First Experience With Step Mom

Hello!!! This is SOMU with a very erotic story of my own experience with my Step Mom! Yes My own step Mom….The Day when I first look her on my fathers wedding after the sepration of my parents, I decided to fuck her and always looking to get a chance to fuck her as she was very attractive with huge boobs and huge bt nice round ass and white body like milk…Finaly the day come and I fucked her and fulfill my all wishes. It was going to be my birthday on 3rd of November. Nearly 5 days ago she asked me that what did I want on my 18th birthday. I thought that it was the perfect time to perpose her sex as I know that my father was not ablt to fulfill her sexual needs. I asked her that I need a kiss on my birthday.She looked at me for some time and then said no problem I will give you a kiss as I always do ( On checks ). I said that I am a grown up now and want an adult kiss from you. She hesitated for some time and then said ok I will give you but only one time! Only one time! MY GOD!!!! I can’t believe on my ears that she had said this and that night I only saw dreams that I am fucking her and fucking her…. Next Morning when I came into kitchen I saw her in her nighty which was not usual.She looked at me and smiled with a sexual impression. I remind her about her gif that she was going to give me on my birthday. I asked her that why should we do practice for that kiss now. She said ok and I got excited. I remember that time when my lips touched her’s and ohhhhhhh I was fully ericted and want to fuck her that time. First time she kissed me with her lips closed tight. I asked her to lose her lips and then kiss. This time she open her lips a little bit and I kissed her. Suddenly she stoped and said” That is enough for today”. It means tha she want this again tomorrow…. Then I went to bath room and eject my sperms remembring the kissing time few minutes ago with her.

Later that night when I was watching wreslting on tv she came down stairs and asked me ” Abi Tak Soey Nahe tum?? ” and I replied that it is nearly going to end of this show.She sit there with me and started watching TV also. Suddenly I feel her hands wondring around my neck. I looked at her and asked her! ” Kya dobara kiss practice karain “??? She said ok and we started kissing each other like crazy. This time we are french kissing each other. We continued kissing for nearly 15 minutes then we take a rest and she said ” Chalo ab soo jao Lover Boy “.For contineous 4 nights we kissed and do some other sexual jobs like musterbathing, tit squezing etc. Finally that day come and it is 3rd of November.The day when I got my best ever birthdat gift. It was a big party at our house I oftenly remind her that she should have to complete her promise.The party remain till 10:30 late at night.. After the party ended I feel a little headace. So I take some aspirine and went to my room to take some rest!! After few minutes my brother came to my room and told me tha they have planed to watch a movie and do some outing tonight.. I told him that I am not feeling wel so I will not be able to go with them. After some time when I came down I saw that She was down there and not gone with my family. I came down and demand her for my birthday gift.. She smiled and asked me to sit on Couch and told me that she will come after a minute. I switched on the TV and start watching it. I heard her coming down and I turned off the TV. I turned arround and saw that she was in olive green Braw and Pantie and coming down smiling towards me. She sit beside me and asked me and said that ” Main janti hoon k tumhay Kiss nahe balky Sex Chaheye tha

“I was surprised and said ” Bilkul theek kaha tumnay “. The she said ” too intizar kis baat ka kar rahy ho??? ” after these we are laying on floor kissing, biting, huging and jerking each other!! The she said ” Chalo Oper chaltay hain oor maza kartay hain “.

We came into my bed room and she pulled off her Braw and Pantie.. I also take off all my clothes and we both are standing fully nude in front of each other.. She looked at my “8” inch rod and said ” Tumhara to apnay DAD say bhi bara hay” and she stard sucking my rod.. Ohhhhhhhh I felt the warm mouth of a lady first time in my life giving me a suck job and I am in heaven.. Then she lay down on my bed and said me to suck her pussy as well as also press her boobs.. I did this like I am a good boy to my mother.. After 5 minuter of sucking and pressing. She asked me to do the real job. I stretched her legs and inserted my rod slowly into her pussy. Ohhhhhh it was so warm and wet that I could not stop my self to strock her like a drill going into ground and she started screaming and moaning mmmmmm ahhhh our zoor say!!!! Our zoor…!! Ahh ah hhhhh I fuck her like crazy and enjoying each and every moment of my first experience with my step mom.. I told her that I want to fuck her ass coz she has a huge round ass which I like. She replied ” Mujhay Gand may sex karwana bohat pasand hay per tera bap agay hi thokta rehta hay”…. Then I replied that ” aaj main teri har khwahish pori karoon ga” and I inserted my rod in her ass and ahhhh she start mooning. Her ass was so tight like no one had ever touched or fucked her. I asked her ” Apki Gand itni tight kyoun hay”She replied that ” Kabhi kisi na es ko choda jo nahe ” and I felt so excited and said ” chalo aaj main es ki enogration karta hoon” and I started fucking her ass with my rod fully inserted in it. I fucked her for nearly 7 minutes and I felt that I am going to cum. I asked her that I am ready to eject… She asked me to eject my sperms in her ass and I did sooo… Ohhh it was so delicious to eject in some hot ass….I took my rod out of her pussy and it was fully covered with my own sperms… She got up very quick that even I can’t thought that her fat ass could got up this quick and she start sucking my Rod…After this we both took a shower and came down in Tv lounge and start kissing each other….I will nerver forget my first sex experience!!!! Any girls and anty want to sex with me in coimbatore pleas (email me:[email protected])

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