Injured Mother

By: Arundev Dayal

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Sheetal was feeling very uncomfortable with the advent of monsoon. This happens every year around this season ever since she lost her husband 18 years ago. She was an affluent lady looking after her dad’s business and bringing up her only child Dharmesh.

Dharmesh was a young man of 16 now. Tall and handsomely built, with a figure of 38-24-34, he has a workout for 90 minutes each day. He has just completed class 10. But strangely he is not attached to his mom. She leaves for her office at 8.15 every morning, meets her son at the dinner table only if she has no party to attend. Else a 24 hour wait is ensured.

Dharmesh dines by 8.30 every evening and then goes on to study. At 11.30 pm he goes to bed having a cup of cocoa-chocolate mixture. However, most of the nights he gets to know his mother’s arrival. She drive the car on to the portico, alights from the car and the rest is done by the security guard. She closes the main door of her apartment very carefully, so as not to wake up anybody. By then the calendar has rolled on to the next day.

Dharmesh keeps his ears clear so as to hear every single sound after her arrival. She sits for 15 minutes on the sofa before entering her room and then straight into the bathroom. A shower is a must for her. By 1.00 in the morning, she is in bed. Dharmesh was astonished to find her mom back by 8.15 one evening. She was heavily limping, much to the agony of her son.

He was still on his study table. He rushed to the main entrance to let out a hand to her. He helped her in on to the sofa. At 34, she was strongly built, keeping a good match to her son.Sheetal informed Dharmesh that she suffered a fall in the office toilet after lunch. As there was an important meeting, she had to stay back. She had taken a medical help from the office doctor, who arranged for a x-ray. The report is yet to be known, although the doctor suspects a hair line fracture at least.

Dharmesh helped her out of her high heel shoes, and arranged to apply a pain balm and a spray on the injured area. Then asked her if she needed to be helped any further. She asked son to take her to the bedroom. Dharmesh thought for a moment and then picked her up from the sofa to carry her all the way to the bed. He placed her carefully not to hurt her. Then look on to her as if to ask, anything else I could do for you.

I am afraid I shall have to have my dinner here only. Why don’t you bring yours here too. I will, if it suits you.

After dinner Dharmesh cleared up the room and went to change into his night dress as usual. Then he came back to say that he would be sitting down with his books and may be called if required.

Why don’t you bring your books here, I need a lot of help from you, one after another. As you desire. At 11.30 pm Dharmesh offered Cocoa-chocolate to her mother. She wanted a little milk added to it. After finishing with it, she said, if you have finished with your studies, I need you to help me change my dress as the pain is increasing and I have my doubts as to my standing ability. I also wish to have a shower.”

She was wearing trousers and un-tucked shirt. Dharmesh put off the room light before coming to help her change.

My son feels shy to help me change.

It is only fair, isn’t it?”

But darkness will carry a risk factor of me getting hurt. Better switch on the light. I shall not feel embarrassed changing amidst light.”

Dharmesh puts the light back in operation. He then helps his mother to discard the trousers and shirt. She was presently in her under-garments. Dharmesh guessed her mother’s statistics as 40-26-36 with a 40C cups. They were well-shaped. You place a stool under the shower and carry me there. I wish to have a bath.”

Dharmesh obliged her and left a towel and a night dress handy. She called him and was carried back to her bed. She requested her son to sleep in her room. Early morning Dharmesh had to carry her to the toilet. He made her sit on the commode seat and turned around. She was carried back after she was through.

It was a torrid time for Dharmesh. He had to make real efforts to avoid a view of his mother’s nudity. However a total avoidance was not possible. At night, during her sleep she often raised her night dress above her waist revealing a view in the darkness. Dharmesh had no feeling of lust for her mother before this accident. Even while nursing, he did not develop any evil feeling.

