Full Family Incest – Part I

Hi my dear ISS fans. I am Kalavathi from Chennai. This is my real story which happened in my life. Our family is a simple family, my dad, mom, brother and me.My dad 55, mom 48, me 30 and brother 27. My dad’s has an athletic body, mom perfect 38 34 38, me 36 32 36 size. We all love each other. We are open and hide no secrets and have no privacy.My dad married my mom from other cast. So both our relatives rejected them, so they have to live their own from their marriage. Dad’s native is Palakkad in kerala and mom from Coimbatore in Tamilnadu.

So after marriage they shifted to Chennai where our dad was working. During my birth my dad only had to look after mom and me. Dad had to bath me and cradle me from the first day of my life. Dad is a horny man, he is fond of pussy, whether young or old pussy is pussy. He takes time in my pussy during bathing me. This continued till my 20th age. During bath I have tickling in my pussy and I enjoyed it very much.

So I have sometimes insisted to 2 or 3 bath. We often change to new apartments and this is also dads business (real estate). So there were no close neighbors. Nobody comes to our house.

I and my brother are mostly nude at house. Dad and mom also are nude at night. We all use the same bed. We bath in the same king size bath tub and do many sex games. When I was 12 my breast began to grow and dad fondle my breast and suck my tiny nipples.

My dad and mom taught me not to tell anything happening between us to anyone. So I did not tell anything even my best friends in school. On the other hand mom used to bath my brother and do the all funny thing with him as daddy. She always fondles or sucks his cock. While feeding, she fondles his cock and tiny balls while he sucks milk. She did not stop feeding us even though we are grown and even now she has little milk in her pots. In my 14th age I had my puberty. Dad cared me much. He changes my napkins and cleans my pussy.

Three months passed to regular periods. On the 90th day of my puberty mom arranged a function. I was decorated as a bride an delicious food are prepared and made some poojas by a priest. After the poojas ended my costume was changed and I was seated in a chair in the hall. There was sandal paste, kumkum and akshada before me. It was blessing time and all my family members came to me. Dad first came to me and applied sandal paste on my chin, boobs and pussy. Then mom and mother did the same.

I was like an idol of goddess. I was let with the sandal paste till night. It was my first night our bedroom was decorated with jasmine buds and bed spread with rose petals. My dad was waiting for me in bed; I was send in with a glass of milk like a bride. Mom told me instructions and I followed. I handed the milk to dad and I bend to his feet to get blessing. He took me holding my shoulder; he made me sit on his lap and fed milk from the glass. I fed him half glass to him. Mom came to the room and asked dad to start. Dad fondled my breast and started to suck the nipples.

My boobs were 32 at that time and nipple like marbles. Mom took Vaseline and applied to my pussy. She bend to dads thigh and took his cock in her mouth and began to suck it. Then she applied Vaseline to dads cock and made me lie on the cot. Dad sucked my pussy and mom fondled my nipples. I was in high ecstasy and my first orgasm came and lot of juice flowed through my pussy. Dad drank all my cum and spread my legs as much he can. Mom took his cock in her hand and slowly guided it to my pussy.

Dad pushed his cock into my pussy. I had much pain and began to cry. Mom kept her mouth on my mouth. He pushed a final stroke strongly it tore my hymen. Blood started to flow like flood and the bed sheet was drenched full of blood. My mom and dad where clapping their hands.Thus my first night with dad started. Then me and dad used to sleep in one bed room, brother and mom use the other bed room. My brother was 11 at that time mom regularly feed him milk and she suck his tiny cock.

Dad used to fuck me daily till my brother attained 16. On his 16th birthday there was a celebration in our house as my puberty function. The function started at 8 pm. he was decorated by jasmine garlands and his cock was covered by a silver foil filled with jam.My mom opened the silver foil and all clapped. Dad called me to the other room and made me sit inside a trolley suitcase. And tied the suitcase with a golden ribbon. He pulled the suitcase to the hall where my brother sitting.

Mom and dad handed over the suitcase to brother and asked to go to his (moms) bed room. He pulled the trolley and went in the room. My brother unwinds the ribbon. He opened the zip of the suitcase and surprised to see me naked. By that time mom and dad entered the room clapping. They said brother that she is our gift for you. My mom bend down and kissed his cock, dad kissed my pussy. Then my mom guided to the bed.

Dad pulled his cock and brought him to the bed. Mom made my brother lie on his back. His tool was in 90degree dad lifted me and sat me on his tool. I ride him like a horse and his first cum filled my womb. But that was for a single day. Next day my dad took me to his room and mom took brother to their room. This continued till I found my lover in my office. The next incident will be continued soon, please send valuable comments [email protected] In next episode I will explain with my hubby, dad and brother.

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