I Fucked My Own Mother; Mom Turned In To Prostitute – Part I

Hi ISS readers this is sreenu, now I want to share my personal experience here. This is true story, this is incest story and it is discussing about how my mother became prostitute and how son (I) fucked his (my) own mother.

Coming to story I am sreenu, that is the time became to me to conscious about girls, about sex and affairs. I was started to watching the ladies who are in the same age like me and elder to me even they married ladies or unmarried ladies with sex urge. If one can see in my eyes can easily say that I was in sex urge in my eyes. My mom is very sexy lady. About my family, is consisting of 3 members: my mother sushma studied up to degree, my dad ramesh and me.

My dad went to Dubai for earning money since 5 yrs back at that time I was studying 6 Th standard. Because my mother is very beautiful and sexy lady I am interesting to watch her sexy body every time. She has good body asset, her sizes are 38, 30, 40.She always wears silk saris and her dressing style is very nice. She always wears low cut blouses through which her sexy boobs visible and from her transparent silk saris her belly button visible. I always watch her sexy boobs though her blouse cleavage, I watch her sexy buttocks while she was walking here and there in house hold work. When she comes outside for shopping or functions all over people there can make eye contact on her sexy body and see with lustful eyes.

I was really became infatuated about my mother and wanted to fuck her madly. But that is not possible, because she is my own mother. Sometimes I feel very bad about my thoughts. But my sex urges overcoming my humanity and I begin to dream as I was fucking her all the time. My dreams became restless at that time. My 10 Th class exams came near to 45 days and I got very poor marks in some subjects and failed in some subjects in free final exams. One day by my school teacher told to my mother he does not concentrate on studies and he can fail in final the exams if he is like this. My mother surprised about my studies because I was very merit student in studies. She wants to know about what happen to me.

The same evening the words from my teacher, She asked me when came in to the house. I was standing quite and she was angered and asked for reason why I was became poor in studies. Still I was standing quite in front of her and her anger to peek stage. She slapped on my cheeks for 5 or 6 times for my quietness. She still in anger and again slapped me for several times up to my cheeks became very red with blood. Still I am quite with eye drops in my eyes by pain. She frustrated and went to her room. While she was moving I saw her buttocks shaking from her backside with lust. I went to my room to sleep.

At 11 pm in the night she woke me up from sleep asked me to take dinner. I told her that I don’t want and I am sleepy and please let me sleeping. But she held my hand dragged me up from the bed and ordered u should eat and then go to sleep. I have no choice other than that I obeyed her order and had dinner. After dinner about to go to bed room she stopped and asked me reason. I was still quite and stand as dumb fold. She came near to me and hugged me tightly from front and kept her head on my shoulder. I am in sixth heaven by that time. I was not expected that beautiful hug from my mother. Her boobs touched my chest gently and I want that from a long time and that was happened that time. She asked me then why I was poor in studies and she kept one hand on my head and was combing my hair. I could not control my sex urge and exploded in my weeping.

She shocked and asked me what happened and feel worry about my weeping. She asked gently please sreenu share your problem with me. I will definitely give the solution to you. Please feel me like your best friend. Please believe me I will not scold you, and gave promise to me. So then time comes to tell her about my sex urge. I begin to tell her about my feeling about ladies, my sexual urge when she was listened this entire and she surprised about my nature and looking into my eyes surprisingly. At last I told her my dreams about her, how she attracts me and how bad I want to fuck her. Hearing all this she shouted and went to her room without saying anything. After this I also went to my bed room and thinking all this got in to sleep without knowing.

So that is the exams time, optional to go to school says that these preparation holidays in school for final exams. Next day morning I woke up at 8 am and looking around, my bed room doors wide open. Slowly I remembered what discussion happened yesterday night. I did not know how to face my mother and sat on the bed for so much time like that with shy. Mom called me by name sreenu and told me wake up and go to bath. After I heard that I went to bath room and fresh up myself and came to hall, there my mom bent on the floor and cleaning the floor with wet cloth. Her sari pallu fell aside and half of her beautiful tits visible to me from her sexy low cut blouse and her bra strips visible from her shoulder. Her sexy hair hanged from her head, she is gorgeous at that position. My cock throbbed in my underwear and wants to come out side of my trouser and made bulge at my gyp area. My mother looked at me and said that go to take Tiffin. While I was going to dining table, she looked at my bulge and look in to my eyes. We both made an eye contact and she laughed mischievously. Immediately I turned my face with shy and went to dining table.