However, he had his sixth sense working, when he felt that his mother was not too happy with his avoidance. Sheetal on the other hand was totally confined to bed for 7 weeks. She had to be totally dependent on her son, who apart from carrying her to the bathroom and back every day did everything for her accepting giving her bath. She was having her bath on her own so that

Dharmesh did not have to do the changing. At night she never woke up till one dreaded night. That evening she requested to have a drink or two as it was missing from her life temporarily. Dharmesh arranged for her drink. He had no idea as to the limit of drinking and other things. He had kept all amenities of drinking besides her and was busy with studies. Sheetal had overstepped her quota. From 5.30 to 8.30 that evening Dharmesh had left her all by herself.

When he carried her dinner at 8:30 pm, he found that the bottle of whisky was totally empty. She was lying on the bed totally drunk. Dharmesh made her sit up and tried to feed her. But all his efforts were in vain. He had a faint knowledge that pouring water over head gets one out of the drunken situation. So he covered her plastered foot with a plastic wrapping and carried her to the bathroom and having made her sit on the stool, opened the shower tap.

She was drenched all through in a second. Sheetal had come back to her senses. After about 15-20 minutes, Sheetal closed the tap and asked for a towel. But she had no control on herself. The towel fell from her hands. Dharmesh came up to her rescue. This was the first time while drying her up he felt her soft breasts over her drenched dress. After fully drying her, he handed over a fresh nightie for her to change. She was unable to change. Her hands were trembling.

Dharmesh had, by then, developed a desire of seeing his mother naked having felt her breasts. So, as soon she declined to change herself, he peeled off her wet dress. Amidst light he saw his mother fully nude as she did not even have a panty on. He was simply overwhelmed to see her bare body. She had round tits as he had sensed them long back. The crotch was covered with a thin bush, unshaven for quite sometimes now.

While changing, he did not avoid a rub of his hands with her boobs and crotch. In fact, as he was rubbing his mother dry, she had spread her legs to allow him access to dry up her crotch area. That night Dharmesh skipped his post dinner studies. Instead after dinner, he was lying with his mother, without touching her. It was Sheetal, who dragged her son near her. She was not all that drowsy then.

So, today my son has become a man. He has seen mama naked. Will you tell me son, whether you liked my body?

To be honest, yes.

Which part attracted you most?

The total scenario.

Aha! My son is being a real flirt.

It was an honest confession. Of course, the feel of your breasts was very exciting. They were real soft. The two pinkish mounds were a treat to watch. You were unfair son. You have seen me in my birthday suit. Was it not fair for you to let me have a view of your nude body? But you have seen me naked when I was small. Yes, but I would like to see my son as a fully grown up man. Would you oblige me by taking off all your clothes?

Dharmesh gave a thought and then sat up to peel off all his wearing. His mother was visibly astonished to see him naked. She never imagined him to have such a big and thick manhood. It was not erect but some eight and half inches long and at least five inches in circumference. Oh dear! This is real big!! You will surely satisfy all women under the sun and I really mean it.”

Oh! Come on maa, don’t pull my legs. I am not son. Believe me! I have never read about a dick, so long as yours. Let me see how it shows when erected. Soon Sheetal was playing with her son’s penis. The feel of mother’s hand started affecting Dharmesh. His rod started to wake up. She began to breathe heavy. Help me take off my nightie son. I hope the main door is locked.”

Oh yes maa.”

Amidst a fully lit room, both mom and son were viewing each other’s nudity. Sheetal indicated her son to place himself in such manner that his cock is placed in front of his mouth. He did so and Sheetal gleefully took it into her mouth and began to chew it. Sheetal was moaning aloud as she suck her son’s long erected dick. Dharmesh was spellbound. He had never experienced this before. He was basically a friendless person engrossed in books.

He remembered the incident when he accidentally banged on to a lady and her daughter, resulting their fall and concluding in receipt of a tight slap. He came back into the present moment. Sheetal was getting excited to a very high degree now. Suddenly she caught hold of her son and forced him to sit down. She herself lay flat on her back and dragged Dharmesh on to her body. She was too excited to speak and was using signs to show Dharmesh that she wanted him to lick her private part concurrently.

Dharmesh realized and obliged mother by spreading his legs across mother’s shoulder so as to enable her get his cock. He then himself bent down and took his tongue near her genital. Sheetal immediately dabbed his head into the slit of her pussy. He removed the bushy hair of his mother’s cunt and began to lick the place, making her shiver with excitement. She was frantically holding Dharmesh into her secret place.

