Father in law fucks me

Hi readers. I told you last time how hot I got after watching Sushant my horny fill fucking the servant’s wife Shanta. I was in the shower when I masturbuted 2 times imagining not my husband but his father in my bed. Later on I walked out of the bathroom wearing only a slip and started to dry my hair. Then I heard some noise in the adjoining room and I decided to investigate.The door was slightly ajar and what I saw made my eyes pop out. Incredibly Sushant had brought a young woman in his room and he was kissing her while fondling her ass cheeks through her tight jeans. I recognized her as Shilpa one of our neighbor’s daughter studying to be a doctor. I was flabbergested that Sushant at his age was getting hard enough and could seduce a young woman like Shilpa.”Uncle ata soda, majhe periods chalu ahet” Shilpa told me that she was having her periods.Sushant realsed her reluctantly but whispered something in her ear. Shilpa refused initially but then uncle embraced her and kissed her a few more time while kneading her ass cheeks and fondling her breasts. Then he pulled her tshirt over her head and threw it away. Shilpa’s bare brown back was glistening with sweat. She sat on her knees and pulled at the sweat pants my FIL was wearing.His lund popped out and Shilpa began sucking on it slowly and shyly like a girl who is not used to it but likes the idea of a cock in her mouth. Uncle began stroking her head and started to buck back and forth.I was amazed at his ability of seducing women and my resolve of getting fucked by him got stronger. I wanted to suck his cock clean and then take his load in my mouth and then I wanted his hard shaft buried to the hilt in my pussy which was shamefully wet by now. Shilpa was enjoying my FIL’s monster in her mouth and she was taking her time giving him a blow job while he was playing with her breasts through her cotton bra.

After about 10 minutes Uncle pressed her mouth against his middle and then shuddered I knew he had come and made the young doctor drink his cum against her wishes. Shilpa rested her head agaisnt his thigh and caught her breath for a while Her face was full of his com.Clean yourself and go, when your periods are getting over?”In 2 days uncle” she said and walked to the adjoining bathroom.I walked in and stood in front of him” you don;t stop fo you Sushant?”I said” Shanta.Shilpa and god knows who else”He smiled confidently” that’s because I am endowed by nature to satisfy women Swati. My cock had been in almost every pussy in this town.Your friend Sarika, her mother was my keep when I was a CO. Sarika’s father used to sit outside while I used to fuck her on their bed and they were always happy about it” he said and walked to me.His hand rested on my transperent slip adn slowly lowered the strap so to reveal my firm breast.I sighed involuntarily.He cupped my breast in one hand while he raised my sleep from down to cup my moist hairy womanhood with another hand.What are you doing?Shilpa may come out any minute?”I said and realized my mistake. By pointing out the practical problem I had practically agreed to have sex with him. S”Don;t worry Swati go to your room and wait” he said and in one swift motion pulled my sleep over my head and threw it on bed. There I was standing completely naked except my mangalsutra and bangles and anklets in front of my own FIL.He threw a bottle of vaseline to me.Apply this on your asshole and pussylips, my lund will tear it open otherwise” he said and pushed me out of his room. I walked on wobbly legs to my room and waited for him. I was getting soaking wet with the idea of getting fucked by his monster. But I did not use vaseline a mistake that I regret later.

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