I Fucked My Slutty Mother

Hello horny people, this is my first post here and I’m so excited about it. Because this happened few years ago but I never had a chance to share this with anyone through the internet. Yea that means some people know about this thing between me and my mom (and my other family members as well, I’ll tell you those stories later).

If you are extremely horny and just want to read the fucking part and jerk off, then please skip this story, because I’m trying to write this with details and also this is a prologue to my future posts as well, okay? If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to mail me.

I’m a sex freak and I got some weird fantasies about sex but it will going to catch your attention via mails because I’ve got enough pussies here. So females also can mail me and I won’t bite and I’m [email protected]

Okay, getting back to the story now. I’m Dinesh (true name of course, but you can’t find me, so stop thinking about the name now) 21 years old, doing my higher education. I’m almost 6 feet tall and have a skinny body. I’m sorry if I make any mistakes in my writing, because my sexy mom is right here, next to me, reminding of what happened that day.

My family has 5 members, me – Dinesh – (21), my mother – Sangeetha – (44), my father – Palitha – (46), my elder sister – Piyumi – (22) and my younger brother – Dilshan . And we have an old maid (56 0r 57) too as you can see there is a big gap between me and my brother.

Dad told me that my mom had difficulties having a baby after my birth, but somehow my brother was born later and due to his birth my mom had lost the ability to have a baby after that. They’ve done some kind of operation (or something like that) too.

Anyways we’re a high class family and my Dad is a Software Engineer and also he works as a Project Coordinator, which means he has to go here and there for his duty, even abroad, so most of the time he is out. Now you guys know the background of my family, let me tell you some things about each one.

My dad, Palitha is his name, has a good fat cock but he got nothing to do about these stories. So keep him away, Okay? My sister, Piyumi, is totally a slutty bitch. She’s doing her MBBS now and I really know she fucks each and every cock she finds. She’s beautiful of course and has a sexy figure.

Big round boobs and a creamy well shaped ass mmm and she has long sexy legs (god, I love to lick ’em and Dilshan is my little bro, has a cute little cock and a good butt, but he is not into these sex stuff and finally, my mother.

Oh yes, I know I didn’t tell anything about her. Well, she’s in her forties, 43 actually usual lady with a very fair complexion, long black hair, big eyes, long – smooth legs and shaved armpits.

She has really big boobs they’re massive and so fleshy and has huge brown areolas covering her big nipples. She has a belly too, you know, typical Asian women and her ass is OMG!! It’s more than just big.

I love to see her ass and her figure is around. I think. Obviously I’ve never measured it (duh). She’s not a beauty queen or a sexy hot nymph but I must say that she is totally fuckable!

I really know that most of my friends are dying to have a taste of her old cunt and some of those lucky friends had fucked her too oh yeah and my mother is sluttier than my sister, you know. She’s a bitch not just a usual slutty bitch. She fucks most of my dad’s friends, and also most of our neighbours too.

I get to know this accidentally. That night I woke up around 2am to pee. After that I went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep, so I went down (my room is at the 2nd floor, also my bro’s and sister’s rooms are in the same floor. My parents’ room is at the first floor to have a coffee or something when I was at the end of the staircase.


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