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I am Vicky from Bhubaneswar,Orissa. I am 22 years old.and my mom is 45 years old.her name is Sheela. I came across this site just a few days back. It’s a great one. Most of the people out there must be thinking it’s fake stories out here. But believe not all are fake, but some are fake. Incest is not a big deal as it is made out to be.particularly in India. As we don’t have a separate bedroom for our children’s until they are adults. Mothers think that these are our kids and they usually don’t care much and keep on changing dresses in front of us. Sleep in the same room even on the same bed.that’s how it started with me. I had seen my mom changing in front of me since childhood. But at around the age of 15 when i started getting erections i was really curious and turned on when she used to change bras by just covering her body with her saree. I used to turned on by seeing her bra.slowly i mad it a habit to notice her.my mom is just a matriculate. But she is fairly advanced and not that backward. But she always wears saree.even while sleeping at night.she is a healthy lady. Her breast size is 36 d. And has a waist of 34. And has a round ass of 40. She is a fair lady. With her hair falling upon till her waist.i got to know her breast size exactly by seeing it in her bra. She always prefers white bras. I smell them. It drives me crazy. When i was 16, i started masturbating. First i fantasized about the film actresses. Karishma kapoor the most. But soon it became boring. Then i started thinking of my school teachers those who were a bit older and married. At last my mind zeroed on my mom. And i enjoyed it a lot. At that age i use to sleep with my mom on the same bed. And my dad most of the days used to sleep in another room as he was disturbed by t.v in this room. So we always slept together on bed. My mom always slept at night with a saree, blouse and petty coat. No undergarments. When i was 18,once when i got up at night to ease myself. As the bed light was on. I saw that her pallu is misplaced and her boobs were exposed with her sleeveless blouses on. And her saree was raised until her thighs. And to my amazement the upper 2 buttons of her blouse out of 5 buttons were open. So i got a nice view of her cleavage. And her thighs were also silky and fair. Instantly, i got an erection. I couldn’t control myself. Than i slowly came back after pissing and slept very close to her. She was in deep sleep as always. I placed my face near her armpits first. They were hairy. I smelt them. The aroma was nice. I started licking slowly her hairs on the armpits. I put my hand over her breasts and my thighs upon her thighs. I was in half pants. So my bare thighs were brushing her silky thighs. And believe they were very warm pair of thighs.

Then slowly i started fondling her boobs. Then i put my mouth over her blouse and slowly kissed the nipple area.then inserted my index finger inside her blouse.wow!!!!! How soft were those… Instantly i ejaculated in my pants. Then i became quite for a while. But was not able to sleep. Then my mind went to her thighs and pussy. She does not wax her body. I was expecting the pussy to be bushy. As my thigh was in contact with her bare thigh. I slowly started moving my thigh upwards by rubbing against her thighs. This way i almost raised her saree and petticoat till her pussy.then i sat on the bed and with my hands raised her saree and petticoat till her waist. Now her thickly hairy pussy was in front of me. Her pussy was of dark brown color.i just touched the pussy slightly. And believe the area was very warm. As if a heater is placed around at that area. I was surprised at first. Then i got down from the bed and opened my pant and was masturbating there itself. I had closed my eyes and shaking my 6 inch dick vigorously. As soon as released my cum and opened my eyes i saw my mom lying on the bed and staring at me. I was shocked. And tears were rolling down my cheeks. We both were speechless for a couple of minutes. But what excited me most was she didn’t cover her pussy. She was still. Then i said “sorry mom”. She said come to me and sit near. She asked “from when you are doing this?”. I replied “it was 1st time today”. She said don’t lie. Then i said that i used to fantasize about you while i masturbated but never had seen your private parts and never tried to touch you also. And then again started crying. Then to my shock she came near me and kissed my forehead and hugged me.soon i gathered courage and kissed her on lips. She also started responding.i got over her on bed. And we were kissing passionately.i was naked.she opened the remaining buttons of her blouse. And pointing towards her nipples said “suck momma’s nipples my kid”. Oh god her boobs were heavenly. Her nipples were light brown and firm. She has a big areola nearly 4 inches in diameter.at the same time she touched my penis. And started rubbing it. Again i ejaculated in her hands. She slappped me on my ass cheeks saying “you naughty boy”. And gave a wicked smile.

Now i was lying on bed on my back and was tired a bit. She then cleaned the cum off my penis and her hands with the bed sheet.then she removed the blouse, saree and petticoat from her body and was completely naked in front of me. And lied beside me and said that u have really become a man. I have an athletic body as i am a sports person and a regular at gym.now my hands were on her buttocks. They were big and round and soft. I kissed on her ass cheek. And smelt her ass hole and touched her asshole with mu finger. She was in joy…then i moved to her pussy. It was already wet.it smelt like heaven… Driving me even more crazy.began licking the upper lips, the started sucking her clitoris. Now she had closed her eyes and gasping for breath.my finger was now inside her pussy and was in motion. Now she got up and kissed me on my lips and said to me” vicky please fuck your momma now. You have got such a huge and thick cock. Insert it in your momma’s pussy. Tear it apart my boy.make me your wife”. I was now in the 7th heaven. I replied “sure mom”. Then i raised both her legs and pushed my rod inside her cunt.first slowly. It was so tight. She was in bit of pain and also smiling. Than i began stroking her like a mad dog. And within 5-6 minutes i came all inside her. And felt upon her my head crushing her boobs, she hold me tight. We both were sweating vigorously.then my penis became tiny and i slid it out of her hole. Then after a while she cleaned my penis with the bed sheet and started sucking it. As soon as it became hard enough again we were ready for a fuck. This time in doggy style. Also she said to me call me sheela when you fuck me. I obliged and banged her this time for around 10-12 mins. That was an unforgettable night. Afterwards, she told me that my dad doesn’t fuck her since last 2-3 years as he is already 51 now. And said me that she was craving with her sexual desires. And i was godsend for her. From then on we have sex regularly sometimes with condoms and sometimes without.i am really lucky. Any girls,older ladies and housewives who wanna satisfy their sexual needs, do contact me at [email protected] Your identities will be kept a close secret. Would also love to see your feedbacks over there. And a very happy new year to all of you.

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