After finishing my breakfast I went to my bed room and open a book for preparing final exams. But I am not interested to study. I was thinking about my mom, what will she do now? And will treat me like before or will she keep me away. I was thinking like this. Mom came to my bedroom and sat beside me, look in to my eyes. I lean my head down and sit calmly. She held my chin and move up my face straight to her face. Now both are looking into one another eyes, her face is widely with no expression and she started talking. See my dear son, sexual thoughts are common in this age. Now you are turning to young man and dreams about sex is common thing and young girls will attractive very much at this time. But you dream about your mother with lustful thoughts is sin and wrong. See please leave these thoughts and study well.

I told her Mom I am disturbed about your beauty so much; many dreams have been coming about our sex. I can’t concentrate about studies at this moment. Mom how beautiful you are? I can’t I imagine without you in my dreams. Promise mom, every moment you are in front of me in my eyes. I can’t study and will fail in the exams. Then mom saw me with hate and anger mixed face, told that” is you are mad?” Do u know what you are Doing and telling to your own mother. Please Sreenu this will not possible and concentrate on your studies. Otherwise I will tell to your father about this. Mom really I can’t do anything for leaving these bad lustful thoughts. Mom, I also know this is sin and will wrong in society. But I could not been concentrating in studies. You are the first person, I am telling you about my feeling for first time, even teachers are also don’t know how I have been turning to poor student. I started crying without knowing why? May be those eye drops coming from my heart and feeling free now from my struggle and said to mom.

Mom was thinking at that moment and she had given shock to me. She told that “I will allow u to fuck me sreenu”. I didn’t believe my ears for a moment what I have heard from mom voice. What mom? Are you really allowing me to fuck you? Yes. But on one condition It will be. What is that condition mom? If you want to fuck me you have to get 500 marks out of 600 marks in final exams.

Sreenu: Mom?
Sushma: yes sreenu. From today onwards you have 44 days time to prepare yourself for exams. Think yourself. If you get 500 marks you can fuck me. Choice is yours. If you study well you can 500 get marks and u will allow fucking me.
Sreenu: Mom if I study from now I can pass in the exams. But I can’t get 500 marks.
Sushma: So don’t you want to fuck your mother then?
Sreenu: Yes! But I definitely can’t reach that score.

Sushma: See! You are thinking about sex with your own mother. Even though that is impossible thing I have given chance to u. If you read well you can 500 marks and there is a possibility.
Sreenu: Ok mom. I will read well for fuck you. But when you allow me to fuck you?
Sushma: On your 10 Th class results release date. If you get 500 marks that day is our first night and last night. That means only on that I will allow you to fuck me.

Sreenu: Ok mom do you promise me? How I can believe you?
Sushma: Ok to believe me what should I do?
Sreenu: I don’t know. You tell me
Sushma: Ok touch any body part you have interest.
Sreenu: Mom? Ok. With shivering hand I cupped her tit with my right hand and kept like for some time. She didn’t hesitate a bit at least.
Sushma: now ok? Please go to reading.
Sreenu: ok. Started reading for fucking my mom.
Sreenu: I have taken every subject and started reading. After so many days I was reading concentrate. I started reading in nights also.

After 20 days I covered exactly 20% syllabus in every subject. And then came to estimation I will reach my goal.

Finally that’s exams time. Every exam I have written well.

Finally that’s the results day. Even mom also doesn’t know I will get 500 marks or not? Even I have tension.

From my school phone call was coming. Mom picked up the call and she was talking with my teacher. After 3 minutes mom put the receiver in its place and called me. I went near to her. With smile she told me that my dear son u got 505 marks in 10 Th class exams. I felt happy and went to my bed room without talking to her. Up to this day also I did not see my mom with lustful eyes. May be with happiness in my heart I went to bed and went to dreams.

