How i fucked my mami

A bit about myself; i am 22 years of age, 6 feet in height with a gud physique and built. The story i would love to share wid all of u is an excellent real relationship between me and my mami (mamoo’s wife) which started off just as an incident but was further florished with my acts.

Lemme tell all of u a bit about my mami.she is around 40 her name is erum n she got married to my mamoo around 20 years back. The day she stepped in our house, i was just 2 years of age. As my mother was a working woman, she used to leave me with mami while going to her office. The entire day, she would take good care of me. I used to play with her baby and i too was very comfortable staying with her. U can say that i was nourished in her hands. Years passed and out frankness grew. I was just a kid that time.

When i turned around forteen, i came to know about the sexual relationships when i first saw a blue print accidently. I started exploring sex through books and guides and within a month i was fully aware about every damn thing. I used to visit different porn sites and developed a very negative habbit of masturbating every day. At around the age of 16, i thought why not to go some thing practical, hence leaded my self towards paid sex—(prostitute scenes); n had enough of it within two years. No doubt i realized that the heat of a feminish hole is much arousing that the fealing of a hand.

Coming towards the main story, one day what happened was that i was watching TV in my mamoos room, and my mami was cleaning the floor. Suddenly what i saw was her cleaveage as she was wearing a low neck. I suddenly had a hard on and moved towards the other room so that no one can observe my hardness. Suddenly i had a feeling for why not trying mami for some thing exciting. Thinking the pleasure , i masturbated twice. I promised my self that one day or the other, i will do it what so ever happens later. Days passed and i started observing her cleaning the house, and doing rest of her house-hold chores and my eagerness to fuck her increased day by day.

One day one of our relatives in Karachi passed away and my mamoo had to go immediately on his funeral. He called me up n asked me to give hin a drop to the airport. He requested me to stay in his house n take care of his wife n told me that he will return in around 4 days. I thought that this may be an opportunity. Well i came home and had some of my books and clothes packed and left for my mamoos place. I got my self settled in the guest room. As it was cold, i asked mami if i can get a quilt. She nodded realizing the cold weather and went to the store. Suddenly there was a bang as if some thing has fallen down, and i immediately rushed towards the noise. As i entered the store, what i saw was that mami was on ground, crying with pain as she fell down while taking out what i desired from the cupboard. She had hurt her self very badly on her back and i had to help her to her room. I took the quilt from the store and slept in the guestroom. In the mid-night, i got up for a glass of water and the light of her room was still on. I went to her room and saw her restless due to pain.

I asked her if she needs to be taken to the doctor, but she said that she will be ok in a while. The night passed. The next morning when i went to her room, she was in a very bad condition, yelling with pain,n i had to take her to the nearest doctor. The doctor gave her a pain relieving cream and asked her to get her back massaged twice a day for five days.

The night came, and she locked her door to apply cream on her back and i was thinking how would she do it her self. I started peeping through the key hole. What i saw was she was positioning her self the best way she could but was not able to do it. Suddenly i heard her calling my name. I went to her room and asked her what the problem was. She told me that she was facing problem applying cream on her back, so i suggested her that i can call her friend so she can help her doing it. She was a bit reluctant as she told that she doesnt want to disturb any one. She asked me in a very shy voice “can u do it for me”

I was shocked. I was still in that phase when she repeated if i could help her. I said “i have no problems with myself doing it but, i hope there is no problem with u?”

Her pain was at its peak so she requested me not to waste time and said

” u r just like my son, so there r no issues” saying this she lied on her chect with her back facing the roof. I applied some cream on my hand and inserted my hand in her shirt n started massaging her back. Her eyes were closed and she started moaning with relief. I could feel her getting hot n i certainly had a hard on, n immediately i covered my hardness. As i was moving upwards towards her upper back, her shirt was creating problem for my movement. She realized and moved her shirt to her shoulders.

What a sight it was!!!…… I saw her bear back for the very first time n god knows how i controlled my self. Her black bra strap was right in front of me. I started massaging on her upper back and what she said agin shocked me “why dont u open the strap so u feel comfortable” i immediately unhooked her bra and started my job efficiently. After about half an hour of massage, i hooked her bra again. She thanked me and i left for my room. The entire night i thought of her and jerked off twice.

