Finally Convinced Reena Chachi

Hi, guys, this is Saurabh (24 years old) from Mumbai and this is my story about how I fucked my Chachi. Let me begin by telling something about my Chachi. Her name is Reena, she is 35 years old and has a 5-year-old son. She is a little chubby and has a tummy but her boobs are amazing 34d. But her ass is the best part about her. It is in perfect shape and just invites a tight spank.

My infatuation with reena began way back when I was in my 11th standard. That was when I had discovered incest porn and became hooked to mature aunties. I started noticing the aunties in my colony and would masturbate thinking about them. I never thought about Reena Chachi in that way until she came to stay with for a couple of days. She was in her final year of college and had a very hot body. I was dumbstruck by her ass and would try to watch her whenever I got the chance. Thus began my 6-inch cock’s desire to drill her pussy. But I would have to wait 8 long years to fulfill my desires.

Reena got married the next year and had a baby. She would come visit us sometimes but I never got the nerve to try anything. That was until her husband had to go out for a few days for some work. Around the same time, my parents went to our native place and Reena offered to stay at my place. I realized this was my golden opportunity. Her husband worked at a bank and always came home late and rarely stayed home on weekends. I guessed she was not getting much sex and a woman at that would have a high sexual drive.

I could barely contain my excitement when she finally came home. She was wearing a tight salwar which showed off her boobs and ass. I had to remind myself to stick to my plan of seduction even though I just wanted to tear off her clothes and fuck her right there. But I somehow controlled myself.

My first move came when she was cooking. I went up behind her and reached for a glass of water gently stroking my dick against her soft ass. She jolted and almost dropped the spoon. I asked her what happened. She thought it must have been an accident and said nothing and continued. My first step was done. She now knew I had a huge cock that could satisfy her deepest desires.

Then came my next move after dinner. I brought a bottle of wine and said we should have some. Initially, she refused but I insisted and her son was also asleep so she agreed. I put on a movie and we sat on the couch. We started talking and I slowly moved the conversation towards our relationships. I was single at that time and I told her that it takes me a lot of time to trust anyone because not everyone is like you. She felt really glad hearing that and gave me a kiss on my cheeks. She was loosening up and that was my indication to probe further. I asked about her relationship and could instantly see something was wrong. She said her husband doesn’t give her enough attention nowadays. I asked why was that. She said, “I don’t think he finds me attractive anymore”. I said “That’s bullshit, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Any guy would say the same.”

She smiled on hearing this and said: “Answer me honestly, am I hot?” I said, “Reena you are one of the hottest girls I have seen”. And then I gently held her by her chin and kissed her. She got shocked and pulled back. She said “What are you doing Saurabh!!! I am your Chachi!!”. I said, “I am sorry but you are too attractive and I lost myself. But tell me honestly are you satisfied?? Don’t you feel you are missing something in your life?”.

She said “Even if I am missing something who are you to satisfy that? We can’t do this”. I had expected this from the beginning and had prepared an answer. I said, “Would you rather satisfy your desires elsewhere and risk exposure??”. She had no answer to this and just stood there fuming. I had not yet convinced her but I was close, very close.

I said, “Tell me Chachi, have you not thought to have sex with other men because your husband is not paying attention to you?? Do you really think that’s a solution for your problems?”. She looked away from me but still did not walk out. I was right! She had thought about cheating on her husband. I continued, “Rather than going outside and hooking up with unknown men, don’t you think it’s better to keep it inside the family? An outsider can ruin your relationship any day without hesitation. But I have just as much to lose as you here”. As I said this I stood up and held her in my hands and pulled her closer to me. There were tears in her eyes. I said “Let me take care of you. You deserve this for putting up with all this”. And then I gently kissed her again. I held her head from behind so she couldn’t drag her face away a second time. Slowly she started to cooperate and opened her mouth. Success tasted so sweet!!

I said, “You are a princess and you deserve to have everything you want”. I picked her up. She was heavier than I expected but nothing I couldn’t handle. I took her to my room and she insisted I close the door in case her son woke up. Then I laid her on her back and dragged her yoga pants down. She was wearing a light pink panty. I couldn’t control myself looking at her thighs and I ripped apart her panties. She said, “Easy dear be gentle”. She had no idea what she was in for. I had planned for this for too long and in no way was this going to be gentle.

I started licking her pussy and she started moaning. She bit a pillow to stifle her sounds. I inserted a finger in that soft pussy and felt such warmth I had never felt. I inserted another finger and it was so tight it was clear she had not been fucked in a long time. I finger-fucked her for about 10 minutes and then she came. It was heaven for her. She was shivering from her orgasm and I removed her t-shirt and tore open her bra. The sight was just speechless. Those big breasts finally free of the bra holding them back would not fit in my hand. I started sucking and biting them. She said, “Easy Saurabh, ouch!! You are hurting me”. I ignored her and kept going at those boobs hard. After about 15 minuted my dick could not take it any longer. I wanted to enter her now!!

I pulled her close to me and kissed her. I said “This may hurt baby, but you gotta push through the pain to get to the pleasure.” she said, “I am not a virgin you stupid.” I said, “Oh baby you are virgin to my dick”. And I thrust my dick with force inside her. She screamed “Aaaaah slow…Pleaaaaseee”. I said, “Bite the pillow cause this train ain’t stopping bitch”. I was pounding her hard. She tried to push my dick away with her arms. I grabbed those two and held them above her head with one arm. With the other hand, I slapped her tits hard. She was moaning and screaming. Slowly she started enjoying it. Biting her lips. But in between, she would let out an ouch or an oooh. I fucked her pussy for a good 20 minuted before I came inside her. This was when she remembered that I was not wearing a condom. She said “Oh my god, you came inside me!!! Why didn’t you wear a condom??”. I said, “Relax we will get you a pill in the morning”.

I wanted to take her ass also but I felt she couldn’t take anymore. I was also getting a bit tired. So I said, “Sit on your ass”. She did as I commanded. I put my dick near her mouth and said clean it. She opened her mouth without saying a word and started sucking. She had clearly never done this before and was doing a very shitty job. I said “You have to learn how to give a blow job. Don’t worry I will make sure you learn”. Saying this I held her head and started face fucking her hard. I would hold my dick inside her till I touched her throat. She started gagging and tried pushing me away. I kept going until I came again all over her face. She was gasping for breath. I said, “That was a good start.” I took some cum off her face and applied to her forehead where puts her sindur. I said, “You are my cum wife now and I will fuck you whenever I want”. I helped her get up and slapped her ass hard “Now go clean your face up, we have a long weekend ahead of us”. She smiled and went off to take a bath.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. I will post more stories of how I developed reena into a top class whore.

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