I fucked my Bangladeshi bhabi

Hi, this is sakib. I have had submitted my story before and that my third story. And my entire story is true story. Well I am 23, 5ft 8in tall. Good looking hand some guy. I have 10 inch long dick. My dick is kind of fat too. Its real dick. I am from U.S.A. I live in state of Michigan and city of troy. But I am BANGLADESHI. I was living in use for more than 18 years. Now let me tell you guys about my bhabi. Her name is nafisa(name change). She is my cousin wife, she live in USA too. She lives about 5 to 10 minutes from my home. My bhabhi is 23 years old. Her boob’s size is 38DD. she marry my cousin 5 years ago and she get no kids. Doctor said da won’t have kids now. They just have to wait. They have to keep trying by doing sex. Trust me she is really hot. Well let’s come to the main point. I never looked at her that way until she came to the party with red sarie. I open a new cell phone store. So I just through a samll party. I invite all the family members. It was Saturday night. When she enters my house, I was like wow. She wears so sexy red sarie. I was just looking at her for about 3/4 minutes. Party start and everyone was enjoying. I am really cool with her all the time. We r like friend, but we never talk about sex and stuff. I and my bhabhi were talking at dining room. She asked me how is my girlfriend doing and stuff bla bla bla. At one point she told me, sakbi can I ask you something since we r like friend. I was like sure u can ask me anything. Dan she said sakib r u virgin. I was shocked to hear that from her mouth. I said no bhabhi, I am not. Dan I told her bhabhi can I tell you something. She said yah go ahead. I said u luck really hot with sarie. She said thank you. you’re the first person to say this after your brother, your brother use to say this after marriage about 6 months, but he don’t say anymore. Then she said how many time did u had sex. I told her I am not saying anything now.

I will come your home and then I will tell you about my sex life with coffee. dan we had dinner and dan she left for her home. next day I went to her house. no one was home. I know my cousin was in work. he work 7 days, 10 hours everyday from 10 am 10 pm. she is home alone all the time. so I went to her home. she said have a seat sakib and she made coffee for us. bhabi said now tell me about sex life. I was like why are you so interested to her about my sex life. she said just tell me sakib. so I told her about my first sex and other sex life. I told her my story for about 30 mins. she didn’t say anything this 30 mins. she just listen to me and she became hot. I can see that she is breathing heardly. at one point she hold my hand and said can we have sex. I was like that hell yah we can have sex now. dan we start kissing each other for 10/15 mins. and we stop and she said lets go to bedroom. we went to her bed room she undressed me and I undressed her. and I was like wow bhabi, you get so big boobs. she said don’t call me bhabi anymore, I am your bed partner now. so call me nafisa. when she look at my 10 inch dick she was shocked. she said wow you get really big dick to suck. bhabi said can I tell you something funny, I said go ahead. dan she said I am married to your cousin for 5 years, but I never suck his dick. and I was laughing. bhabi said we don’t do sex that much. we do maybe one or two time every month. I said why, she said your cousin work all day and after coming from work, he is always tired.

I was like how big is your husbend’s she said maybe 5 inch. dan she took my dick on her hand and start sucking like she is sucking lolly pop. bhabi sucked for 5 mins. dan she stop for 2 mins. bhabi said your cousin can’t satasfied me, dats I came to you, she told me last night way dat you luked at me I knew you want have sex with me. I was like yah since last night, I can’t stop thinking about u. dan she start sucking again for another 5 mins. dan I told her that I want to lick your vigina, dan she said sure, I licked it and she was like ahhh ahhhhh ahaaaa yahhhh yahhh yaaaaaaaaah. bhabi said your cousin never licked my vigina. he is always bz to make money. dan she said I can’t hold anymore, fuck me now, I put my 10 inch inside her and I start fucking her and she was screming like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me sakib fuck me heard, I fucked her for 20 mins. dan bhabi was like I am cuming and she scremed and cum. after dan I told her I am cuming. she said cum on my mouth plz. I want to taste your cum. dan I cumed all over her face. cum was on her face, on her boobs and some was on da bed. dan she licked those cum with her toung from da bed. dan we were laying on bed for 45 mins. and she told me dats da best sex she ever had in her life. she thanked me for having sex with her. her husbend never fuck like I did. after dan we decide to have sex again.dan we got up and she sucked my dick again for 5 mins. after dat I told her I want to have sex in doggy style through your ass. she said nooooooooooo u can’t fuck my ass. its gonna hurt me. I was like plz plz pzl well after 3/4 mins she agree. trust me guys when I put my 10 inch dick from behind. she was screaming like crazy and she was saying sakib stop, its hurting me, but I didn’t listen to her I kept fucking her. after 5 mins we switche and we did 69 position. and she was like yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuk me kutta, fuk me heard yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhh yahhhh. after 15 mins she cum and I told her I am cuming. dan she said u can cum inside me. than I cum inside her. after dan we went to clean out self, and we took shower and in da shower we had sex again. she told me form today we can have sex anytime. she told me anytime you want to have sex just come by and anytime I want to have sex I will call you. I don’t need your cousin anymore. you are the perfect sex partner for me. as of today we have sex everyday aobut 2 or 3 times.

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