, I thought this will will make me good in maths, so I started sucking all liquid coming from hole, to become more smart, I wanted more fluid, so I was inserting my tounge in her hole, now she was shouting like a mad girl….. and making noises….

I was successful by not wasting fluid which came through hole, I did this act for 15min. finally she was now silent and was happy, she said u are a good brother ….

I felt great and thought now sure I will overtake in studies among my class. She also said not to share this with anyone, as they will do the same trick to get even smarter.

Now she is married and has two daughters, living happily in nereby town, whenever I feel the incident I masterburate.

Any ladied interested in having sex then email me, I live at barnala Punjab

My ID is [email protected]

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