Father In Law With Son’s Wife

Son Anil’s wife and she was young, modern, was always dressed like the new Bollywood heroines when she wore sari, it was always backless, sleeveless, deep cuts letting her cleavage visible always or she often got dressed in tight jeans, and sexy t-shirts.

She wore shorts at home letting all her big, beautiful thighs for the pleasure of viewers as Anil was 38, his wife Aarti was only 26 and they had two children. She was a housewife. So all day she was at home. Anil moved back to gulf and his wife is alone at home

Now since father in law had sex with young ladies and the way they pleased him sexually, he believed this generation of the young made love so well and so he thought Aarti will be likewise as she use to be dressed those sexy ways always.

He thought the blowjob Neha gave him, and thought Aarti too must be doing it as she is in the new generation, for his wife never did that to him. He believed that the new generation made love better than those of his time.

He was excited only by thinking of Aarti now and he jerked off at night visualising her. The next day he went at Anil’s house. He went at a time when he knew Anil’s child had been to work and Aarti was alone. He knocked at the door

It was still morning, around 9.30 and Aarti came to open and was surprised to see her father-in law. She was still in her nighty, had not yet changed! On seeing him Aarti thought her mother-in-law was serious, and was waiting for him to speak, but he was stunned on seeing her beauty in that nighty

The cleavage was astounding, she had a little bit rounder body than Neha, had perfect looks and was fair like Neha, had a pleasant smile and a beautiful voice. She asked him in, when he told her that he was just passing like this.

She went in the kitchen and he followed. She offered him a seat in the kitchen itself. Well he was used to her but in a normal daughter-in-law and father-in-law like relationship. She used to talk to him even earlier than this day.

The old man did not know how to approach her in that way and he kept watching her when she was at the same time doing the house chores and talking to him casually.

He looked at her from tip to toe and arranged his organ inside his trouser as it was growing on seeing her body once she was taking the glass from his hand, and her breasts rubbed to his hand accidentally and he felt shivers.

Aarti noticed him to be queer and asked are you sure there is nothing wrong daddy? She had always called her ‘daddy’ as she is a girl from the city. He stammered no its fine.

Aarti noticed him to be queer and asked are you sure there is nothing wrong daddy? She had always called her ‘daddy’ as she is a girl from the city. He stammered ‘No its fine.

The old man was getting excited and was restless too he was feeling like a young lad who was to propose a girl for sex for the first time. He did not know how to proceed.

Aarti felt it that he was abnormal the way he was behaving. Then she asked, Have you already taken a peg daddy?” He replied no but I think I should have taken a peg because I have things to tell you which I can’t at this moment!”

Aarti looked in his face surprised and asked you have things to tell me daddy? And you can’t say you say? I find it very strange, what’s the matter? Anything serious?

She left a short smile on her sensual lips and continued looking in his face interrogatively. Her eyes were trying to search clues in the old man’s face. But Aarti could not read anything and was standing amazed close to him.

He looked on her cleavage again and quickly moved away his eyes lest she would notice that. Then he stood up and said wait I will be back in a few minutes dear.” Hmm you are really going to have a peg isn’t it daddy?

Aarti remarked, and added but tell me before you go! He said slowly in her ears before leaving keep guessing what I have to say meanwhile, it’s personal

I will be back to you within half an hour while he did that his hand was over her shoulder, his mouth very close to her ear, and he smelled her, and wished to kiss her hot.

So, he left for the shop to have his drink. Aarti kept thinking what he wanted to say but was not making it out. The moment he had put his hands on her shoulder, she had felt his hot breath over her skin and thought either

He longed for her, but she could not think of such things about him, she believed her mind was becoming dirty. So she did not think of such things.

So it was time for her to have her bath and she went in the bathroom for a shower and thinking the father-in-law may come back anytime, she let the front door of the house unlock so that he could get in without having to wait outside.

She had taken a skirt and a sleeveless t-shirt to wear. It was the modern type skirt the city girls wore and the t-shirt too. Normally when she takes her shower she never takes clothes with her as she comes out wrapped in the towel tied around her body covering her from her breasts to her thighs,

And she used to get dressed in her room. But since she was expecting the father-in-law back that’s why she thought to be dressed inside the bathroom before coming out. She took all her time in the shower, humming and lazily massaging her hot body all over.

