Father In Law With Son’s Wife

Son Anil’s wife and she was young, modern, was always dressed like the new Bollywood heroines when she wore sari, it was always backless, sleeveless, deep cuts letting her cleavage visible always or she often got dressed in tight jeans, and sexy t-shirts.

She wore shorts at home letting all her big, beautiful thighs for the pleasure of viewers as Anil was 38, his wife Aarti was only 26 and they had two children. She was a housewife. So all day she was at home. Anil moved back to gulf and his wife is alone at home

Now since father in law had sex with young ladies and the way they pleased him sexually, he believed this generation of the young made love so well and so he thought Aarti will be likewise as she use to be dressed those sexy ways always.

He thought the blowjob Neha gave him, and thought Aarti too must be doing it as she is in the new generation, for his wife never did that to him. He believed that the new generation made love better than those of his time.

He was excited only by thinking of Aarti now and he jerked off at night visualising her. The next day he went at Anil’s house. He went at a time when he knew Anil’s child had been to work and Aarti was alone. He knocked at the door

It was still morning, around 9.30 and Aarti came to open and was surprised to see her father-in law. She was still in her nighty, had not yet changed! On seeing him Aarti thought her mother-in-law was serious, and was waiting for him to speak, but he was stunned on seeing her beauty in that nighty

The cleavage was astounding, she had a little bit rounder body than Neha, had perfect looks and was fair like Neha, had a pleasant smile and a beautiful voice. She asked him in, when he told her that he was just passing like this.

She went in the kitchen and he followed. She offered him a seat in the kitchen itself. Well he was used to her but in a normal daughter-in-law and father-in-law like relationship. She used to talk to him even earlier than this day.

The old man did not know how to approach her in that way and he kept watching her when she was at the same time doing the house chores and talking to him casually.

He looked at her from tip to toe and arranged his organ inside his trouser as it was growing on seeing her body once she was taking the glass from his hand, and her breasts rubbed to his hand accidentally and he felt shivers.

Aarti noticed him to be queer and asked are you sure there is nothing wrong daddy? She had always called her ‘daddy’ as she is a girl from the city. He stammered no its fine.

Aarti noticed him to be queer and asked are you sure there is nothing wrong daddy? She had always called her ‘daddy’ as she is a girl from the city. He stammered ‘No its fine.

The old man was getting excited and was restless too he was feeling like a young lad who was to propose a girl for sex for the first time. He did not know how to proceed.

Aarti felt it that he was abnormal the way he was behaving. Then she asked, Have you already taken a peg daddy?” He replied no but I think I should have taken a peg because I have things to tell you which I can’t at this moment!”

Aarti looked in his face surprised and asked you have things to tell me daddy? And you can’t say you say? I find it very strange, what’s the matter? Anything serious?

She left a short smile on her sensual lips and continued looking in his face interrogatively. Her eyes were trying to search clues in the old man’s face. But Aarti could not read anything and was standing amazed close to him.

He looked on her cleavage again and quickly moved away his eyes lest she would notice that. Then he stood up and said wait I will be back in a few minutes dear.” Hmm you are really going to have a peg isn’t it daddy?


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