Fucked My Aunt’s Second Daughter

By : Sandy

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Hey guys I am back with another story, first of all thanks for your comments and feedback on my last story “Got a girl with the help of my friend’s girl” in virgin category. I would like to introduce myself to new readers, my name sandy, height 6ft, wheatish complexion, completed b,com 4th sem, living in Karnataka, I always keep the condoms in my wallet. As I told you all in last story that my parents stay in Bangalore.

I am staying in Bijapur for my education sake, and the main thing is that because of my friends, I lived here itself from my childhood, hence all my friends so I used to stay here only, after exams I was having holidays so I used to spend days like roaming with friends and all, my parents used to call twice a week, one Sunday my mom called me at evening asked about my health and all afterwards she told me however you are having holidays now then visit pune for few days as its been so long and you will feel some change,

I thought for a while and said ok then ended the call, in pune my aunt is there itself and I thought to leave tomorrow, and after I called my aunt and talked for a while and informed her that I am coming to pune tomorrow, she was very happy and then we ended the call, I packed the luggage and all and everything was set, then I called bus-stand enquiry section and asked for the bus to pune they said that there is a bus and its departure is at 7 am. I slept early cuz I must wake up early.

At morning I got ready and left to bus-stand and the bus was standing and I went into the bus and took my seat, within no time the bus started and drove towards pune, I reached pune around 3 pm and went to home around 3:30 pm and my greeted me happily as she was alone that time in house, I went in and become fresh and my aunt called me for lunch, after lunch and all me and aunt were chatting about casual things,

I asked her about uncle and her daughter, its time to express about her daughter; she is just one year younger than me. She has brown eyes, long hair, and height 5ft 2inches. Body complexion fair, this everything was before 5 years, but now I was not knowing because I wasn’t seen her from last 5 years, I was very eager to see her that how she looks and all, it was around 5 I heard the sound of her vehicle, within no time she came in and she was surprised to see me,

She came and sat beside facing me, we talked for a while and said she will change the dress and come down, wen she went in front of me I saw her whole body from up to down till her toes, now she was totally a matured girl with cute face and the same long hair, and with round cupped boobs with gentle firmness, and her cute sexy ass, she was totally changed girl in these 5 years, when we were in school days we always used to quarrel each others when my aunt use to visit our place in vacations, I was thinking about her only then she called my name and told me to come upstairs.

I went upstairs she called me in her room, when I entered her room she was wearing the night dresses and she showed her room and all her hobbies and her friends pics in her album, after we were talking about our studies and past days of our life, then we heard the aunt’s voice, she called us both to have coffee,

We went down and took coffee and sat in garden, by the way they are having a big garden in their house, it was around 6:30, aunt said her to take out for some while, she agreed and told me to get ready, I got ready in 15mins and came down, she also come in 5 mins, she was wearing skyblue top and jeans, she took her vehicle out and told me to sit, then we drove a long ride over the ring road, we were going slow and talking each other,

I told her to take me some silent place, she took me to some place, it was a slope road and a sitting chairs at the side of the road, we went towards a chair which was empty and sat there talking both of us, she was telling about her college and all, in between she asked me frankly if I am having girlfriend I said no and asked the same question to her she said ya but not now, she told that she did breakup with him,

I asked the reason, she told that he was demanding for the thing which should not be done before marriage, I understood that he was demanding for the sex, told her that she did the right thing and appreciated her, like this the topic of the affairs went on for sometime. After I saw the time it was 9:40 pm I said her that we must leave now because it late and aunt will be waiting for us, she said yes and we drove back to home,

We reached home after 20 mins and then both of us sat on sofa aunt called us for dinner, we sat on dining and then uncle came they also joined us, after dinner uncle said that he will sleep because he was very tired today then we went upstairs, we 3 were watching TV, we kept watching TV till 11, and aunt said us to sleep and switched off the TV, we both went upstairs, I was said to sleep in guest room which was on the top floor,

I went there and took my laptop out from the bag and turned it on, then I changed the dress, I was working on my laptop then I heard the door knock, I opened the door, it was madhu only she came in and sat beside me and asked me that what I am doing, I said nothing just planned to watch movie, and then I asked why she didn’t slept till now, she told that she was not feeling sleepy so she came,

I felt urge so I went to toilet and came out, while locking the toilet door suddenly I heard the sound of moaning girl in blue film, then I come to know that she had opened the xxx movie, she suddenly closed the player, wen I came in room I told her that she could have minimize the volume, she said that she wasn’t knowing those are the bf’s, I was having the porn collection around 45GB in my lap that time,

I remembered that I didn’t lock the drive when I opened it last time, she asked me shockingly that “you have 45GB porn collection? I told her lie that the hard drive is not mine it’s my friend’s drive, then she said “so you also watch the blue films huh? I said “not always but some times” then she gave me laptop in my hand then I came back to desktop and locked the drive, I asked her if she wants to watch the movie, she said that she would love to watch the movie,

I opened the movies folder and asked her that which movie would she like to see, she selected the inception movie from the folder, I played the movie and we started watching the movie, after above 30mins she said it is boring her, I closed the player and told her to choose another one, she said rest of them have she sawed, I asked her jokingly “then which would you like to see? Those bluefilms?

She laughed, to check her response I told to watch those movies if she want and gave the lap in her hand, she said “lets see, if they are too dirty then we will close them” I was wondered to her response, she asked me password I told the password of the drive, she opened it and played the movie from the Indian folder it was the Indian couple having sex in hotel, I asked her “are you interested in watching these kind of movies” she said “ no I never watch the movies like these.