The old man came, when she was in the bathroom. He had taken drinks and had now dared to talk! He heard her humming inside and loudly said standing near the bathroom, I am back dear Aarti.” She also got to reply loudly yes daddy I am having a shower and will be out soon.

Be seated please and I hope you are not too drunk and will not fall down! He grinned and said nah, I am okay will wait for you baby. He pronounced the word baby slowly not to let her hear.

Aarti hurried to get out and she was so much used to come out wrapped in towel that she completely forgot she had taken her clothes with her and she opened the bathroom’s door wrapped in a towel! The father-in-law seeing her like that felt his dick exploding out!

The water dripping from her wet hair over the towel, her thighs all white skin visible, her upper breasts seen, the silhouette of her whole body to his eye’s pleasure! Aarti looked at him still not thinking of her dress and smiled at him and walked towards her bedroom saying.

I will be back in a minute daddy when she passed close to him and walked ahead the old man’s eyes devoured her nude back and her lovely butt moving over her walking rhythm.

He arranged his dick in his pant with his hand as it was by then disturbing him. He stood up when she got in her room to follow her, but immediately then Aarti got out walking fast to the bathroom as she remembered that her clothes were there.

She had now to pass across the old man who was standing in her way in the corridor as soon as she came by him, and walked a step ahead saying, with a shy smile and I forgot my dress inside.

He held her hand and pulled her to him and with a gasp, blushing she was in his arms, her whole body enlaced in his, her breasts over the towel clutched on his stomach, her heartbeat fastened and she was all red as if her whole body would spit out blood.

She did not know what to say and was trying to free her when his mouth found hers and he planted a vigorous kiss. Her hands were trying to protect the towel from falling and she was moving with force to get out of his grips but he continued exploring her mouth with his tongue, his hands roaming over her back trying to move out the towel.

She felt upset and said seriously Daddy leave me! You don’t know what you are doing, you are drunk! She was still in his arms and he spoke, Sweetheart, this is what I had come to ask you, but was not able and now it’s the right time isn’t it baby?

She felt hot like in hot summer on hearing his words, and amazed started looking in his eyes trying to see either he was really that drunk or not, by that time the daddy was removing the towel over her breasts where it was cross-tied, and she put her hand over his to stop him from undoing it.

He then, moved his hands down behind her back to feel her butt and ran his hands under the towel from her thighs and moved it up over her nude butt!! There was no panty, and the old man groaned, “Oh! Oh!oh! Yeah! Give it to daddy, give it to daddy Sweety.

At that moment she was still around his arms as he had put his hands from, around her to her back. He tried to introduce his fingers to her pussy but Aarti started pleading please daddy leave me, it’s not right, it’s bad, leave me, let me go please.

He was not listening but like a hungry lion, started running his tongue over her bare neck, chin, cheeks, mouth, which she closed not to kiss him, but he tried to get her mouth open with his hand pressing both her cheeks and she opened it and he penetrated his tongue into her mouth

And explored the whole of it sucking her tongue by that time Aarti started feeling a sort of weakness, in fact that was the urge to get fucked, but she thought she was being weakened, by the physical struggle with him.

The towel was still wrapped on her and during the passionate, sensual kiss, the daddy little by little got it loosened and he took her arms and directed it over his shoulders and Aarti like a wild animal being tamed obeyed by letting her arms around his shoulders.

The towel dropped down, he lifted Aarti in his arms all nude and walked towards her bedroom, sucking her nipples while she enlaced him firmly stretching her whole body against his chest.

He lay her over the bed and undressed himself completely and he directed his hard cock to her mouth and she looked in his eyes, took the dick in her hand and said the front door is not locked daddy! She was now at his mercy and was like his pet.

She seemed not having any objections to be fucked by him and he replied, Do you think anyone will come? She was caressing the dick, and asked what if Anil comes anyhow? So he went to lock the front door when he returned, she had closed and locked the bedroom’s door.

He was standing there all nude and asked stop playing sweetheart. Open the door! She did not reply him. He was now feeling hot despite being nude. He knocked, saying hey Aarti baby, my clothes are inside, I am standing nude here and you are playing pranks, that’s not fair, come on open the door

Still no answer and he started sweating in worry and he walked to another room, then to the kitchen to find for an issue if there was any to reach that bedroom of hers, but to no avail. He did not know what to do his dick was by then softened as he was in worry.

