I fucked my sleeping mother

I had been masturbating ever since I was a kid. As I grew older I started to fantasize about mother and sister. Whenever I got the opportunity I would sneak into my parent’s bedroom and go through my mother’s closet to lay my hands on her underclothes. I would then disrobe and put one of her panties. Likewise I would model one of her double D mammoth bras. Then I would pull my lund out and whack off thinking I was fucking my mother’s cunt. I would do with my sister’s panties too. Let me do some describing her. My mother Vimala, then was 38 years old, fair, and has long pitch black hair. Her ass was huge and her boobs magnificently enormous. I would always gawk at her thighs and wonder how her chooth would look like. Did she shave her cunt? If not ,what would her bush look like? What about her gand? Whenever she rolled the wheat attah I would watch her tasteful milk filled breasts jiggle. I would then rush to the bathroom and shag. When my mother or sister were out of the kitchen I would pee in the hot Rasam sitting on the stove ready to be served for dinner. Or I would masturbate and shoot my cum into the rice pot and mix it up. Then while all ate I would relish the sight of these two bitches eating or drinking my cum flavored food. My Sister Sarika is only two years older than me. She was 23 then. She inherited all the sexy looks of my mother and a mirror image of our mother.

I would toss and turn in my bed at night long into the midnight hour just thinking about my sluts and how to screw them. One day I got an idea. I dropped a sleeping pill into her water jug. Right after supper Vimala said she was going to bed as she was VERY sleepy. Soon she was fast asleep. I waited for 15 minutes and walked up to her bed. Her blue silk saree wrapped her body like the wrapper of a milk chocolate toffee. I said “Amma?” She did not budge. Apparently, the pill was working. I lund was getting overheated and stiff. I stepped out of my jeans and tee shirt. My dick was standing at a 90 degrees angle. My palms started perspiring. It was as if I was in another dimension. I was bursting with the excitement if being able to see my mother’s chooth hole. Once again I tried to wake her. She did not respond. Encouraged by that lack of response from the bitch, with both my hands I pulled her saree over her waist. What a heavenly sight it was! Her chooth was covered by a dense growth of black pubic hair. I pushed her thighs apart and knelt down in front of the bitch. Widening her cunt lips with my left hand I slowly inserted my right four fingers into her crack. I saw her clitoris from up close. It was almost the size of a big peanut. I rubbed it. I heard Vimala moan. I turned her on her face and parted her but. Her gaand came into full view. It was smooth and silky. I wondered if she was ever fucked in her gaand. My lund looked like it was 20 feet long. I walked over to her face and shoved it into her velvety mouth. Her juicy lips embraced my glans penis and sent an electric jolt all over my body. I pissed a few drops into her mouth.

Then, I pulled her up into a doggy position and tried to fuck her gaand, but she kept falling off. So I let her lay flat on her stomach and entered her gaand. Like a crazed animal I thrust into Vimala, my slut mother. After a few minutes, I rolled her on to her back. Widening her thighs I positioned my lauda into her fuck hole. I couldn’t believe I was fucking the same vagina that I came out from. What a heavenly privilege! I Spat on her clitoris and sucked on it. The bitch moaned once more. Unable to hold any longer I shot my white creamy load on Vimala’s face. I took my soiled underwear and wiped her face clean. I pissed a few drop on her hairy chooth and pulled her saree down to look normal. An hour later when Vimala woke up she did not suspect anything. More to cum. Email me at [email protected]

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