Fucked My Sister after Blackmailing

My name is Raj from Hyderabad, my sister Manju is 18 years elder to me, we are 7 brother and sisters, she is third, and married having 2 children who are 7 and 5 years old. This is when my brotherinlaw started to have sex with one of his tenent. My brother in law comes from a rich family his parents are dead and he had a big house , where there were 3 tenents, two family of three, and another bachalor ,a student from near by town who was in last year of his college. To cut story short, my sister caught her husband fucking one of the tenents wife and things became bad between them.

One day at about 12.30 PM in noon when the entire house was silent with every one gone to work or school, my sister went out in to the open yard of house in front of the room of the bachlor guy his name was Ramu, she swa his door open and called him asking him why he had not gone to colege, he informed that it was day off at college so he was at home, he invited her into his room.

Inside the room my sister saw it was totaly disorganised, dirty cloths lying around and books every where, she said,

Ramu why dont you clean your room”

Aunty I don’t have time, Aunty do you want some tea,

my sister said Ok

Ramu went into kitchen to prepare tea, while my sister started arranging the room, she picked up the cloths, she found a soiled underwear, it had patches of semen, she smelled it and got hot, she rubbed it and held it in had, under the bed she found porn books, like Rasvanti.

She sat on the bed and started reading the book, her cunt started leaking. Ramu came with tea and saw my sister reading the porn book, “aunty what are you reading, he kept the tea on table and tried to take the book out of her hand, but she said with a smile, “so you read this book and masturbate, ” Ramu sadi what to do aunty I get bored , Manju asked don’t you have girl friends, he said no, then she laughed and said masturbating will make you weak, you shoould find a women , he said , where will I find a women, she said try you will find one.

Ramu who was wearing a lungi started rubbing his cock, and looked at my sister and smiled , he came near her and asked will you let me fuck you, she smiled and said ,so you want to fuck me , because i asked you to find a women. Ramu kept his hand on her shoulder and said please aunty. she said Ok go and close the door first. Ramu ran and closed the door of the room and when he came back my sister was on lying on the bed.

Let me tell you about my sister, she was that time 37 years old, 5 feet six inches tall , 36 DD size breast, wheatish color big buttocks and thich thighs, she was average looking but very sexy, with lots of folds on her waist, her buttocks were best part of body after her breasts.

Ramu came and looked at her lying on bed , with the saree removed from her breasts, Ramu sat besides her and kept his hand on her breasts and pressed them, Manju sighed, and kept her hand on his thigh.

Ramu was not wearing any underwear and the cock was getting erect, Ramu pushed his hand in her blouse and bra and pressed the breasts hard, and kissed her lips and pulled the saree and pushed his hand under her petticoat and started rubbing her cunt, he pushed his finger in to cunt which was wet with her juice, then both of them got naked and my sister started kissing Ramu’s cock and sucking it, Ramu started moaning, and then sudddenly started hooting his juice in my sisters mouth. After resting for some time , my sister started rubbing his cock getting it hard , and then they fucked lying in missionary position, kissing each other and pressing the breasts. this was the begning of a long relation between Ramu and my sister.

My story starts here after, one day i went to my sisters home in noon and not finding her in her house went out searching, and heard the sounds from Ramu’s room, and peeped inside, to my amazement I found Ramu fucking my sister and then , they started sucking each other in 69 position, finally Ramu and my sister ejaculated and lay on each other.I called her name asking wether she was there.She did not answer.

I went back to my sisters home and sat waiting for her, ag=fter half an hour my sister came in , and asked me as to when I came I told her about 45 minutes back, and asked her where she had been, she said could not answer and was worried, I said i know where you were and what you were doing with Ramu, she started weeping and begging , dont tell any one about this , I said why do you do this, she kept crying , and came near me and kept her head on my shoulder saying you will not understand, I could feel her breasts on my chest as she leaned on me, weeping , I started getting a hard erection and could feel the heat of her body as she had come just after few minutes of getting fucked.

I put my hand under her armpit and held her, I sid what will happen if I tell this to our father, she started weeping loudly and begged me not to do so, and that she would not do this again, and will do whatever I wanted.

this gave me the idea to fuck her, so I said I will keep quite if you give me what I want, she said OK. I slowly pressed her swell of her breasts from side and pulled her more close to me, she could feel the pressure of my hand on her breasts and I think she understood what I wanted, she looked at my face, i then planted a kiss on her lips, she was shocked and pulled away, and said what are you doing, I said i want to fuck you, if you don;t allow me I will tell every body, she said it is sin, I said i don;t care I want to fuck you now, saying this i grabbed breasts and kissed her hard, she ressisted for some time but when I threatend her again, she yielded, and kept qite as i pressed ber boobs and pushed my hand inside her bra, then removed her blouse and bra and started squeezing the tits hard, now she was enjoying the sex.

Then she said wait let me remove my saree, and then she pulled her saree and petticoat. i removed my pant and shirt and both of were naked, i spread her thighs and kissed her cunt, she shivered and then pulled my head to her cunt asking me to suck hard.after sucking her cunt for some time I gave her my 7 inch long and three inches thich cock to suck, she said youu have a very big cock, and started sucking it taking it deep in her throat , she licked the glans and the shaft of the cock and then spit on it and sucked it some more. I told her that I wanted to fuck her now.

She lay on the bed with her thighs held high and wide, I sat between her thighs and kept the cock head on the mouth of her cunt and rubbed the clitoris for few minutes, she could not wait any more so she pulled my buttock in to her cunt thus pushing my cock deep into her, i then started pumping her cunt with long deep strokes,and after 15 minutes she started screeming that she was about to cum with this I also started to shoot my cock juice into her cunt, pushing my cock deep into her womb, planting my seeds.

I then dropped on her breasts and she kissed me deep and said it was best fuck she ever had. I continued fucking her for more than one year.

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