First Time With My Mother

By : Sramik

Hi,my name is sramik(24),let me have my introduction first.iam a btech final year student in Hyderabad osmania university campus, and was the only son to my parents rani(41) and anil(46) we live in Vijayawada and my dad is Andhra bank manager ,I came to Hyderabad 3years back to pursue my graduation(btech)as I got good rank in eamcet and for 3 years I lived in the campus hostel but due to some regional discriminates(telangana issue) my dad made me to leave the hostel and made me to live in a flat with my mom staying with me,and my grandmother is there with my dad to cook. and I want to tell my story just happened and was happening from six months,i was an innocent guy from first

but at my btech 2nd year I started masturbating and seeing porn videos,but on one day in my final year I got a throbbing pain in my penis,as I can’t say to my mom about that I controlled for some time,but within a short time it increased and I said to my mom, then she immediately called the watchmen to bring an auto me and my mom went to hospital, then the doctor gave a painkiller then checked the condition and after a while doctor talked to me

and my mom and said that there is some extra skin on his penis which joins penis and testis, that usually gets detached during teenage when they masturbate ,as I think he didn’t masturbate at that age so it was not detached, and now he was masturbating so it is paining,

then I asked the doctor what will be the solution he said just I can give u painkillers nothing more than that, then I said how the problem will be solve permanantly,he replied that u should have sex with a lady then automatically it will be detached, but my mom asked what for operation if we do, then doctor said that it is too delicate that that would lead to further problems, after we took the prescription and went home again. Then on the next day in the afternoon I got pain again and we went to hospital again but no use doctor said the same thing again have sex with anybody. Then we went home again mom didn’t talk anything but later in the night

I got pain again, there I took the tablet and my mom was talking to me go sramik go out and what doctor had said, but I said with whom, mom said with any of your girlfriend then I said I don’t have girlfriends mom. Then she said how will u solve the problem,i said I don’t know, she said then go to any of the brothel house and do it,

i said I can’t mom I will get aids, she said choose any solution fast ok iam getting sleep I will go beta I said the midnight I got a severe pain again and I shouted,mom came to my room and said don’t worry beta ull getwell soon,she too cried for sometime and asked what u will do now I said I don’t know mom,she said go out and do something beta,i said whee,she said or masturbate hardly,i said I cant mom it was paining. Then she thought for sometime and then said will u do with me beta,i said what mom, then she replied we don’t have any other chance.

i said how can I do that mom,she said forget that iam ur mom and I will do the same and we will do it.after a while I said ok mom. Then said come to my room when I call u,i said ok.she went to her room and changed her dress to a nighty,and called me,i went to her room and stood in front of her,she said come on remove ur dress,i was in shy to remove my dress but she said don’t be shy,

I removed my dress and stood naked before her,she too removed her drawer and slept on the bed on her back, she said come on while she was lifting her nighty up,by seeing her hairy swollen pussy my cock erected to 90 degrees and went near her.and slowly inserted my dick into her pussy it was so tight that at first only half of my cock went inside then I asked my mom it was not going completely inside then she said it will be like that only and said go inside slowly

then I went completely then she shouted for a while and said fuck me slowly that it was so tight, after some time then go on,i said ok and gave small strokes, then shortly I increased my rhythm and fucked her fastly,a beautiful sound came between us.

Meanwhile the edges of my moms nighty scrubbing me I said to her about that then she asked what I should do,i said remove ur nighty mom, then my mom looked at me in a hesitating way and removed her nighty,now she was just in her bra ,I fuked her then again with lot of force. The sounding during our fuck was great

and I even heard the small moans of my mom and I can feel some sought of liquids coming from her pussy then slowly I kept my hands on her boobs and started pressing them slowly she did not said anything,and while fucking her

I took the advantage and slowly removed her bra,and during the time I am getting the cum I leaned on my mom breast by shouting and kissed her lips,then also she did not said anything and this completed my first sex experience my mother and even after my problem was solved I am having sex with my mom by pleading her.

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