Father Takes Daugher As His Wife

By : Huma

Yousuf had been lusting for his daughter Zarina ever since his wife died five years ago. Zarina looked exacly like his wife Salma. Zarina had plump buttocks, nice long legs and a pair of boobs that can make a man’s mouth water. Zarina had shown signs she wanted her Abbu to fuck. She had in fact rubbed her ass on his cock but he was not sure she wanted him to fuck her. After all she was his daghter! Zarina was 20 years old beauty.

One day Yousuf fell from the stairs and pretended to be unconsciousness. Zarina came running and put her arms round her father. Yousuf was embarrassed but his cock made a tent in his pants. He just let his daughter do what she wanted. Zarina tried to make him sit up. He remained lying as she could not make him move, he being heavily built. She ran her lovely white hands on her Abbu’s face and unbuttoned his Kurta, making his hairy chest bare.

Then she opened his belt and loosened his pants. She wanted him to breathe easy and feel easy. Her father’s cock was at a bursting point. She touched it over the fabric of his pants and his cock throbbed like an angry beast. With trembling hands, she held it in her hands. Ahhhhhh, where am I? Ohhhh My head is aching!” Yousuf pretended to open his eyes and delibrately placed his hands on his daughter’s bosom.

Her boobs became hard under his masculine touch as he pulled her to his chest,” Salma, dont go away I am so lonely! He acted his role to perfection. Zarina still held his cock and was breathing hard.” Abbu, it’s me, Zarina but if you want, you can treat me as Ammi I mean, I love you as much as Ammi did, I can take Ammi’s place in your life!! Are you fine now? I was worried for you

Yousuf still kept cupping his daughter’s ample tits. He would stop only if she protested. But she was sending him an open invitation by agreeing to act as his wife and by Allah she was rubbing his cock even better than Salma. Yousuf was excited beyond all limits.”Beti, your hands feel so nice on my on my lund your Ammi felt my lund exactly like this. Salma loved me. I loved her I am so embarassed beti.

I am embarassed because I am getting hard at the touch of my daughter! Oh Allah forgive me Zarina closed her Abbu’s mouth with her own and kissed his lips, and she kissed her like a real hot and horny woman, pushing her toungue into her father’s wet mouth and Yousuf sucked on her tongue.

When their kiss came to an end, she whispered  Abbu, dont be embarassed, I am your wife from now on I can’t see you suffer every dayyour daughter will be your wife look at me as a woman as a lover I know you want me. I know you lust for me make love to me as you did to Ammi,  Zarina had undone his pants and pulled his cock free by pulling down his underwear. Yousuf took off her loose kurta over her head. She wore nothing underneath.

Her milk-white boobs sprang free and he caught his breath. Zarina’s boobs were better than her mother’s. He cupped them in his hands and she closed her eyes with lust. My Abbu is going to be mine! Oh Ammi I will take your place in Abbu’s bed!’ she said to herself. Abbu, let me suck your cock mujhe apne Abbu ka lund chusne do, Abbu jaan can I?” She asked and Yousuf smiled at his luck

Yes Beti, you are welcome I belong to you as you belong to me! Zarina leaned over and put her lips on his hard cock, her mouth closed on his shaft and she licked it. Yousuf untied the Nara of her salwar and pulled it down and found she wore nothing underneath. His darling daughter was completely naked. His cock twitched. Her tits were perfect and her nipples were erect.

Seeing her naked, he said, Beti, let me take you to your ammi’s bed, if you have to be my wife, let it be! He led his daughter to his king size bed. Abbu, if you have made me your wife, then fuck me first; let me taste your Lund with my choot! She made him lie down and came over her Abbu. Gently sliding her legs over his, she positioned her pussy lips over his hard cock. Oh Allah, my daughter is going to fuck me, he thought.

My own sweet daughter, my sexy, motherfucking daughter is going to sit on my lund. Father’s cock was on fire. Zarina had dreamt of riding her father’s cock. Straddling him and placing his massive cock between her slippery pussy lips, she rubbed up and down his lund. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed the base of his cock and rubbed the swollen head against her hot, dripping pussy.

Zarina pushed the head between her lips, stretching her choot wide-open. Abbu’s lund was so fucking big! But it felt so fucking good! Looking between her legs, she pushed down a little harder. It went in with difficulty as his cock must be at least 9 inches and very thick, she felt so full! She leant forward and brushed her big boobs and her hard nipples against the hair on her Abbu’s chest.

She started rocking back and forth, trying to work more of his hard cock into her hungry choot.Yousuf had never fucked a cunt as tight as Zarina’s. His daughter’s tight choot felt so good around his hungry lund. He began to buck his hips up and ram it home. Her neatly shaved choot made him look at her cunt with uncontrollable lust. He caught a glimpse of her swollen pussy lips as she started pushing around his throbbing cock.

She started pushing down and wiggling her ass around.  The horny daughter’s pussy was trembling as she fucked her darling Abbu! She had never had a cock this big inside it before. She could feel her orgasm building. Sitting up straight, and pushing down hard, she felt her clit touch her Abbu’s pelvic bone. She let out a low moan; shivers ran up her spine and her pussy pulsated wildly.

Ohhhhhhh Abbu fuck I am cumming Abbu fuck me chodo Abbu chodo your cock is the biggest I have fukced cum inside my cunt Abbu my husband make me mother make me mother of your child aaaahhhhhh” She wanted to get pregnant! She began to cum on his cock. He began to shoot his load in his daughter’s cunt, his cock was still moving in and out of her darling daughter’s forbidden cunt when Zarina’s cunt was gushing it’ juices in a torrent.

