I fucked my virgin niece

Hi ISS readers, this is my second story for you. I think you have enjoyed my first story. I hope you’ll like this story too. This was happened when I’ve come back to Bangladesh after completing my study. Then I was in 21. Then the weeding ceremony of one of my cousin sisters was arranged. I have a lot of cousin elder and younger both to me. So we enjoyed the weeding very much. We all the relatives were crowded in the weeding center. The home of my cousin was very large and complex. So, I was given a room to sleep with my younger brother. After finishing the ceremony, then first night of marriage had come. When I was going to sleep tonight then I was thinking that my cousin will lose her virginity tonight. This night my brother had not come to sleep as he went to home of one of relatives. So, I was alone in my room. About 12 am, my niece, Rimi had come to my room as she had not got any empty bed to sleep. Let I describe about her. She was 19 years old. She was grand daughter of the sister of my father. So, in relation, she was my niece. She has a very sexy shape of body with light dark skin that made her sexier. Her activities with males are very sexy too.

I dreamed to fuck her and when I masturbate then I thought her fucking. But I did not know till this day that my dream is being true. However, I welcome her to sleep with me with a sexy smile. Then we started gossiping about post married life of my cousin sister. Then I said her that our married cousin is losing her virginity tonight. This speech made her very exited and she started talking with me about sex. She asked me what my opinion about doing sex is. I replied doing sex is a very normal thing. It is just satisfaction and enjoyment of to bodies. Then I said a true hot story that how my one friend fucked his cousin. Through hearing this story she became much exited. She was breathing heavily. I was watching her excitement but I was normal because I would watch many porn movies and I was also experience. This time I saw directly to her boobs which were throbbing with her every breath. I thought that what an amazing moment is waiting for me tonight I planed to fuck her tonight. So, I made her hotter. Then we both went to sleep since this was 2am. I said her that I have a bad habit that I move my hands and legs very much in sleeping and this might make problem for her. She said that this was not at all a problem for her. While sleeping, I hugged her and said her that this is my common habit to hug sleep partner.

She said, “No problem” and she hugged me too and said, “Your wife will be happy to sleep with you.” My cock became fully erect and became 7 inches long. It was trying to break my trouser. It was touching the hip of her and throbbing. Her boobs were very close to my eyes and I could feel their sweet smell. Then I started acting that I was sleeping. After half an hour I fisted her boobs as I started my sleeping movement. But she was not on sleep and a little moan came from her. Suddenly I felt that her hand is touching my hard rock. I started to kiss and bite her shoulder. She moaned loudly. Then I acted that my sleep was broken and ask her what happen to her. She said you were in your sleep movement. I asked her that had I hurt her or not. She said, “No, I was enjoying your movement.” She asked me that what I was dreaming. I said that I was dreaming my first night of marriage. She breathed highly and suddenly fisted my hard rock and started rubbing it roughly. I realized that she was in full of emotion and this was a good chance to fuck her. So I accepted her wish and started messaging her boobs. Then I started kissing her lips.

I entered my tongue to her mouth and found her tongue. I was pressing her boobs hardly. Then I undressed her and started biting her boobs. She hugged me very tightly and moaning loudly. I took off my trouser and said her to take my dick to her mouth. She became astonished to see my fully erect 7 inch cock and became confused to take my dick. Then I forced her and inserted my dick to her mouth. She started biting my dick but this made my dick harder. I started mouth fucking her. After five minutes I cumed in her throat and she swallowed it. Then I put my finger to her wet pussy and started finger fucking her. She started moaning loudly like “harder, harder fuck me harder…” Then I said her that final lesson had not started yet. I laid her on the bed and I lied on her with balance. I directed my hard rock to her pussy. Her pussy hole was small which was giving me more pleasure. I was much exited that I am breaking first her virginity. When I inserted my 7inch hard rock to her pussy hole then she screamed loudly that she was feeling pain.

But I did not listen her words and I was fucking her very hardly with my full strength that I would dreamed very much. She was moaning very loudly, “ahhhhhaaaaaaahaaaaa fuck me hardly ahhhhhhhaaaaaaa” after 10 minutes I cumed in her pussy hole. This time she cumed too with a loudly voice. Then we took rest for 15 minutes and went to bathroom together to have a shower. Then we returned to bed and lied down to sleep with or nude body as we were very much tired. I awaked at early morning and saw her nude body. My cock became erect again I started fucking her in sleep. After five strokes, she awakened and saw me fucking her. She became hot again I fucked her two times on this morning. I fucked her several times and every time I was very hungry. If any sexy virgin wanna play with me then pls contact with me at [email protected] If my story gives you pleasure then pls rate my story.

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