I Fucked My Sister With Mom Blessings

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I had just come back from college hostel when my mother Maya Devi told me Sunny Beta you must do one thing. Your Raj jijju has left for Kuwait and your sister is lonely very lonely your sister is young and sexy many men are seeking her body more over she is such a sexy hot bitch. I wish you keep her company so that these horny men cannot get her body.

I have convinced Kajal that you are the best man to keep her company. I hope you understand. I mean with Sarita dead you will be missing female company. I wish your sister Kajal becomes a substitute for Sarita. It is true my wife had died a month ago and I was sexually frustrated. Raj, my jijju was a good man but he did not care much for my sister. Kajal is older to me by 2 years.

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, very fair, long legs, nice pert ass and big boobs. My sister has been a sex bomb but still she is my sister and was my mother inviting me to possess my sister physically? To make love to her? To fuck her? I don’t mind if she is willing to be my partner. The next day, I called from work and spoke to my sister Kajal. It was answered on the second ring.

Bhaiya? The tremulous voice of my sexy sister asked. Yes didi, is it true what mom says? That I will keep you company? That I will live with you? I said. I know I was stupid how could my own mother would lie to me? I want you here at home right now my man and I want you with me now! I am lonely fucking lonely bhaiya and you can’t understand my condition. I am dying for male company.

I need my brother for a special purpose cum to me! I’m on my way I said, slamming the phone down and rushing out. It was only ten minutes from my office when I got to the front door I rang the bell her voice told me to come in, it was open. Kajal was sat on the sofa in the living room, a bottle of whiskey and glasses on the coffee table bottle were a quarter empty. I went to sit beside her and took her in my arms.

I can’t believe it didi mom told me that you wanted me as your male companion. I can’t believe my luck and my sister is so beautiful so sexy! Didi your Bhaiya has come to forever! Let me feel your body. I have not had sex for months since Sarita died Sarita was my wife. My cock can’t stay in peace since mom told me about you! l stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head.

Kajal raised her face up and kissed me on the lips. l felt her tongue slide into my mouth. We were kissing passionately as she clung to me. My sister was wearing a loose white cotton pajama and a thin cotton shirt with no bra. I cupped her tits and continued to kiss when we broke apart we were both panting and breathless. Oh Bhaiya Kajal said and I’ve wanted to do this for so long.

I want you to make love to me and just like my husband used to Bhaiya and I want your cock in my cunt! I want it too sister and I am wanted to be your husband. I want to shove my cock in your sweet cunt I said. My cock had grown to its full nine-inch length inside my pants at the thought of fucking my own sister and seeing her naked come upstairs to bed Bhaiya.

We can’t wait and I can’t wait Kajal said standing up and picking up the glasses and bring the bottle Bhaiya and we will drink and fuck together and I followed her and my sexy sister went up the stairs, and I was watching her big bottom swaying provocatively from side to side in her pajama. I could see a glimpse of her panties. Kajal turned round and saw me staring at her sexy ass are you looking at my ass Bhaiya?

You naughty bastard she asked and I laughed in the bedroom, she closed the curtains, then set the glasses on the table beside her queen size bed or the drinks Bhaiya and she said I feel like getting drunk before fucking my own brother tonight. I’m a bit tipsy already. I will love fucking my own blood when I’m drunk. Bhaiya, I’m a really dirty horny girl when I’m drunk.

I poured the drinks and handed a glass to Kajal. She raised it unsteadily and said to the first time fuck with my brother husband! I raised my own glass and clink it against hers. To make me a real bhenchod sister fucker and to make you my sister/wife. Kajal I can’t wait and I want to undress you now and I said gulping down my drink undress me then. Who is stopping you bastard?

She said with trembling hands and I lifted her thin shirt over her head. My darling sister wore no bra. She had prepared to fuck her brother her large 36 D tits had large brown nipples, ready and waiting to be sucked. I touched those globes oooh my! I exclaimed your breasts are gorgeous, didi even better than I thought they would be. Did your husband suck on them? Don’t mention him Bhaiya. I’m yours and my tits are all yours.

She turned around and unzipped my pants. It fell to the floor, my cock imprisoned in my underwear as she touched my throbbing cock. You’ve got a lovely cock Bhaiya my sister said and her hands travelling over the hardening cock. I want you in my cunt and in my ass, in my mouth when I’m going to suck you until you cum in my mouth.