Her Abbu’s big cock was coated with her juices. Oh fuck! After that they lay in each other’s arms, naked. His sexy, naked daughter ran her hands over his balls. Through his barely open eyes, he watched her perfect tits pressed into his hairy chest. They slept for an housr in that position. Zarina was the first to open her eyes. She separated her body from Abbu’s making him open his eyes.

Zarina went into the bathroom to clean her choot. Abbu had sprayed his seed all over her choot. She wished he would fuck her again. The erotic memory of his naked daughter, impaling her tight young pussy on his rigid cock, is is still fresh in his mind. He wondered how fucking sexy she’s become. My god, her tits; so perfectly round with brown areolas and thick nipples looked exciting. And her pussy!

So fucking tight! And so incredibly hot! He wanted to fuck her so badly. He wanted to be on top this time, slamming his cock into that tight incestuous young cunt! He wondered if she would become his wife forever! He could hardly wait to know. Yousuf had never been so fucking horny in his life since the death of his wife. She stroked her wet pussy as she thought her fuck with Abbu. She was a fully sexed woman now and a woman needs a cock in her cunt.

The fact that her sex with Abbu was really incest, made her even hotter. Zarina Beti, what are you doing. Abbu needs you. Come here Beti. Look at Abbu’s monster. It is hard for my new wife. You have ridden you husband, now it is my turn to ride you. Come beti” Yousuf was getting impatient and horny. His hand was fisting his cock in anticipation of his daughter’s arrival. Just then Zarina appeared at the door, still naked and smiling.

Abbu, lets go to bed. I dont want to have my ass rubbed on the floor. And I want to suck your cock” She announced as she entered the room. “In that case Abbu will have to wash it for his darling wife. Let me go to the bathroom and bathe my cock for my darling. I dont want you to taste cum on my cock and smell the stink of my balls. I won’t be a minute.” Yousuf left to wash his cock.

He returned and lay on his bed, his father-cock eager and ready to fuck daughter-cunt again. Climbing on the bed his daughter settled gently between his legs. His cock was fully erect as she started licking up and down the thick sides. Flicking her tongue against the underside of his cock head, as she’s done with her lover’s cocks, she slid her lips over the head and down his lund. She bobbed her head up and down, while caressing his balls with her other hand. Soon he began shooting into her mouth.

Watching his daughter suck greedily on his cock he cupped her luscious tits. Her nipples were hard. She sucked every drop of fatherly cum. It was obvious this wasn’t the first time she was sucking a cock, Yuosuf wondered.  Zarina has his cock wet with her saliva. Hot father cum dripped from her lips. Then she began licking his balls. Abbu, I will make it hard again. Your daughter will make it hard for my cunt.

Did Ammi suck your lund Abbu?” Eager daughter asked and the father smiled at his daughter’s curiousity.’ You Ammi thought it was dirty to put cock into mouth. But I know it is wonderful. Now you can do what you like” Zarina smiled at her father,” Yes Abbu, fuck I like Ammi wanted to be fucked. What position did Ammi like best?” Yousuf smiled, She would love when I rode her and then she would like me to fuck her doggie fashion, ek kuttia ki tarah (like a bitch)”

The daughter lay under her horny father guiding his cock intyo her cunt.” Then ride me, my husband. You can fuck me like a bitch later. Positioning his cock on her pussy he pushed his massive pole into her willing cunt. Yousuf felt his daughter’s hot pussy, pulsating around his hard cock, and he began to pump his throbbing cock in and out of her tight, satiny pussy. Her eyes were closed with lust.

She kissed him on the mouth. She really wanted to make love to her darling Abbu, her Husband! Zarina started rocking her hips up his father’s cock was sliding in and out of her choot. His cock has stretched her pussy. Their orgasm was building all through their bodies. She was jamming her pussy up and on his rigid cock. He’s sliding in and out of her pussy with ease now, lubricated by the free flow of her juices.

Oh mere Khuda! Oh mere Abbu! Zor se chodo mere malik (fuck me hard my master)” She cried loudly as her orgasm ripped through her body. Shaking and shivering, she clamped her pussy on her dear Abbu’s cock as he rode furiously as waves of pleasure washed through her body.  Yousuf was using all his strength to prolong his orgasm while his daughter’s little pussy was steadily flowing juices. It was time to fuck her like a bitch!

Before she erupted into a powerful orgasm, he baked” On your hands and knees. I want you like a bitch. My darling daughter is like a bitch in heat. Is she not?” He pulled his wet cock out while she was trembling. “But Abbu, I am almost there!! I am almost cumming! Not yet, abhi nahin, meri jaan. Abhi to tumko kuttia banana hai (you have to be fucked like a bitch yet) he commanded looking at her.

I need to fuck you like I fucked your Ammi.” Zarina bent before her father and he began entering her from behind, pushing his throbbing cock inside her soaking wet pussy, clutching her ample asscheeks. Abbu, chod lo mujhe kuttia ki tarah, Ammi ki tarah (father fuck me like a bitch, like mother) Oh Khuda, I love it. Abbu your cock is filling my choot!” She screamed “I um I want your cock your lund oh abbu!

She was moaning like a crazed woman as her father started power pumping his cock into her velvety pussy. He was a mad man now. He was squeezing her ass cheeks. He was a fucking machine. Abbu! She shouted as her orgasm shook her entire body. “I’m cumming mere Abbu! Oh Abbu, aapne mujhe jannat dikha dee (Oh father you showed me heaven)!

I am cumming too beti let me take my cock out. I dont want to impregnate you Beti” He said. “Oh dont pull it out Abbu cum inside my cunt. Apna beej apni biwi ki choot mein dal do, Abbu (shoot your sperm in your wife’s cunt) make me mother of your child, meri kokh bhar do, Abbu (fill my womb).” She moaned as her Abbu shot his seed int her womb.

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