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Hi ISS Fans, bit of my introduction first. My name is Anish, 22 years old, 5’11’’, with good looks and my friends says that I can seduce any girl with my looks. The fact that I’m gonna tell u happened late last yr. Have a nice time. Here is all what happened. I always had a crush on my younger cousin sister Mansi. She is really stunning. She has a nice, well shaped boobs, she is also very beautiful and cute with wheatish complexion. I always dreamed her of fucking in my fantasies and masturbated several times thinking of her. I was dying to have sex with her and after reading the desibaba stories, it made me even more excited.

So I started thinking of some plan and due to my goodwill I had a perfect plan. Those days I was preparing for my boards so I thought that after finishing my exams I’ll call her to my house for some days and that I can utilize that time to seduce her for sex. So after completion of my exams I called her and she came to my house for 4 days. At that time she was a virgin. On the first day we just chatted whole day and at night (now for sex she had to be with me at night isn’t it.) So I just asked her to spend the night with me, telling her that we’ll be watching T.V. and will chat whole night with some light music. The idea sounded great to her and she readily accepted it and my parents also took it as normal. Everything was going right for me. Let me tell u that my cousin likes me very much and is also very frank. So at night we watched T.V. for some time and chatted for about half an hour and then I acted as if I’m feeling drowsy. So we went to sleep (obviously sleep was miles away from me). I waited for some time and when it looked that she was asleep I gathered some courage and moved close to her and started touching her slightly making movements as if to arouse her but at the same time I was also afraid of the consequences that whether she’ll like it or not and if she didn’t then what will happen. I was so much afraid that I failed that night.

In the morning I was so much frustrated for loosing a golden chance that it made me very much aroused and so I decided that tonight whatever will be the consequences, I’ll certainly try to have sex and if she will not like it then I’ll just beg her pardon not to tell my parents and I was sure that she’ll pardon me coz as I already told u that she also liked me very much. So at that night around 12:30 we went to sleep and when she was asleep I started tingling her body and I was not afraid this time. I touched her cunt and she gave a slight moan and the feeling of her cunt made my dick rock hard and I started rubbing my dick with her body and almost forget that whatever I’m doing is enough to wake her.

And this is what happened, she woke up at once and was shocked to see me in that stage and asked me that what r u doing? I was so frighten and ashamed that I was answerless. She was so annoyed that she stood up from the bed and I thought that she might be going to tell this to my parents who were sleeping in the adjacent room so I just rushed towards her and started begging her for the guilty and told her everything that I liked her and wanted to have sex with her and that is why I called her here. At that time she asked me that am not it a sin to have sex like this and I told her that it is not a sin and it is a natural thing and everybody likes it. At that time I thought that my idea might just click so I started begging her to have sex and that she’ll also enjoy it. Initially she was bit hesitant but after some time she accepted it but with one condition that I’ll not reveal it to anybody ever. I promised her and then started the real game. As we both were virgin so we were confused of how to start it. So I took her downstairs to my computer room, locked the room and played xxx movie on my computer.

Scene was very sexy and it made us both horny. So I took the initial step and opened the top buttons of her nighty and started fondling and kissing her boobs like a mad man. Though she was not having big boobs but her erected boobs were looking great and I sucked them passionately for 5 min. And by that time my dick was roccccck hard. She also started rubbing her fingers on my dick and torso. After that I gave her a passionate lip kiss and she took my dick off my pajamas and was surprised to see my 6” cock as if she was seeing a erected dick for the first time. After that she started moving it up and down and with other hand she fondled my balls. And man whhhhat a sensation it was. Then I asked her to take my dick in her mouth but she refused it and said it will be a dirty move but I told her that it is normal and also showed her the scene of xxx movie in which girl was sucking the dick. So after slight hesitation she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it.

The pleasure was unbearable and I cummed in her mouth and she ate it up hungrily similarly like the girl did in the scene. After that I removed her nighty and her black panty and the view of her cunt made me mad with lust as it was magnificent and smooth with some public hairs. I at once mad her lay on the bed and sniffed her wet pussy and it was the best thing I ever smelled. I opened up the lips of her pussy and started licking up the pink area of her pussy like a mad dog and she was giving out the lustful moans which made me even hornier. After licking her pussy for about 10 min. She cummed over my face with a loud moan and her lust was up to her peak and same was the case with me as I made her cum and now I was dying to put my dick into her pussy. I grabbed her boobs and started squeezing it and gave her a hard lip kiss. Now she also begged me to put my dick in her so I too up her legs on my shoulders and positioned my dick on her pussy lips thinking that now I’m ready for what I have been waiting for so long.

But then I got an idea to tease her for maximizing the fun, also that we both were virgin so it was difficult to penetrate without any lubricant so I went to my mother’s dressing room and brought the cream back. After that as I wanted to tease her so I inserted one of my finger in her pussy and it was really hard to do so as her pussy was very light. But after some time I was able to insert my whole finger in her pussy and she was moaning like a mad asking me to fuck her real hard. After that I inserted my second finger in her pussy and now her pussy hole was visible after I took my fingers out. Now I was ready for penetration so I applied cream on my dick and to her pussy and positioned my tip onto her pussy hole and gave forceful thrust. She moaned out soooooo loudly that I actually had to went upstairs to check whether my parents have not woken up but to my luck they were still asleep and I returned and this time I penetrated rather smoothly and after some struggle broke up her hymen and penetrated deeply into her pussy. She was moaning and giving out sounds like ooooooohhhhhh mmmmmm uunnnn ahhhhhhh fuck me, fuck me hard oooooohhhhh yyyyaaaaaaaaaaa let me tell u that it was also very painful and hard as she was very tight but the sheer pleasure shadowed all that and I was mesmerized with the pleasure of precum while moving my dick up and down in her pussy.

Her hips were moving in rhythm with my thrusts and I was about to cum so I took my dick out of her pussy and shooted my semen on her boobs and she also had a shuddering orgasm and felt very happy. But was not satisfied yet so she grabbed my dick and started masturbating it and after a while I was again aroused to fuck her in the manner she begged, yes to fuck her hard. This time I penetrated my dick with a fast thrust and started ramming my dick in her pussy, giving out loud noises. She was also moaning ooooh slow no fast mmm mmmm aaaaaaaaahhh hhhh yyyyyyaaaaaaa aaaauuu. Her moans were making me hornier and I was thrusting with all the lust I was having for her and her hips were also moving up and down very fast. She had a explosive orgasm and I could feel her cum drifting on my dick. That felling aroused me so much that I was not able to control myself and cummed inside her pussy with a loud moan and was afraid that she may be pregnant but luckily she was in her periods so there was no danger of her to conceive. We both were satisfied after that dynamic fuck. After a juicy lip kiss we went back to our room upstairs and I had my best sleep of my life! Well that’s all guys. I hope u enjoyed it. The only sour note is that I was not able to fuck her again. Please do send ur comments and feedback. Any good looking girls, bhabhis or aunties in Delhi if want to have sex with me than feel free to contact me on my email address [email protected] I am a professional male escort/Gigolo.

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