Dharmesh, while licking raised his head and shouted careful, else you’ll hurt yourself. I care a damn son. I have found a man licking my g-spot first time ever. Your dad never did this to me, although I tried my best to get him do it. But he just wouldn’t compromise. Lick son, lick me hard and make me cum after 15 years. I bet I won’t be long son.”

Dharmesh now inserted a finger along with his tongue in her mother’s pussy. It made her shiver a bit. She took his rod out of his mouth after a jiffy and yelled “cumming son, I am cumming. Do you feel it? This was another new experience for him. Juice was flowing out of his mom’s cunt. He licked and licked and licked. There was no end to the flow. The ice melted after 18 years. It could ooze for 15 minutes easily.

Sheetal was full of ecstasy. She was wriggling although while Dharmesh had been licking her pussy. He had all his fingers inside her mother’s womb, while Sheetal had suck his dick to a mammoth size, which he himself never dreamt of, suddenly he felt that something was leaving him. He needed a pee. Maa, I need to pee, let me go. No son, you shall go nowhere. Use my mouth as toilet. I wish to drink it.”

She pressed him hard into her mouth and he unloaded in a gush. As he finished unloading his semen in her mouth, they both were tired. Dharmesh stood up and found his dick to be limp. He was vividly surprised, what happened maa? How could it happen? Don’t worry son, it does happen. It is a temporary phase. You will soon regain your strength back. Just lie down beside me and suck my nipples for a while.”

Dharmesh saw another magic. No sooner than he began suckling Sheetal’s tits, his rod was upright once again. Sheetal too felt it. She kissed Dharmesh and said, we need to proceed further. It high time that we were oral you have got to do some ploughing son. How is that maa? Not to worry son. Just follow my instructions.”

It was Sheetal al the way hereafter. Dharmesh did as he was told. He was asked to come from behind her. As he was guided to enter his mom’s pussy, he felt delighted. He never dreamt that the inside of the vagina was so soft. He was simultaneously fondling Sheetal’s tits, while fucking her. A constant ‘pooch’ ‘pooch’ ‘pooch’ sound was coming while coitus was on. Dharmesh was a bit casual. Sheetal retorted, “faster and harder son, else there will be a shortage in pleasure.”

Dharmesh increased his speed. Now Sheetal began to moan in ecstasy. Yes, that’s the way, great job son, come on son, Oh! Ah! Aaauch! Uuuuiiiii! aahhhhhhh! Fuck mama, eat her cunt out, implant your seeds in me. I’ll love it. Dharmesh was quiet all through, since he had inserted from her back. Suddenly from nowhere, Sheetal yelled, “I am cumming son. Press your long hard dick deep inside my pussy.”

Sheetal came and came and came. She quivered, she shivered, she was damn satisfied after this 18 year old daughter had ended so wonderfully, with the help of her naïve son. But she was not selfish. She knew the first fucking experience means a lot to each living creature.

How are you placed Dharmesh?

I need some more time maa.

Good! Carry on fucking me. Do you want to change your position?

Your proposal sounds nice. You must be feeling pain by now.

Dharmesh withdrew and allowed Sheetal to lie down normally. He then inserted from her front. He was enjoying his first fuck immensely, courtesy, Sheetal. He was varying his speed according to his sweet will. It was not before another 30 minutes that Dharmesh quenched his desire to the fullest extent. By then Sheetal had two more orgasms.

Maa! I am about to cum where do I release myself?

Do you want it inside?

I’d love to maa, if you allow.

Carry on dear, fulfill your desire. Don’t you worry, there shall be no problems.

Afterwards, Sheetal inquired with her son, did you enjoy the episode son?

Oh! Yes maa. With you as my mentor, it has been a great experience for me.

I must admit son, that you have been real good and truly a strong man. You have managed to quench my thirst after 18 long years to my complete satisfaction.

Sheetal paused for a while and said, “I am sure we can look eagerly forward to such sensual fucking sessions in the near future days to come. You must be real tired young man. Come, you deserve a sound sleep.”

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