At afternoon my mom waked me up for the first time after so many days and asked for take launch. Without any talk I went to dining table and had my launch. After launch I on the TV and watching movie. I have received 10 phone calls from my friends and wish me with congratulations. My mom also felt very happy with this happy moment and my success.

My mom Came to me and told me that “you are so great”. Sreenu! ………..She stopped talking. I was looking in her face. She was feeling a little tensed and with shaking voice now you are desirable what you want.

I asked mom! So today is our First night?

Mom: with shy on her face said yes. Today night is. And mom left to her bed room and closed the doors. That evening at 6 pm she told me to go to shop for sweets and flowers (jasmine). I went to bring them. By the time I came to home she prepared Dinner for us with chicken biryani. We ate the dinner together with no talking. Just I watched her she did not lift her face all the time. May be it is because shyness. After dinner finishing I went to bed room for fresh up myself for first night. I went to bath and came to my bed room there is sweet plate is there beside that fruits and sandal darbarbatthi is lightening with strong aroma of fragrance, Bed is decorated with jasmine buds, and one dovathi on my bed, It is bride grooms wear on the first night or marriage. I wore that and waiting for my mom eagerly.

After 2 minutes my door was knocked. It is my mom; I opened the door, OH! she is gorgeous with her dressing and makeup. She is white pattu sari designed with red borders and wore red color matching blouse with low length arms and a milk glass in her hand. I welcomed her in to my bed room and took milk glass in her hands. Walk to bed and kept on the table beside the bed. She followed me up to bed and standing over there with shy face. I held her chin and move up to see in her eyes. Just her eyes meted my eyes and she turned her look of contact to aside. I slowly kept my hands on her shoulders and took her very closer to me, now her tits touched my chest and my face very closer to her face. I am enjoying her beautiful aroma from her face makeup.

I place my lips on her lips and giving kiss for 2 minutes after that I hugged her very tightly and said mom I love you. She also hugged me very tightly with her hands. Now my hands are roaming here and there over her backside enjoying her smoothness of the body. She wore very low cut blouse and back side is only 3 cm, cloth is for blouse and remaining is all her back is bare and I am touching each inch of her body. Now our hearts are beating very fast. I kissed her cheeks, lips, nose, ears, and forehead in several times for a minute. Mom removes her hands on my back and move away from my hug to take milk glass. She gave me milk glass to drink milk with her eye expressions. After drinking some milk she took my class had remaining milk in the glass. After that I hugged again my mom tightly and I have given lip to lip kiss to her. I held her sari pallu dropped to floor from her shoulder to see her beauties. Wow! Her blouse is very low cut and shows her milk boobs up to her half of areolas (nipples). While seeing that boobs, my cock is throbbing in my dovathi.

Now I am seeing into her eyes, she is laughing mischievously, I also give a smile to her and held two boobs with my both the hands and smooching het boobs over the blouse. I knelt in front of her and kissed her navel for several times, hugged her waist tightly and kissed on her navel button. She is moaning slowly and takes breath heavily, I held her petticoat strips and dragged its knot now its dropped on floor and her thighs are in front of me, I kissed her thighs and kissed her under wear at her beauty spot and slowly I stand up and hugged her tightly kissed on her lips she responded me marvelously this time.

I held her jacket hooks place and opened her jacket hooks one by one and removed her jacket from her hands completely now she in bra and cut drawer. Put my hands back side and opened buckle of her bra and removed from her sexy boobs wow her nipples are in 1 cm diameter and 1 and half cm long, around her nipple there is 3 cm areolas with skin dark cyan color. I kissed her right nipple and sucking like kid for some time and take left breast and caressing both the breasts with my hands, at that time mom hand on my hairs and swaying my hair with her fingers and moaning ha… ha… slowly. Now take her in to bed and keep her back side to bed and I slowly opened her drawer slowly from her legs. Now her pussy is visible to me. I kissed on pussy and opened her legs wide open. Around her pussy, pussy hairs are trimmed and showing her sexy pussy lips. I opened her pussy lips for sucking, her pussy in rose color and Licking her pussy lips with my tongue and looks in her eyes. Her eyes are closed and she is moaning a little bit loudly now. Now her hands held my head and she pressed my head tightly towards her pussy between her thighs.

