Glory Hole

Hi ,before starting my story, let me introduce myself, my name is jan,I belong to a middle class, I am married, having one cute daughter, of the age18 and my wife, salma. My wife salam is very cute having balance figures. our sex partnership is very unique. we have tried each and every style in our sex. I love like dogy style. and she like oral sex. i m the permanent reader of ISS,and I read every new story on this site, but I read incest more interestly ,I do not know why I like this incest. it is the reason that I was imagining such accurance in imagination, but it was impossible because, incest sex is forbidden in every society.

One day I was reading a story of father daughter sex, when suddenly my mind diverged towards my own daughter, Naseem, I nodded my head to throw out this guilty taught. for the time being this was suppressed, in the night I was very horny as my wife goes early to bed and have deep asleep. I put my hand on her clit and start sucking her boobs,she changed her side and moved her face . I continued my rubbing her clit and fast sucking her boobs, until she woke ,she smiled as this was not our sex night. she put her hand on my dick ,my dick was already in full swing ,than she kissed my swollen dick on its head.

I was sucking her erect nipples. I than moved my head down to her pussy I kissed her pussy for couple of minutes ,She was aroused when she felt my tongue on her clit.I was rubbing her clit with my tongue while she was deep throw ting my dick in her mouth I was nearly to come when suddenly the bad imagination click my mind that ,that my own daughter was sucking my dick.

I become very upset and change my position. I make salma in a dogy position she was restlessly eager to get my dick into her wet vagina, while extended her legs wide & cried out to put the dick in her wetting pussy as I could not bear any longer, while inserting my long and thick cock into the waiting pussy, she said “how do u feel”. It fell very comfortable & excited ,I replied in a moaning sound, but again this guilty feeling stunk my mind that I was ramming my own daughter I nodded my head again to throw out this entire sin, but in the meanwhile I loaded my hot cum in the wetting vagina of salma.

After discharging I was exhausted,& slept near her side, after an hour salma was again in deep sleep and was snoring, I was feeling un comparable so I come to the lawn for fresh breathing, next to my daughter room, when I took few long breaths, the satanic imagination again stuck my mind, and this time I moved toward my daughter room, when I opened the door she was sleeping ,I closed the door and returned to my own room, but suddenly I changed my way and come again her room. I opened the door again and went to her bed, she was sleeping in a straight position,

I stood with her couch, and starred on her body. I saw some round things on her chest. oh my goodness, my daughter have grown up. I slowly touched her small round orange like boobs, it was very soft and new born. the touch sensation thrilled in my whole body. i kissed her on her check, but I felt a great shame and I returned to my room and slept way.

In the morning as usual I gave money to her for school, & went to my office but this worse imagination disturbed my all routine work.
On the next day I bought a new precious naklet to her, when she wore this she was very happy, and she hugged me, during the huge my hands touché her small boobs, and with the feeling of this my dick erected in a full swing. i hugged her again and again, I was touching her form boobs and was rubbing my shift with her lower portion, but suddenly I felt the guilty as she was my own daughter, and she was calling me Daddy.

In the night I was restless and went to her room unconsciously, she was sleeping ,I tried to touch her small boobs, I put my finger on her boob to taste either she is in a deep sleeping or she is awakened, when I touched her she moved her face and it was the indication that she is not in deep sleeping, I wait for some time there and again put my hand on her boob, it was amazing for me to touch her new born boobs, I was rubbing her boobs patiently and she was long breathing, while this scene encouraged me , than I moved my hand slowly down ward, I moved her shilwar downward, and for the first time touch her pubic, these were new born also, I moved my hand further down ward and touch her clit,I rubbed it and she moved her face toward me. I frightened that I was caught red handed, but she breathed a long only, and turned her face.

She was still in deep sleeping and I was rubbing her clit with my finger smoothly, I than guided my finger to her small glory hole, it was very small and tight, it was difficult for me to enter in that, so I put some saliva on the tip of my finger and tried to enter in it, her hole was very narrow, so I put some more saliva on my finger this time due to lubrication the finger moved little in the hole, and when I pushed my finger more deep she breathed a long, I stopped it for a while, and when she become normal again I than moved my finger again more deep, this time there was no sign was on her face,

I become encouraged and make my finger little fast ,she spread her legs more widely when I moved my finger more fast I put my finger out and put down her shilwar up to knee, now she was half naked, when I put my lips on her clit, it was very small and I only touched with the tip of my tongue, I was sucking her clit when she suddenly wakened, I become more
frightened and put my head in the near blanket, she sit looked here and there and then laid down .I come quickly from her room and slept away.On the other night I again unwillingly moved to her room, it was mid night, I opened the door she was sleeping on the bed, I come close to her to see weather she is in a deep sleep, and this time she was .I put my hand on her boobs to feel her warm breathing and when I touched her small orange like boobs, there was no reaction from her which means that she was in deep sleeping, I put her Kameez slowly upward and I saw her boobs, I was rubbing these slowly and she was long breathing,

I put my lips on her boobs but these were round only and the nipples were very small I rubbed it with the head of my tongue but was unable to suck it,so I put my hand down ward, I slowly removed her shilwar, and she become naked again, I put my fore finger on her clit I rubbed it for a few minutes, I than lubricated with the saliva this time it was comfortable it took little effort to enter in the glory hole ,I was out of control ,I jerked my load on her shilwar.I come back to my room but I was restless. I do it every night, when she goes in deep sleep ,plz do write ur comments. My e.mail id is ,[email protected]

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