First Time With My Aunt Akhilapriya

Hello guys and girls!!
I’m Hemanth from Chennai. I’m studying in a reputed college here and stays in hostel.I’m 5’10 height and have a good body(not 6 pack :p ).The main person in this story is my aunt.She is the wife of my mama(moms brother). Her name is Akhila Priya. I still remember the day of her wedding. Right from the moment I saw her, I was attracted to her.I was a child at that age. Later when I in 8 th standard, I was exposed to porn and started masturbating.Initially I used to imagine of my school girls and my sexy teachers.

And then I started imagining about my aunt and the feeling was so good.She has a great body.I like her ass so much.I imagined of eating her pussy, she giving me a blowjob, fucking her cunt and ass etc,and it became a routine of imagining her.4 years were gone and I joined my engineering college in Chennai.After my first year, my uncle was transferred to Chennai.

During one Pongal vacation, my parents asked to visit home.But I was having some mini project to be done and need to be completed.They were okay with it because I brought the topic of studies.Then my father asked to visit my uncle’s house in Chennai at least on the day of the festival and I said okay.

The day was approaching and I was planning to go to their house in the evening one day before the festival.I packed my bag and started to their house.By the time I reached there, it was 5’o clock.I went and rang the bell.My aunt opened the door.She was in a purple nighty.I was seeing her after a long time.So I hugged her(intentionally).She did not feel bad and hugged me back.I went inside and had a face wash, came and sat on the couch.She came and sat opposite to me and we were chatting about different things.Then, I asked about uncle.She said that he will come by 8’o clock and then I was trying to take a news paper from the table and accidentally my hand hit the water glass on the table. She said that’s okay and came with a cloth to clean the floor.

She bent to clean the water and guess what I had a nice show of her boobs.She was not wearing any bra inside.I was totally hard by seeing that.

She: what do you want coffee or tea?
Me: I said tea

She started walking towards the kitchen and I was constantly looking at her ass.As I told earlier, she has a nice ass to die for(I don’t know her measurements even today).I was not able to control and started walking towards the kitchen.

She: What hemanth?What do you want?
Me: I was not able to sit there alone.So came here.
She was facing the kitchen table and I was at her back.She was talking something but I was not in a mood to listen.I don’t know how it happened; I went forward, hugged from the back and was pointing my dick at her ass.She was shocked for a moment and was not able to talk.Then I suddenly turned her and kissed her on her lips.She pushed me and asked “Hemanth! what are doing? are you mad?I’m your aunt”….blah blah blah… even before she stopped scolding me, again I kissed her on lips.She was resisting again but this time I held her tightly with one hand and pressing her boobs with another hand.
Then slowly I released her and then she was saying “Please don’t do this.It will be a problem if anyone comes to know.”

I assured her saying”No one will come to know this. I have a huge crush on you.Today I cant stop controlling” and again I kissed her and pressing her boobs simultaneously.Her resistance reduced and she started kissing me back.I asked, “Shall we go to the bedroom?”

She did not speak anything.She held her head low and nodded yes.I lifted her in my hands and took her to the master bedroom. I laid her on the bed, closed the main door and came back.It was already 6’o clock.So I have two more hours before uncle comes.

I went inside and took her in my arms and kissed as if there is no tomorrow.

I was massaging her pussy over the clothes.She said she can’t control anymore.First I removed my shorts and T-shirt and then removed her nighty. As I said before she did not have any bra, and I was surprised to see no panty also.She tried to hold my dick.But I stopped her and said “No.First I want to taste your pussy.Only then I will give my dick.”I went on knees and saw her pussy for the first time.It was little bushy but nice.I was licking her pussy like a hungry animal.She was moaning like hell.After about 5 minutes she had her orgasm.She said, “Now it’s my turn” and took my cock in her hand and started shagging.I asked her to give me a blowjob.She readily accepted and started giving me a blowjob.I was in a trans.

All my fantasies are coming true.After some time I had a huge load in her mouth.She drank it and cleaned it with her tongue.I then started to fondle her boobs and suck them.She was moaning heavily.I can’t stop now and made her lay on the bed and entered her in missionary.Wow, I lost my virginity to my own aunt and I feeling awesome.I fucked her really hard without any mercy.The whole room was filled with her moaning and the “thap..thap..thap..” sounds.I was about to cum and asked her where to cum.She told me to cum inside as she is in safe days.I increased my speed and emptied inside her.I was feeling like I have emptied the whole load in my testicles inside her and both of us were panting for breath.I laid on her and was sucking her boobs like a kid.

By now time was 7:15 and she said that her husband may come in half an hour.She asked me to join the shower along with her and I went in.We again had a quickie in the shower, came out and wore our clothes.The whole room was a mess.We both cleaned the room and went to the hall and was having romance on the couch.Around 8:15 we heard the car sound of my uncle and we stopped it.

Next day as my uncle was in the home, I was not able to fuck her.But after few days, she called me and said that uncle is going to Bangalore for some meeting for 3 days.And those 3 days can’t be forgotten in my life because there’s another lady involved in this.I will post about it in the coming days.

Hope you guys were jerking and gals fingering :):p

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