First Experience With Odia Bhabi

Hi, I am here with my new story, I am a play boy in bbsr (bhubaneswar). Here I will tell you my first experience. It’s not my imagination it’s a real story of my life. And dear aunties and girls if you need any satisfaction please give me a chance to serve you; I promise that I will keep it secret. For more information/suggestions/comments you can mail me at: [email protected] I learned everything about love game through my Sunita Auntie, now I am serving bhubanwswar. Here is my introduction, I am knight, from bbsr (Orissa), it’s my destiny that I became a play boy in Orissa, and now I have regular customers in bbsr. When I am in 8th standard, I had some financial problem to go for a picnic, and in my luck I got a chance to fuck my aunt for which she helped me.

Sunita auntie (name is changed) was a good friend of my mom, she is our neighbor too. Her husband was in Delhi for employment. He visited home once only in two or almost one years. Sunita Auntie was very cute and a perfect typical beauty (I was not conscious about women’s any beauty or charm at all by that time.). She was only 32 then. She was very close to me, and sometimes she use to call me to sleep at her home as a body guard to her (as she will be alone at home ) and for that she took permission from my parents and it’s common for us. And one night, she called me to sleep in her home, and I went to sleep there. As I give more preference to my studies, on that night I was writing my home work in the drawing room, I heard some unusual sounds.

As I looked the origin of, I could understand that the sound was produced by my Sunita Auntie. I could have a look of her since there was red colored bed light in her room. I saw her saree was piled up above her waist and her right hand moving swiftly at her pelvic area. She was shuddering and spasm was going though all her body. I shocked to see that because she was in a bad mood of masturbating, so I thought to disturb her and I had broken a water glass. This brought back Sunita Auntie in to the real world. She as soon as seen me staring her in a shocked manner. She switched on the tube light and hugged me to console me. At this moment I was bit afraid to her.

She tried to make me calm. She was all in fear. Then she latched the room door and approached me. I was still staring her. She was little bit panic. She asked me “why you are nervous?” I was surprised to see her normal. I answered that she only made me in that position. Then she hugged me and asked me “what did you see?” I could not answer. Then she advised me not to tell this to anyone else what I have seen. I got some courage and asked what happened to her. She again hugged me in reply without saying anything. When she ventured to switch the light off I stopped her and was again in fear.

Then she understood that I was in deep fear of her. So she again tried to sooth me with consolations and hugging. She feared lest I will tell it to somebody else. So she asked me whether I have seen something her doing. I reluctantly asked her “what she was doing at her pelvic region with hands and why she shuddered?” She knew that I have seen all her activities. So she tried to make me understand about the incident. She told me it was a secret that she was doing and not to tell anyone else. Otherwise she will be in big trouble. I again asked “what is the secret?” She was all in a quagmire.

She could understand and she will not be in a position to recover from it without convincing me (she must have cursed that moment). She switched off the tube light and put on the bedroom lamp. I still hesitated to bed with her. She told me not to worry and all matured women are doing such activities. I asked her why? And said I have not seen anybody doing this.


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