I Fucked My Own Mother; Mom Turned In To Prostitute – Part I

At 11 pm in the night she woke me up from sleep asked me to take dinner. I told her that I don’t want and I am sleepy and please let me sleeping. But she held my hand dragged me up from the bed and ordered u should eat and then go to sleep. I have no choice other than that I obeyed her order and had dinner. After dinner about to go to bed room she stopped and asked me reason. I was still quite and stand as dumb fold. She came near to me and hugged me tightly from front and kept her head on my shoulder. I am in sixth heaven by that time. I was not expected that beautiful hug from my mother. Her boobs touched my chest gently and I want that from a long time and that was happened that time. She asked me then why I was poor in studies and she kept one hand on my head and was combing my hair. I could not control my sex urge and exploded in my weeping.

So that is the exams time, optional to go to school says that these preparation holidays in school for final exams. Next day morning I woke up at 8 am and looking around, my bed room doors wide open. Slowly I remembered what discussion happened yesterday night. I did not know how to face my mother and sat on the bed for so much time like that with shy. Mom called me by name sreenu and told me wake up and go to bath. After I heard that I went to bath room and fresh up myself and came to hall, there my mom bent on the floor and cleaning the floor with wet cloth. Her sari pallu fell aside and half of her beautiful tits visible to me from her sexy low cut blouse and her bra strips visible from her shoulder. Her sexy hair hanged from her head, she is gorgeous at that position. My cock throbbed in my underwear and wants to come out side of my trouser and made bulge at my gyp area. My mother looked at me and said that go to take Tiffin. While I was going to dining table, she looked at my bulge and look in to my eyes. We both made an eye contact and she laughed mischievously. Immediately I turned my face with shy and went to dining table.

After finishing my breakfast I went to my bed room and open a book for preparing final exams. But I am not interested to study. I was thinking about my mom, what will she do now? And will treat me like before or will she keep me away. I was thinking like this. Mom came to my bedroom and sat beside me, look in to my eyes. I lean my head down and sit calmly. She held my chin and move up my face straight to her face. Now both are looking into one another eyes, her face is widely with no expression and she started talking. See my dear son, sexual thoughts are common in this age. Now you are turning to young man and dreams about sex is common thing and young girls will attractive very much at this time. But you dream about your mother with lustful thoughts is sin and wrong. See please leave these thoughts and study well.

I told her Mom I am disturbed about your beauty so much; many dreams have been coming about our sex. I can’t concentrate about studies at this moment. Mom how beautiful you are? I can’t I imagine without you in my dreams. Promise mom, every moment you are in front of me in my eyes. I can’t study and will fail in the exams. Then mom saw me with hate and anger mixed face, told that” is you are mad?” Do u know what you are Doing and telling to your own mother. Please Sreenu this will not possible and concentrate on your studies. Otherwise I will tell to your father about this. Mom really I can’t do anything for leaving these bad lustful thoughts. Mom, I also know this is sin and will wrong in society. But I could not been concentrating in studies. You are the first person, I am telling you about my feeling for first time, even teachers are also don’t know how I have been turning to poor student. I started crying without knowing why? May be those eye drops coming from my heart and feeling free now from my struggle and said to mom.


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