The next day, i gave her a massage in the morning, an after wards had a bath my self to give my tool some enjoyment as well. The door of my washroom was open. I never came to know when she came in the room to fetch some of her things and left (i was told afterwards). It was a tiring day as i helped her in her daily chores. At night when i went to her room for the routine massage, she seemed a little different to me. Well i started-off n while massaging when i got a hard on, she immediately pointed towards my penis (not even giving me room to cover my hardness) and said pretending to be annoyed “what is this”. I was ashamed like any thing and soon she repeated ” i have asked u some thing, i think of u like my own son and what the hell u have in ur mind” i certainly gathered up courage and replied”its natural mami, i am grown up and feeling a woman lying in front of me, this is just a natural body reaction” she immedately said” then what the hell were u doing in the bathroom after u massaged me in the morning???”. I was speechless and seeing that embarassed face of mine, she certainly passed me a smile saying her self that she knows all this stuff is natural and she was trying to see my reaction. I also passed her a smile and in my mind, what i was thinking of was, that it may be a golden chance for me. I immediately said “mami u should have knocked b4 coming to my room, i am feeling shy that i have revealed my genetals to u.” she laughed like any thing and said that “i had been changing ur nappies and giving u baths when u were a kid, so i still consider u the same””but i am my self shocked to see a grown up playing with himself in the washroom” i continued massaging her and i could feel her getting hot once again. I ignored as i had already had enough of her taunts. Certainly she asked “will u again go and masturbate after this massage session?” and i bluntly said “yes…because i have a beautiful mami to massage” n i even asked her “mami do u also feel pleasure when i massage u,” and she said that it happens with her as well. I bluntly asked “mami, why dont u give me a chance to give u some more pleasure by giving u a full body massage” she strictly replied” its better u stay in ur limits. I am a female and i cannot expose my genetals to u. I insisted again and again saying that it is not fair that she has seen me masturbating and now i want to see her genetals as well. After i insisted her again and again, she agreed on one condition, that she will only have a body massage and she strictly took a promise from me that i will control myself and would not go beyond the limits. I agreed.

She stood up and removed her shirt, and i saw her beautiful 36 sized breasts earging to get out of her bra. My tool was rock hard by that time. She lied on the bed asking me to pull down her shalwar as she could’nt bend down due to her back ache. As i pulled down her shalwar, her black panty was revealed and the scenario in front of me was my mami lying in front of me just in her under garments. I dont even know how i controlled my self till that time. I asked her if she can lay on her chest so i can start massaging her back. She did so and i started off my job. While massaging, i opened the hooks of her bra and pulled it off her arms. Now she was lying just in her panty and i was massaging her shoulders moving my hand in a circular motion. She started producing soft moans. As i moved down i slowly started removing her panty and her ass started revealing giving me pleasure to the most. I removed her panty completely and now she was lying completely naked with her back facing me.i started applying oil on her ass and started massaging. What a feeling it was, i was massaging my mami’s ass and listening to her soft moans……was some thing unbelievable for me.

I carried massaging her thighs and finally her shins and feet. After completing the massage of her rear part, i asked her to turn around. She shyly covered her face with her hands and turned around. Wht a scene it was. I lady who is my mamoo’s wife lying right in front of me completely naked with her hands covering her face and waiting my oily hands to touch her body. The size of her breasts and her shaven pussy was driving me mad.

I started massaging her shoulder moving downwards, i came to her breasts which were and started carressing them and she started givig soft moans which were exciting me to the most. I rubbed her nipples and pressed them between my fingers and she shiverred like any thing. I continued this for around 15 minutes and then i moved further downwardsmassaging her belly and moving towards the paradise point. I asked her if she could kindly take her legs apart so i could massage her inner thighs, and she obeyed by opening her legs apart giving me a good view of her fully shaven wet pussy. I started massaging her inner thighs and intentiolly i touched her pussy lips and she led a soft moan.

By that time i was determined to have her for the entire night so i gathered up some courage and asked her if i could remove my clothes so that i can get relaxed as i am getting a hardon and my tight underwear is bothering my tool, and she replied positively saying that now there is no shame left between us, without wasting time, i removed my clothes and my 7 inch prick came out like a spring, while she smiled on my excitement. I continued massaging and after every 5 seconds i use to touch her pussy in order to excite myself with her moan. I moved downwards and massaged her legs. Although my job was complete but i didnt remove my hand off her body, as i knew that if i did so, i would blame my self for the entire life. Nor i could directly propose her fox sex directly due to the respect of relation so i thought of arousing her so much that she has no other option but sex. So i started moving upward again. I rubbed her inner thighs and finally started touching her pussy once again. In the mean time my other hand was heading towards her brests and soon i was pinching her nipples with my fingers. While touching her hot wet pussy i inserted my little finger about a cm inside her and she gave a heavy moan assuring me that she is getting aroused by the passage of time. Suddenly she realized that i may loose my control so she said that it is enough for today other wise either of us would loose control. I said “mami dont worry, trust me. I know what my limits are and i wont go beyond them, so dont worry. Enjoy ur self and let me enjoy my self as well.” she laughed and i inserted my little finger once again. I kept on inserting and she was getting out of control. I took out my little finger and inserted my middle finger deep in and she started moaning heavily with every of my finger thrust. After around 10 minutes of finger fucking, she started moaning loudly as if she had fully lost her control. She was yelling AHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHH COME ONNNNNNN, YESSSSSSSS, AHHHHHHHHHHH………HHHHHHHHHH…HHHHHHHHH and i immediately took out my finger. At this stage, she was totally full of sexual desire and she started yelling..COME ON …..FUCK ME…..FUCK ME….FORGET ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP……..FUCK ME HARD……

Now that was what i wanted to hear for such long but i decided to make her wait and increase her sexual desire so i said her that “mami, i cannot fuck u as u r my mamoo’s wife and i cant spoil this relationship but she was un controllable. Finally said “mami, i will just fuck u in one condition if u get me aroused the same way by giving me a hot blowjob. She was so much restless that she held my cock in her and and started rubbing it. She slid it in her mouth and started sucking it. This was the first time i experienced a blowjob and i shot my entire cum in her mouth.

