Honeymoon At Goa With Two Cousins – Part II

If you guys haven’t read the first part, go read it first. I’ll continue where I left off the last time.

I was in bed with my cousin shweta, s her, when the lights turned on. Divya, my other cousin was staring at us….
So we immediately stopped, and got up. shweta trying to ease her up. She told her to sit down and relax.

Divya: ye sab kab se chal raha hai?
Me: kuch nahi chal raha.This was the first time.
Divya: U guys should be ashamed. how can u smooch ur cousin? If i would’nt have woken up, wat would u have done?
Shweta: Itna senti kyu ho rahi hai divya? khud toh amit k sath bohot kuch karti hai.
Divya: but di he’s ur brother!

Before things heat up, i interrupted them.

Sun divya, bohot raat ho chuki hai. No point making noise n waking ppl up. Kal sab clear karte hain. Abhi k liye i apologize. Let’s just sleep.
So the next day we were going on a ferry/cruise. So our parents were in a group, watching local dance performers along with the other tourists. We were at the end of the ship, the three of us alone. Divya n shweta were’nt talking to each other, so i told shweta to leave us alone while i try to talk to Divya.So now it was just me n divya.

Me: listen, jo bhi hua bhool ja. We will never do anything again. Ur my liytle sister n i’m feeling really embaressed even talking about what happened.
Divya: kal se mai bhi soch rahi thi. Actually without amit (her bf) i feel ‘urged’ even in these 5-6 days. Shweta di toh single hai, n so r you. So i understand what you guys were going through. But still ur my brother yaar. Seeing u this way is just shocking.
Me: thnx a lot divya. So lets start fresh. What say?

She smiled n said ok. N finally hugged me. Then i called Shweta n patched stuff up.
That night, thankfully we were back to normal. We had a long tiring day, so shweta went for a shower. Me n divya were bored, so we decided to have a walk at the hotel garden.

The garden had a bench type swing, so we sat on it. We were talking about general stuff, when divya suddenly asked
How did it start bhaiya?
Me: what?
Divya: u know… Whatever i saw. you started it or Shweta ?
Me: accidently ho gaya. We did’nt intend.
Divya: matlab?
Me: chod na divu. why are you so curious?
Divya: aise hi. Ok ill ask u a casual question. Who do u think is cuter? Me or shweta?
Me: well waise toh ur both awesome, but i think you are cuter.
Divya: ur just saying that to please me
Me: nahi yaar, trust me. Tu meri sis nahi hoti toh I would have had a crush on you.
Divya: hmm…U know I’m more open n frank to you than with sis.
Me: acha hai. You can treat me as ur frnd.
Divya: k toh kuch poochu? Dont tell shweta di.
Me: pakka…. Go ahead
Divya: I know i was angry when i caught u, but after i calmed down, i started feeling jealous
Me: wow…twist in story huh?
Divya: please di ko mat batana. Pehle hi i got so angry and now i feel awkward if Di knew all this.
Me:dont worry i wont tell.
Just then shweta came back.Wow she looked like an angel with her just shampooed wet flowing hair. I was now totally confused as to who was hotter!

So we went back to usual topics for a while and then returned to our room.This time, i went on the bed first, and surprisingly divya n shweta climbed on either sidesss of the bed.So i was in the middle. I didnt think much and quickly said i was tired n they agreed.
Divya switched off the light, and in 10 minutes, shweta placed her head on my arm. So i was caressing her hair. I made sure i was quiet, and started squeezing her boobs without changing my position. just then i felt divya move so i stopped. shweta must have understood, so she went away from me to be safe.

After some time, shweta fell asleep. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Divya! I Looked at her. Even though it was dark i could make out that her eyes were open. she also made sure shweta was asleep, and gestured me to follow. Then she got up and went inside the washroom. I waited for a while to see if shweta was awake. But she was in deep sleep, so i got up n opened the washroom.

The lights were off so that shweta did’nt wake up.I entered, locked the door, and turned on the light. Divya was standing with a desperate look.I acted innocent and whispered:
What happened divu?
Divya: I could’nt control bhaiya.
Me: what?

And she threw herself at me. She hugged me really tight, and then pushed her lips at mine.She was sucking my mouth so passionately! I too encouraged her by sucking on her tongue with equal passion.
She climbed on me like a baby and locked her legs behind me. There was hardly any space between us.

I took her shirt off.She was wearing a smooth black bra. I put my face between her boobs n started enjoying them.
Her hands caressing my hair. My cock was rock hard and was poking her pussy. This continued for some time, and i realized shweta was sleeping. So i told her we should get back to bed before she finds out.

Divya: toh now u want to smooch her?
Me: aisa nahi hai. Tune usko itna daata n now tujhe aise dekhegi toh she’ll kill me.
Divya: theek Hai but I won’t get down. Mujhe aise hi le jao waha tak.

So i gave her t-shirt back, and carried her to the bed. I placed her and slept back in my place. Shweta, my first love, was still innocently sleeping. I felt bad for cheating on her. I planted a short kiss on her lips, and went to sleep. Just then my slutty little sister divya, placed her hand on my crotch.I looked at her. Her naughty smile made me forget about shweta.

I dived on to her face and the smooch session continued. We were more controlled and quieter this time. She put her hand inside my shorts and started jerking my cock.

She was definitely better than shweta at giving handjobs! She then stopped kissing me. I thought she must be sleepy but suddenly I felt a shock! She was fucking my cock. This one turned out to be sluttier than her elder sister. I could not control the pleasure. In some time I reached I reached climax. I was ejaculating while she was still sucking on my cock. It so much more satisfying than masturbating, I must have never cum so much before. She finished the professional blowjob, and went to the washroom to clean up. I too had to clean up so I went too. We came back to bed n were very tired from all the action. she have me a good night kiss and went to sleep. I again put my hand under Shweta’s head and went to sleep.

The story isn’t over yet …. There’s more to come in the next part. So let me know what you think of this one…. Have fun!!

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