I asked her “did you have sex with anyone? She turned her face towards me and nodded her head as no, she asked “did you ever? I said “no yaar I am still a virgin” she smiled and continued the watching, I was also watching the movie, my prick was totally rock hard and I was feeling uncomfortable, and I was losing my control I thought to ask her for sex, and then felt what if she tells to aunt so I thought of trying to seduce her, she was deeply watching the movie,

I saw her boobs, erected nipple was visible lightly, I sat little bit close sticking to her, then after 2mins I placed my hand over neck, she turned her face towards me and asked “irada kya hai tera..? I said nothing like that I was feeling uncomfortable so” then again she kept watching the movie, after some mins she said “you had kept such a big porn collection and you are telling that you didn’t have sex with anyone, how is it possible?

I said no yar, really I didn’t had it with anyone but feels to have with some girl she saw me with smile, then I also asked her “you’re also getting so hot by watching this then how is it possible that you didn’t had sex” she also said “no i never had sex, and asked where I am getting hot? I told “see your nipples they are fully erected” she saw them and covered both of them by placing hands, I smiled,

I knew that she was fully hot by now and after some while I asked her directly “shall we have sex..? She turned her face towards me and didn’t said a single word, I come to know she is ready, I started convincing her telling that you are also hot now and its nothing wrong in having sex in between both of us, nowadays it has been common that sisters and brothers having sex, I can see you are waiting for sex right now, I was seeing a glow on her face,

I told her to check aunt and uncle if they are sleeping, she didn’t moved but she was giving me a positive sign, I tool the lap from her and took her to door holding her shoulders and told her to checkout if they are sleeping, she went downstairs and soon she came up and said “hmmm” by that time I was turned off the lap and saw the time, it was around 12:40 am, I told her to switch off the tubelight and turn on the zero bulb, she did it,

I told her to come on the bed, she came and sat on bed, I asked her “will you start or I should start ? She nodded her towards me signing that I should start, I moved closed to her and held her face in my hands, I moved my face to her face to kiss her lips, she closed her eyes, I kept kissing her for a while and we entered our tongue and we were kissing passionately, after some time we broke our kiss and saw each other,

I made her lye on bed and moved my hands on her boobs, I started opening the buttons of her dress and opened it, I saw the branded light grey coloured bra, I moved my face towards her body and smelled, the smell was so fantastic but I cant explain it from words, and then I started pressing boobs, she was closing her eyes in pleasure, after a while i lifted her body little and unhooked the bra, then took the bra off,

I saw her boobs and felt that these are the perfect boobs which I am seeing first time in my life, those were the perfect boobs with brown erected nipple, then I started pressing them and circled the nipples with my fingers, after a while I took my face towards her boobs and took the left boob in mouth, she held my head tightly with her hands, I started sucking the left boob and pressing the right boom, she was caressing my hairs in pleasure, after somewhile I moved down to her lower part,

I held the elastic of her night pant and slowly pulled it down, I was clearly seeing the black panty, then I fully took off her night pant and saw her pussy part, it was wet wit the precum, I smelled her lower part and held her panty to pull it down, she hold my hand nodding her head as saying no, I signed her as everything will be fine, and lowered her panty then took it off,

I saw her pussy, it was clean shaved pussy, not a single pubic hair on it, it looked quiet preety for me that time, I moved my fingers over her pussy, and inserted one finger, she hold my hand and said me to slow down, I moved my finger in and out then I saw the pain in her expression, then I come to know that she was a virgin, then I took out my finger and made her legs wide and moved my face towards her pussy,

I once licked it with strong lick, she jerked and took a long breath, I started licking her pussy she held my head in between her legs, after sometime she reached orgasm, then I told her to undress me, she got up and she took off my shirt , pant and inner wears, then she was surprised seeing my 7 inch cock, because she was seeing first time in her life, I told her to suck it she first kissed and slowly started sucking it,

I was feeling so wonderful, then I also cummed in her mouth and she drank all my cum without saying a single word, then I told her to lye on the bed and went in between her legs she asked me the condoms, for my bad luck I wasn’t having condoms with me that time, I thought for a while and decided to fuck her without condoms and to give her contraceptive pills tomorrow, I told that I will give her pills tomorrow and there is nothing to worry,

She said ok and I told her “it will pain her as you are a virgin girl” she said “I knew that but you enter it slowly” I held my penis and positioned it on her pussy hole and laid on her, I knew that she would scream, I tried to enter she was making noises, I locked her with the kiss and with force I pushed it in, she jerked and tried to push me away, but I was hold her tightly, when I was fully entered in her

I saw her she was crying and little blood came as her hymen was torn, I laid on the same position on her for sometime and wen I saw that she was recovering from the pain I slowly started pumping after some time there was no pain then I started moving with some speed, she started moaning like ahahahah ah! I saw her she was closing her eyes and enjoying in ecstasy then I increased my speed and I felt I am cumming, then I shot all my cum in her pussy, and laid on her for sometime and laid beside her,

I asked her that how did she felt, she said that she never had this type of pleasure in her life, and hugged me, I saw the time and it was around 2:15am she said she will come again tomorrow night, then she got dressed and went downstairs to her room. The day I fucked I gave her the pills and next time I enjoyed her with condoms. Then next day she promised me that she will let me to fuck til her end even after if she got married and goes to her husband house. We had sex till I was there in pune but now we only have sex chat as there is no another way. Guys really need your response. For your comments and feedback mail me on [email protected]

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