I made her lay on the bed and started kissing her neck and one of my hand was on her breasts and the other started fingering her wet pussy. I moved a bit down and took one of her nipples in my mouth and and aroused her by licking them by my tounge. I bit her nipple twice and she screamed like anything which gave me a lot of erotic pleasure she was moaning like any thing..PLZZZZZZZZ………FUCK MEEEEEEEE……….DO ITTT………DONT MAKE ME WAIT……….

In the meantime i had an erection again and i asket her to open her legs wide open and i put my cock on her pussy and started rubbing it. Her eagerness seemed unbearable. I inserting my cock in her pussy very slowly. She was enjoying with pleasure. In one jerk i inserted the entire cock inside and she screamed in pain. I waited for a couple of seconds and then showly and gradully i started the to and fro motion. She moaned…………..AHHHHHH……………YESS…………….FUCKKKK MEEEEEEEEE HARDDDDDDDDDD……………….TEAR MY PUSSY……………COME ON……………..YESSSSS.YESSSS…

After around 15 minutes of hard fuck i realized that both of ur were about to cum. I said “mamiiiii i am cummingggggg” and she screamed go ahead, with that i exploded my entire cum in her pussy and she also came. We both lied in each others arms with my cock still in her cunt. We relaxed for around half an hour in each others arms and then i realized that i was again having a hard on. For the entire night we tried different positions.

Some thing more exciting happened next day during the evening started like the normal massage routine and i again made my mami so much aroused that she started begging me to fuck her. “plz…..plz…….put ur dick in me……i am dying……FUCK ME…….FUCK ME PLZ…..COM ON…..DO IT…..WHAT R U WAITING FOR…..”, but but what replied was “NO…i wont fuck u…..”. She started begging like any thing “PLZ MUGHE CHODO….DO IT….COMON……I CAN DO ANY THING OR U BUT FUCK ME THIS TIME……I AM DYING TO HAVE SEX WID U” i replied “mami i will only have sex with u on one condition, if after giving u a hot fuck, u allow me to enter ur ass hole.!!!”

“no..that is not possible. I never had tried this before and neither ur mamoo did it to me, n aswell it pains a lot” biting her nipples and fingering her pussy i said “fine…..then i wont have sex with u”……….she said ” PLZ PLZ DONT DO THIS TO ME……TRY AND UNDERSTAND……ANAL IS VERY PAINFULL” quite determained to enjoy the other way round, i said that dont worry about the pain, it does hurts a while but u will get more pleasure then what we had yesterday.” finally after a bit of hesitation, she agreed. I was biting her nipples hard and was fingering her. Her arousal was at a peak. So i made her lay on the bed, parted her legs in such a way that her feet were in air. I started inserting my cock in her hole and started my job. She started responding every thrust of mine and soon i ejaculated the entire com inside her.we both rested there for some while and i felt erection once again…. I asked “mami, r u ready for some thing big” n she nodded. I went to the washroom and what i only found lubricant was a lotion. I put some of the lotion on my plam and applied it on my cock, and some on her ass hole. I inserted my index finger in her ass hole and she gave a lound moan full of pain. I started fingering her gently and her moans were mixed in pain and pleasure.i placed my cock on her ass hole and she closed her eyes in order to get ready for further pain. I inserted the head of my cock in her and she screamed with tears in her eyes.”plz…PLZ TAKE IT OUT …..IT PAINS A LOT…..PLZ DONT DO IT TO ME” i waited a couple of minutes so that she could adjust and i started fingering her cunt hard in the mean time…she seemed aroused…..with one big thrust, my entire shaft was in her ass hole and she started screaming and crying loudly…..i waited for a while and then i started the movements slowly……after about 5 minutes, i realized that she had started enjoying it so i increased my speed and finally i shot my cum in her ass.we relaxed there in each others arms for some time and i asked “MAMI YEH EXPERIENCE KAISA RAHA (HOW WAS IT)?” and she said that she really enjoyed it a lot.

2 days remaining passed like any thing. My mamoo came back from karachi. Now when so ever i get a chance, we enjoy a great session. I normally once a weak bunk my university and go to my mamoo’s place. He goes to office and his son goes to his college so me and mami enjoy a hard sex atleast once a week.

Any female (any age) in islamabad or near vaccinity wants to enjoy a hard sexual experience or wants to comment, feel free to contact me on [email protected] All relations will be extremely confidential.

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