Home alone with sister

Dear Readers. After reading so many erotic stories on this Kerala Erotica site, I was compelled to tell you my own experience. My name is Senthil Kumar. I am 22 yrs old. I am a sexy guy. My height is 5-5 ft with good body and big shaft. This experience happen to me last December when my wife had gone to her mothers house and I was alone at home. My sister, Reema visited us unexpectedly. She is a beautiful lady age 25. Her figure is damn sexy. When she rang the doorbell, I opened the door; she greeted me with a smile and entered the house. When she saw me, alone she asked me where her sister was, I told her that she had gone to their house only. Reema too started to go but I stopped her and told her to wait for some time and take rest. She agreed and went to the bedroom , I too followed her behind , she was wearing jeans and t shirt, I could see her tight ass and big boobs waiting to be let out of there clothes.

As she entered the bedroom I caught hold of her hand , she was surprised and started to leave her hand, but I pulled her closer to me and gave a smooch on her lips my tongue licking her tongue, she freed herself from me and asked me what was I doing. Without waiting for her response I again caught hold of her and pulled her in my arms, this time she did not resisted and came into my arms. Then slowly I put her on the bed and started kissing her, I kissed her forehead her lips, my hands were moving around her breast pressing it hardly, she was getting hot too. I removed her t-shirt, she was wearing a black bra inside, and her milky breasts were waiting to come out of the bra. I unhooked the bra from behind and those two big assets of her were on my face, I started kissing her nipples which were pink in colour like rose buds. I sucked them pressed them hard. Reema was moaning with joy and carving for more.

Then I place my hands on her jeans and unzipped it, she was wearing a black panty inside, I removed her jeans and panty and there her pussy was white showing its pink lips. I licked her pussy deep inside, my tongue was exploring every party of her pussy, and Reema she became too hot and asked me to put my cock inside her pussy. I slowly brought my cock near her pussy lips, parted it and inserted my eight inches inside her pussy lips, she shouted with excitement. I began to move deep inside her. This went on for some time. Then the moment came when I was ready to explode. I removed my cock and told Reema to take my cock in her mouth. She was happy, immediately took my whole 8 inches, and started giving me a blowjob. Within few minutes I emptied my cum in her mouth, she took every drop of my cum, I was really surprised to know how good she was at giving blowjob. We both lay down for few minutes, her hand was on my cock moving up and down, and again my cock was straight and ready for another job.

I told Reema that I wanted to fuck her ass hole. She told me that it will hurt, I assured her that it wont, I applied Vaseline on her ass hole, then I placed my cock slowly inside her ass hole, it was tight, but with few strokes it made its way inside here ass hole, I began to ride her hard, she was moaning with pleasure and told me to ride faster, after riding her for ten minutes I exploded my cum in her ass hole. After that, we both lay on the bed. I told her that her cunt and ass has given me more pleasure then her sister. She just laughed and told me that she will be ready to give me more next time. After few hours, she dressed up and left for her home. Guys and ladies reading this story pls sent comments on it at [email protected] Also, girls and ladies age 18 to 50 who wants to have sexual pleasure or chat can email me.

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