Kajal turned round and began pulling down her pajama. I saw my sister in a daze as I saw her clad only in her small silk black panties which failed to cover her big but firm ass cheeks. My big cock was bursting in my underpants. I pulled down my underwear and my 9 inches cock sprang free surrounded by jungle of black hair.

Your cock is so big Bhaiya she said, running her hands over my hard cock. I did watch through a crack in the door long ago when you went to the bathroom and when you’d play with your cock Bhaiya but seeing this monster from close is another thing is it as big as your husband’s? I asked curiously. Your cock is huge Bhaiya! Your cock is far bigger my husband’s 6 inches and fatter too. We’re going to have so much fun together.

Kajal wrapped her arms around my neck and glued her mouth to mine, rubbing her naked hot body against me. My cock was squeezed up against my sister’s silken belly. I kissed her with total passion. My hands were all over her, squeezing her tits and ass and putting a finger up her cunt. Let me make you naked too Bhaiya! This is not fair that I should be naked and my brother has not taken his clothes off she murmured Bhaiya touch my pussy.

My sister took off my clothes in no time and we were naked as on the day we were born. We kissed like mad lovers while she caught my cock in her fist. We fell down on the bed still kissing and I pushed my finger inside my sister’s cunt. I love your finger inside my cunt Bhaiya she said. I can feel your finger right up my pussy ooh Kajal I love your sexy pussy. You’re so wet didi.

I’m all wet for you Bhaiya and I want you to fuck me. I crawled up in between my sister’s spread thighs and brought the head of my cock to her waiting pussy hole. Now she screamed put your big lund cock in my choot cunt bhaiya! I want your big cock now! I thrust my bursting cock inside my horny sister’s dripping cunt. I hadn’t had sex since the death of my wife and my sister was a better fuck than even my wife and when she was alive.

My wife loved talking dirty when I fucked her and I loved talking dirty to her. oh my god, didi, your choot cunt is so tight! I cried I love your dirty fucking cunt! I’m going to fuck my sister’s hungry cunt like an animal didi tell me you like your brother’s cock say you like your brother to be your husband till your husband my Jijju returns from Kuwait promise me you are mine!

Kajal had closed her eyes as I buried my whole length into her deep cunt. She lifted her lovely ass to meet my thrusts as I plow deep inside my sister’s cunt yes bhaiya. I am yours I am your wife fuck me make me feel like your wife. I will be your wife even when raj is back and this choot cunt is yours you know raj can’t make me pregnant and his sperm is weak bhaiya fuck me make me mother of your child fuck me ram your cock deeper in my cunt fuck me fuck me bhaiya!

Kajal was speaking like a slut and I loved my sister even more. I was fucking wildly. My hands gripped my sister’s lovely ass tightly and drove my cock deeper inside her velvety pussy. Kajal moved her hand between my thighs and caught hold of my balls and squeezed them. I was beyond any control and I mouthed her nipples and sucked on them just as a child sucks on his mother’s boobs.

I must tell you that my sister was panting like a bitch in heat as I was fucking her like a hungry dog. Kajal my sexy sister you look like a slut like a bitch and I love a bitch when she is under me getting my cock in her hungry cunt. I can smell the bitch in you is hungry for my seed. I promise to be your true lover husband. I will make you mother of my child fuck didi, what will Jijju say?

Bhaiya, don’t worry and I will say it is his child and he fucked me with his small cock before leaving you just fill my cunt with your seed make me mother fuck me bhaiya ohhhh behnchod sister fucker fuck me fuck me bhaiya. I am going to cum I can’t wait and I can’t last long cum inside my cunt! I was thrusting like a mad man as I was about to cum too and the cum in my cunt now, bhaiya she shouted

I want to feel your hot spunk shooting into my dirty cunt! I’m cuming bhaiya cum for your bhai, kajal, cum for me. I am coming! I said as I began to shoot my jism into my sister’s cunt. My orgasm seemed to last for a long time and so did Kajal ‘s as the intensity died down and we kissed passionately afterwards and

I rested on top of her while I got my breath back and we continued kissing. Oh Bhaiya, that was fantastic! Kajal said and it was the best sex and I’ve ever had and will I bear your child Bhaiya and will you father my child? Let’s pray your wish is fulfilled! And my story will continue if you like it, please send feedback okay? Thanks

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