He was thinking what if she will not open at all and has the intention of making a scandal. He waited half an hour in the corridor talking, pleading to her and the door opened, and she was laughing at him.

You are sweating? Your intoxication has vanished daddy? He laughed back and said ooh my God, you really got me frightened sweety! Thousands of thoughts were torturing my mind he told her.

She was still nude the way he had left her, she was just teasing him to see what would be his reactions and he felt his dick taking form again on seeing her giggles and manners of seducing, so he gently caressed her cheek and pushed her softly over the bed.

She lay there looking into his eyes and asked tell me one thing daddy, how come you got interested in me in this way? I was shocked when you held me there in the corridor and I was not expecting that at all.

Meanwhile he had placed his hard dick to her head, she was holding the organ in her soft hand and gently, caressing it and he touched it to her lips which made her opened the mouth to lick it first then gently, let it slide in her mouth.

She was at the same time looking in his face to observe his expressions as she wanted to see him groan and getting pleased. As soon as he felt her hot tongue meeting his dick he stretched, his legs and body and gave a moan aghgh yes! Go on, suck it my love, suck daddy.

She felt amused on seeing him in that state and seductively took his dick well in her mouth and started sucking it like having an ice cream, she was savouring it. The old man, went on groaning, and passed his hand over her soft breasts with an erection in her nipples and he crushed the nipples making her excited and going on with the suck.

She was kneeling on the bed and he was standing on the floor, pushing his cock in her mouth by movements of his hips and caressing her body all around, her back, her neck, her breasts, her butt, and he slowly reached her pussy, and he felt the wet liquid moistening his fingers, he gently, slide his finger inside which made her give a moan his dick still in her mouth.

She gave and he started pushing his fingers to and fro in her wet pussy. They stayed in that position for quite a while, when at last he mounted on the bed enlacing her in his arms and both mouths were stuck to each other and they were sucking each other’s tongues.

They were at that moment both kneeling on the bed, and he laid her, parted both her legs to get the pussy at his view and ran his tongue all along it he opened the lips of the pussy and licked it like a dog licks, and then gradually, his tongue was penetrating or at least was trying to penetrate in it

She was twisting over the bed holding his head in both hands and pulling the little hair which was on. She clutched both legs firmly together and his head was crushed between her thighs, his hands pressing both her thighs in his firm fingers.

After some time he moved up continuing the licks, from her pussy to her lower belly, then to her navel which made her stretch and twist more, then he gradually reached her breast inviting him to have a suck, which he did with much pleasure then they were both enlaced in each other’s arms, kissing passionately

He was over her, both nude bodies collated, his hard dick was over her pussy and he was rubbing over it very gently enjoying the kiss and the feel of her warm body under his. She then run her tongue over his face holding his head, and with one hand she took his dick, parted her legs and

She, herself introduced it inside her and gave a piercing moan moving her body sideways and the daddy started moving his hips with his dick in her pussy giving little blows at first which gradually became fast and he went on, by holding her around his arms

She was pushing her head backward enjoying each and every moment of his dick being pushed in and out her. She crossed her arms around his shoulders and started moving her hips under hi and whispered with gasps yes daddy, yes go on, hmmmm

I want you aaahhh, its so good, you do it well, I like you cock, its wonderful go on go on. I am cuming daddy oohhh he went on giving blows over blows the one faster than the other and he too groaned over her with all his body weight and moaned aah.

Yeah I’m coming yes and he took his load out, tapped his dick over her pussy, unloaded his cum, there and brought his dick to her mouth again which she took in her mouth with pleasure smiling at him.

She sucked the remaining cum from his dick, passing her tongue over the tip of the dick which made him press up over his toes, and he shivered.

Then they both lay flat over the bed lost in another kiss. She caressed his chest and said you were just wonderful daddy. You have experience, hmm?” He smiled at her and said

A next time sweetheart, we will do it isn’t it? She replied anytime you wish daddy. You are superb! And she asked again tell me, how did you wish to do that with me? I was very disturbed and afraid in the beginning.”

He replied with a smile just wanted to taste you darling. You are too hot, and I just wanted to taste your young body. You are very sensual and ho

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