Finally My Sister Approached Me! Part – 2

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Hey guys, Amit here.
After an overwhelming response I got from the first part of my real life experience, here I am with the further story of what happened that night.

So, since I kissed her on the back of her neck that morning while she was working in the kitchen, she got horny. The entire day I continued teasing her. Sometime I touched her belly, or sometimes close her eyes from behind or pull her cheeks. Abha thought that it all was unintentional and the kiss on her neck too was nothing more than the show of brotherly affection and I didn’t know what she did last night with me. But I was desperately waiting for the night to come and finally it came.

I didn’t want to sleep that night so I had a lots and lots of water before going to sleep so that my bladder would keep me awake. Abha didn’t come to wait yet but I started pretending to sleep since 12am itself. I was waiting for her and finally she came at around 1am. She switched on the light and I started acting to sleep. I didn’t move my eyes at all and was taking deep breathes so that she gets fully sure that I was in deep sleep. She called for me but I didn’t budge. She even came to me and kept on staring at me if I show some kind of movement but nope ! I knew she was staring at me and decided not to show any kind of movement till she gets away from me and switches off the lights.

Finally she she turned away and went to the switch board to turn the lights off. Then i slightly opened my eyes and saw that she wore a top and skirt in which she looks the hottest. She knew that I always liked this skirt of hers. A great amount of thighs were visible from this and she used to feel comfortable in it. It was a lottery for me as I thought even if she doesn’t do anything, I will do something after she gets asleep and it would become so easy to do things when her skirt will automatically go up without me even touching it. ;)

But the night had some other plans for us.

Since she was fully sure that I was in deep sleep, she didn’t wait much. After 5 more minutes or so, she slowly pushed her pillow towards mine. Now we were just half a foot apart from each other. Slowly she touched my arm and ran her finger from my shoulder to my fingers and held my hand tight with her fingers between my fingers. I was all prepared for this, so controlled my heartbeat and breath so that she doesn’t get to know that I was awake.

Slowly she came closer to me and I felt her lips on my shoulder. I got an instant erection. I think she saw that. Then came her other hand to my cheek and turned my face towards her and gave a soft peck of kiss on my lips and left. I still pretended to sleep when she sat up and lean over me. She moved tshirt up and kissed my belly. Then she moved further up and started to kiss my chest. I was out of control now. She was so engrossed in the kiss that she didn’t realize when I opened my eyes. Suddenly our eyes met and I held her back tight. She came to her senses and wanted to leave. But how could I leave her from this !

She : Chhodo muje (Leave me)
Me : Kyu? (Why?)
She : Aap cheater ho..muje laga aap so gaye (You are a cheater. I thought you slept)
Me : To tu ye sab karegi? (So, will you do this to me?)
She : Achha galti ho gayi..aage se nai hoga (Ok, it was a mistake, it won’t be repeated)
Me : Aur huyi to? (and if you do it again?)
She : To jo chahe wo kar lena (Then do whatever you want)
Me : Wo to main karunga hi (That I will definitely do)

She shyly smiled after that and buried her face in my chest. Ohh man….what a feeling it was….to feel her hot breath on my bare chest when her whole body was in contact of mine.

Me : Aur aaj ki galti ka kya? (and what about today’s mistake?)
She : Aaj to jaane do. First time kiya naa (Please let me go today. It was the first time)
Me : Jaane to nahi dunga (I won’t let you go definitely)
She : (With an innocent voice with naughty look)..kya chahiye aapko? (What do you want?)

We both smiled this time :) :)
It was a green signal!

I just turned upright and now I was above her. I leaned further with just an inch distance between our lips. Our breaths started mixing and I just moved a bit away. The disappointing look on her face was a site to watch. I again went down gradually and held her shoulders tight with my hands so that she cannot move up to kiss me and she started struggling to kiss me now. The suddenly I went down and our lips met. This was wild ! She was a master in kissing. She kissed me so passionately that I got in the seventh heaven. We were smooching, we exchanged our saliva and while kissing she bit my lower lip too. Still we continued to kiss. My hands moved from her shoulders to her face and she bound her legs to my waist. We both rolled up. Our lips held each other together and my hands started exploring her back. So hot she got from just kissing.

We broke the kiss and I started to kiss her neck passionately and my other hand went to her legs from where her red skirt already went upwards. Now these milky thighs were all mine. I pulled her panty down and she didn’t resist. I pulled down her skirt too and now she was totally naked from below. I didn’t open her top directly but pulled the shoulder of her top downwards her arm so that they get revealed and started to kiss there. I made her sit on the bed and got behind her. She was sitting with her back facing me lying on me. I started kissing her shoulder and suddenly inserted my finger into her vagina and she moaned heavily. It was actually so sudden that she didn’t expect I would do this while kissing her shoulders in love. I took her top finally and there was no bra.

For the first time I held her boobs in my hands and started squeezing them. She started to moan. I hugged her and groped her ass and started squeezing and shaking her booty. She took off my tshirt and came over me and started kissing my chest. My hands were over her back and ass slapping it and she was kissing my nipples and biting them in between whenever I slapped her ass. She then went down there and opened my lower to get a 7 inches rod fully erected there. She took hold of it and gave me the utmost pleasure by taking it in her mouth. She was sucking it like a professional porn star and I got on to the 9th cloud. She gave the finest blowjob I could ever get. She kissed my dick from top to bottom and wet my balls with her saliva. She started playing with my balls and I had to stop her when it started hurting but it was the finest blowjob. Soon we came in the 69 position and started giving each other an oral fuck.

She got so hot that she just wanted to get fucked as soon as possible. She got up and tried to push my dick into her pussy but it was somehow too painful for her so I asked her to lie down there. I brought some oil to work as the lubricant, applied some of it on my dick and some to her vagina. I groped her breasts and pushed inside slightly. half of my dick was inside her and she moaned in pain. I immediately leaned and kissed her. With another jerk, the whole of my dick was inside her. I started pushing it gently and increased the frequency. She was now relieved and started enjoying.

Soon we changed the positions and now I started to fuck her in the doggy style. It was her choice to get fucked in this position. I held her ass in my hands and pushed my dick into it. After a minute or so I got tired and laid down. Now she came over me and sat on my dick and started jumping over it. This was the best moment to watch her big boobs bouncing and getting my dick into her pussy. I started pressing her boobs too and she leaned over me. Now I started pushing my dick in and out and after 10 minutes of the intercourse, we both ejaculated. I couldn’t resist and ejaculated into her vagina.

We were so tired that we didn’t even bother to clean ourselves and she leaned over me and I hugged her. We started kissing again and she slept there burying her face in my chest. We both were naked, sleeping hugging each other and a night well spent with her.

We hand 5 more days to be alone in the whole house and the other days were even more wonderful after some fake resistance from my side just to attract her more towards me.

This was my first sex with my lovely sister. What happened on the next day and other days following, kindly give me the feedback at [email protected] about this story.
If the response is good, I will definitely share my encounters with my sexy little sister.

Thanks for reading :) :)

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