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Hello friends i am back with another true story. This story is about my friends mom. So hope u would enjoy it. This story is sent to me by my friend.

My friends name is abhi. His family consists of three members. Abhi, his sexy mom and his dad who is a service men ( bank accountant at a private bank). His dad is 50 years old and his mom is 39. His mom is 5.5 in height, fair complexion, with a figure of 36 30 38, smooth oily skin and long thick below waist beautiful sexy hair. A complete sex item (bomb).

Abhi is in studying in final year and is staying in hostel. He has came to his house in vacation. At morning after break fast he said to his mom that he is going out with his friends and would be returning at evening at 6 or 7 pm. When he reached his friends house he said he is not feeling well so he felt sad and came back to his house.

After returning to his house he went directly upstairs to his room as he was having keys he haven’t knocked the door. There was no one in the house. He went and lay on the bed. Suddenly he heared some noise coming form ground floor. So he went downstairs. The sounds where coming from his moms bedroom.

Abhi was standing out side his mom bedroom and he was shocked to see his mom on all fours and his best friend rahul was fucking her from behind. He could see his mom enjoying it and asking to fuck her harder.

Now let me tell something about rahul. Rahul is abhis school best friend. He is tall, semi dark well build and strong man and he was fucking his mom very strongly.

Rahul was fucking her strongly and his mom was asking for more. Suddenly he stopped fucking and his mom was crying not my ass. He was positioning his cock at her anal entrance and she was saying no. But he was not interested in her cries. He just rammed his strong and big cock in her tiny asshole and started to fuck her ass.

She was crying in pain and he was fucking her strongly. With in some times he stopped fucking her and came in front of her and gasve his cock in her mouth and started fucking her mouth. With in seconds he was cumming in her mouth and she was trying to sallow each and every drop. Abhi was shocked to see her mom swallowing cum of his best friend.

Then he lay on bed and his mom cleaned his cock and they hugged each other and his mom was saying that she loves him and he is better then her hubby and he fucks her real good.

After saying this she said let me cook dinner. Saying this she took a robe and went to kitchen. Abhi ran to his room. He did not want his mother to know that he was in house. He was hiding at stairs and could see the kitchen room clearly. Now he was thinking how hot his mom was and how he would love to fuck her pussy.

As he was thinking he saw his friend coming and hugging her from behind. She said let me cook food. Rahul did not heard her and removed her robe and she was standing naked. He just made her suck his cock. She started sucking his cock and she was loving it. After some time he made her stand and bent her on dinning table and started to lick her pussy.

She was moaning and suddenly he stopped and entered his cock in her pussy with one go. And started to fuck her hard. She was moaning in pleasure and and asking him to fuck her harder. He was fucking her harder with all his strength and she was moaning in pleasure. He was telling her that she was his slut and will fuck her when ever he wants. As he was fucking her he called out that he was cumming and he came in her pussy. He was still pumping in her pussy and she was enjoying.

After he filled her completely he removed his cock from her pussy and made her clean his cock. Abhi could see his mom pussy dripping cum of rahul. He went to room and started mustabrating thinking about his mom.

The whole day he was seeing his mom getting fucked in different position by his friend and his mom enjoying it. He realized that his beautiful and hot mom have became the slut of his friend.

In next post i will tell u how rahul seduced her.

What did you think of this story??


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