I am licking her pussy lips; she is moaning and moving fingers here and there in my hair. From her cunt wet and hot juice is coming and I am licking all of her pussy juice. After that went on top of her and kissed her lips with my lips. Now she began to open my shirt buttons and removed it from my body, I removed dovathi from myself. Now my erected dick is visible to my mom. My mom Oh! My dear your cock is so big. Common on you fuck my pussy with your big dick sreenu. Now I touched mom pussy with my dick and rubbing over there. Mom is unable to wait and took my cock in her hand inserted my cock into her wet pussy for the first time and I felt very hot and pussy is very tight and its paining and but that pain sweet. My mom looking into my eyes and asked me any problem; are u ok? Now I moved in her pussy with my cock and now I completely inserted my cock in to her pussy and now I kissed my mom deeply with love and lust. Mom takes my tongue into her mouth and licks like anything. Mom said now u move between my legs. As that is my first time I don’t know how to move. She held my waist and move up and said now you move down. Now I moved slowly up and down; my cock is come one forth outside and again go back to her pussy and I pressing her large boobs and saying mom love u, I am fucking you my darling. Mom is moaning and said fuck my son; fuck me … ha … hmmm… oh my god… hmm , ha, hmmm…..

With my moaning and bad words from my mouth I uncontrolled myself and I speed up my moving and fucking my pussy with my dick hardly and moaning Sushma I am fucking u lanja (Randi or bitch), I love you. I want to fuck you from two years. My dream is comes true now. With joy I am fucking my mom and I felt that I am coming sperm from my dick; without noticing to my mom I ejaculated my first load in to mom and said that I am Cumming. My mom held my waist and pressed tightly to her waist and she held my buttocks tightly with her fingers. Now I spurted all of cum from my cock in to her pussy; I was tired a bit and I relaxed my total body on her body still my cock is in her womb. I placed my face on her face and kissed on her lips with a smile. She also gave me smile mischievously. She wiped all of sweat from my face and said I love you. I surprised and said mom I am very lucky to have you. I always love you mom.

I kept face on her shoulder and quiet for some time. Now my cock is limed and I fell aside from my mom and placed beside mom. Mom is seeing to roof of slab and kept her hands up and held’s both the hands her fingers. Now I can see her under arms (arm pits). They are with light hair and so sexy. I planted my hand on her pit and rubbed my finger there and kissed them. She look into smilingly and said You are too sexy ra.
My mom kissed me said that is it over? Can I go to my bed room?

Sreenu: I saw her face and said that mom please u stay in bed up to morning.
Sushma: Why you want to fuck me again and held my limped cock.
Sreenu: with her finger touch it is grown up and again erected. Yes mom I want to fuck again, said to my mom
Sushma: Smiling mischievously and said common fuck me hard.
Sreenu: Yes mom and placed his dick in her pussy and fucking her using the words My lanja… I want to fuck you all the time. For this night only I have time to fuck you. I want to fuck you whole the night.

Sushma: Common Fuck me and moaning ha. Hmm…………. Haaaaaaaaaa………………..hmmmm…………Fuck me hard. Fuck your mom’s pussy. I fucked and licked her boobs all the time while I am fucking her. I cum second time and leave all my sperm in her pussy her pussy also oozing wet juices and I thought she also must be tired. I felt tired and fell aside and look in to her eyes and said I love you.

Sushma: Said I love you and kissed me on my lips and held my cock and pressing tightly. After some time we slept.

At the morning 4 am I woke and Wake up her also kissed her and fucked and kissed all over her body all the time.
Up to morning 6 am I fucked my mom and went to sleep.

Hi readers this is part -1 of my story and in next parts I will write how I romanced with her a lot and how she turned in to prostitute. If you likes this story please mail me at “[email protected]” and yours sreenu waiting for your response

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