Fucked my MIL – 2

I am regular visitor of ISS and loved the experiences of many males/females. I would like to tell a real incident of mine with my mother-in-law (mil). The incident goes like this; I am born & brought up in Hyd. and got married to a girl, swathi, who is also born & brought up in Hyd. We got married recently My wife is very sexy with 36d boobs and well figured body and working in MNC and I am working in Bank,My wife has night shift most of the time and mine being bank i have day shift,we have flat with three bedroom. Every thing was normal for first few years. We normally used to visit my in-laws at vasai during weekends. we visited my in-laws on a Saturday and were to spend the night there and return on Sunday evening. Suddenly I felt a changed behavior in my mil. My mil is aged 41 years she is damn sexy with nice 44 d boobs, very slim and flat stomach and a nice kundi. She literally looks like anchor Vrudhaya banu as if like a clone to her!. She always wears a deep neck blouse with hardly 4 hooks showing a very huge neck line. Her blouse is always so tight that the boobs start plunging out from the top of the blouse showing a huge cleavage. She also wears the saree very much below the navel button leaving a huge space between the blouse and stomach. It is worn just above her pussy and butt line is sometimes visible. Previously I never used to think of anything until then. One fine day, a saturday, as usual I reached her house at 3. 00 p. M. And rang the door bell. My mil opened the door with her hair fully open and the saree tilted and in a crushed position as she has this habit of sleeping in the after noon after lunch. She was wearing an off white color blouse and a keralian type kasav sari. I was left a gape by seeing here huge boobs bulging out of the blouse with a couple of hooks open and saree very much below the navel button (just above her pussy).

My cock throbbed to 90 degrees. I have a nice 8” thick cock which my wife always praises about. She welcomed me in and went to kitchen and brought a glass of water for me. I had it and went to bedroom and to change my dress. My mil followed me and took a lungi from cupboard. She knelt down to fetch a lungi which was kept at the bottom of the cupboard. Once again I saw her bulging boobs of which only the nipples were inside and the entire boobs were outside. I slowly brushed my cock to her right butt which she realized. I took the tho (towel) and went for a bath. My mil also has the habit of taking bath in the evenings. I finished my bath and had only the lungi with no shirt and came and sat on the sofa. My mil asked me whether I would like to have the tea now or she can serve it after her bath. I said either way is okay. By this time she had removed her saree and was only in pavada and blouse with no panty inside. My mil never wears a panty. She brought the tea and placed it on the teepoy. I became mad like anything and my erect cock was clearly visible over the lungi which she saw and smiled a bit. She applied coconut oil to her hair and whole body by putting her hands inside the boobs and oiled it nicely. Her body was glowing which aroused me further. After drinking tea, I went to kitchen to keep the cup. Here again I brushed my mil’s butt with my erect cock. Suddenly she caught hold of my hand and told that she was watching me every minute from the moment I came home and peeping on her boobs and butt. She asked whether I liked her huge tight tits. I was stunned. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy over the pavada. It was really hot. I embraced her and started kissing her on her neck, ears and lips. She was biting my lips. Her one hand went down into my lungi and started pressing my cock over the underwear. I started squeezing her boobs and tore the blouse. She was not wearing a bra.

Her bare boobs were so erect that the brown nipples were standing straight. I started licking and sucking here boobs which she was pushing into my mouth. By this time I untied here pavada and was squeezing here tight round kundi. She took me to bedroom and told that we will play for a long time and neither of us should cum. As my father in law had gone to home town and wife normally comes late by 8 or 8. 30 p. M in the evening, we had ample time for a good fuck. My mil told that the best activity in sex she loved was to suck cock and get her pussy eaten by an expert. She sat on the bed and I was standing in front of her with my cock straight in front of her mouth. She started caressing my cock and went on her knees and started licking and sucking my balls. Then she started sucking my cock by taking it totally into her mouth till the end of the cock. She was an expert sucker and told me that my fil’s cock was hardly 4” with less thickness and that he was not an expert sucker due to which she was very horny. She also told that whenever she used to get horny she used to put carrot or something of thick sort and masturbate. After a good suck she told me kneel to the bed and came behind me. She now started licking my kundi (ass hole) and started inserting her tongue into it shaking my cock with her hand. This lasted for another ten minutes. Then she lied on her back in the bed and opened her thighs. She had become very hot and in a horny voice she told “vada marumakane, vannettu ende pooru thinno). I immediately knelt between here thighs and put my two fingers in her pussy and opened it. She moaned and started pushing up. I put my tongue inside and started teasing here clit. She started murmuring, kadikyada valikyane.

I put my entire tongue inside and started sucking and eating her pussy like a hungry dog. I ate her pussy for almost half an hour. Her water was oozing so much that my entire cheek, nose and lips was totally wet. She desired that we fuck in positions that we see in x rated films. I immediately took the stool which was kept aside and sat on it with my cock totally erect and told her to come in between and sit on my cock and insert it in the love pot. She obeyed and inserted it fully and started moving up and down. She became so aroused that she started scratching my hair and jumping like a whore. After a stool fuck I made her stand with her hands on the window grill with one leg lifted and kept on sofa and a bit knelt down. Then from behind I fucked her holding her boobs. She was yelling “ valikyane adiyada, mula umtha da” aaahh andha undiyenda ninde”. I started fucking violently and she came. She told not to put the semen on her pussy and that she wants to drink it. I started her pumping for another ten minutes and when I was about to cum I took my cock out and gave her to suck which she sucked vigorously and I came with a blast. She sucked and drank my cum not wasting even a single drop. She sucked me dry and we both lay in the bed side by side with me fondling her breasts. After some time she started caressing my cock as she again became hot. This time she wanted to fuck her ass hole and bent before me. As my cock is long and thick it was not going inside. For this I licked her ass hold and lubricated it with my saliva and then pushed my cock inside her. She moaned and started pushing the butt back and forth to accommodate my cock fully inside her. I started fucking her roughly and just when I was about to cum I gave it to her mouth and she tasted my cum for the second time. We had one more session of good fuck and finally both had bath together and got settled down before my wife came. After that day we had

sex many times in my house which is three bedroom flat , I love her,my id is [email protected],plz keep in touch for free and secure sex

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