Father defloring his own daughter -2

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I love this 1st unique experience in my life with my daughter. So, I thought I will explain it elaborately. So, here is the second part.

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Meanwhile, my cell phone rang and my boss was calling me for some urgent work at office. I had to go because it was an important work. I told my daughter to watch the movie and I would be back in couple of hours and left for the office.

I told her 2hours but it took about 4hours for me to return home. That night, after dinner we wished good night and went to our bedrooms. Our bedrooms are just opposite to each other. Within about half an hour my daughter came to my bedroom and demanded she would like to sleep with me, as she was not comfortable alone in her room. She used to sleep with us sometimes. I was already quite sleepy. So, I just let her sleep in my bed beside me. She hugged me close pressing her boobs in my chest. Unlike before this time it caused an excitement in me and my sleep just vanished. My cock started rising fast. I tried to control it with the fear that she may notice or feel it accidentally. But, I failed to do so.

Within 5 minute she fell asleep. But my sleep was nowhere around. I thought this night would go sleepless. Moreover, my desire to fuck my daughter was getting stronger and irresistible. My dick had already risen full. I got tempted and touched her boobs. This was first time in my life I touched my own daughter’s breasts with lust. A current flowed in my entire body. She turned away from me in sleep. I got a bit scared but she was just continued sleeping. Then I gently stuck my prick to her rounded ass. I slowly pressed more. She was motionless. I started rubbing my cock on her smooth ass and in slow motion. I threw my arms across her and cupped her melons. She didn’t move. I continued my actions bit vigorously. Suddenly she shook and jerked her body. I quickly withdrew. But, again she was still. I started my nasty activities again – first gently then vigorously. She got agitated and turned towards me. I choked a moment and stopped. I waited for a while. After couple of minutes she woke up and sat up in bed. I did know whether to feign sleep or ask her what happened. I paused for a while and asked her, “What happened, baby?”

“Nothing dad, I just wanna go to loo ” she replied and went to bathroom.

I felt relieved but was thinking what to do next. I was almost crazy with lust for my daughter. I was thinking I must seduce her tonight, “but how?” was a big question. I didn’t know what her attitude towards sex was and that too with her own father. What if she is averse to all this? “Hell,” I thought, “I would just rape her!” Next moment I was ashamed of my thought. How could I think so for my own lovely daughter? But, I was at a point where I couldn’t resist the idea of having sex with her. She came back from bathroom. She was in a bit strange dress. She was just wearing a loose skirt and a tight low T-shirt. When she came near bed the milky moonlight from the windows was soaking her. She looked like a sex goddess to me. She climbed on bed and slept besides me. At that moment, she appeared more like a sex partner to me than like a sweet little daughter. She threw her arms around me and rested her head on my chest. Now, she looked so innocent. It made me think am I doing right? “But hell, I don’t care a damn!” I thought, “I desperately want her”.

I gently hugged and was thinking how to proceed. One thing I realized that unless I fucked her this night I couldn’t sleep. She fell asleep soon and threw her leg on me and her knee hit my dick pressing it between my pubis and her knee. I was shocked. As she shook her leg in sleep it just rubbed my dick exciting to its limits. I was not prepared for this and I slowly moved her leg away. She even slid away from my chest and lay on bed fully. I held my dick tight to control it from busting out. My daughter was lying on her back and straight. She pulled her legs up and folded knees. This slid her skirt up fully exposing her crotch and pussy. She was not wearing panty. I suddenly got up and was about to pull her skirt down but stopped. The scene was so tempting and exciting I kept on ogling lustfully at her. That tender smooth hairless light brown tiny pussy; a cute sexy naval at the middle of smooth flat tummy; the concave curves on either of her waist; those pair of perfect semi globes heaving with her each breath – only some impotent or an eunuch could resist the temptation. Her cunt was shining as if some honey was smeared on it. It looked so delicious I lost all my senses and control. I straightway put my mouth to that teaming hot pussy and started licking lavishly. It tasted simply superb and I went crazy. She writhed by my sudden attack on her most private region. But, I quickly caught her hands and pressed her wasted between my forearms not allowing her to move. Probably, I held her very tight she pleaded, “Dad, please loosen your grip …it’s hurting”.

“No, my angel” I said, “I am sorry but I can’t stop now”. I continued licking her cunt.

“I am not asking you to stop daddy but if you leave my hands you can use yours for some better work”. Astonished, I suddenly stopped licking and looked up at her face. I left her hands. She smiled bashfully and pulled my hands up, cupped her breasts with them and pressed. I was pleasantly surprised, “Oh! My sweetheart, you are such a darling!” I quickly pulled up and kissed her on lips with my mouth already wet with her own cunt juice. I passionately licked and sucked her lips. She reciprocated.

I stopped and asked, “So, you don’t mind?!”.

She again gave that same smile, “No daddy! I wanted it too”.

I gently stroked on her cheek with gratitude and love. I started kissing her again. Our tongues played with each other. We were lost into exploring each other. After about 7-8 minutes she said, “You forgot my other lips, daddy”.

“Damn it! I didn’t know you are such a nasty girl”.

I again attacked her pussy. “I just now prepared it ready for you, daddy”.


“Yes daddy, I just now shaved and washed it for you”.

She was giving me shocks one after the other. She clarified, “I knew dad, you love me so much and wanted to have me since few months though I was not very sure about it. Ever since mom went it got obvious and my doubts were cleared especially this afternoon when you made me sit on your erection. I knew you were watching me when I moved around. I had seen your morning erections and felt how if I could help you. I wanted it too, daddy. I love you so much. You are my role model, my hero. You have given me everything that a young daughter might expect. You loved me so much. I always felt proud to be your daughter. What is sex dad? It’s the extreme way of expressing love between us. So, what if we had sex and pleased each other? I realized you badly wanted to make some advances today. And when you rubbed your erection to my bottom I knew it was high time now and we are going to have it. So, I went to bathroom and got ready for you”. Many shocks at a time!!

Oh! It started getting too emotional. Few drops of tear rolled on my cheeks. I was dumbstruck to know my little innocent baby had matured beyond her age. She stretched her arms and continued, “Come on, daddy! Give me the warmth of you love. I need it badly. Fill me with your love juice. Take me to that heaven I am yearning to visit”. She pulled me close. We kissed again more passionately. After couple minutes kissing she pulled back and removed her T-shirt and skirt. I was just watching those young but well grown round pair of pink boobs trying to snap off her dark brown bra. I couldn’t wait. I squeezed them greedily and unhooked her bra. Her boobs sprung open inviting me to knead them. I enjoyed the feast without wasting even a second.

My daughter started moaning and enjoying too. This excited me more. She laid back and pulled my face to her crotch. I started lapping on her sweet pussy. “You taste so delicious, baby”.

“Relish it dad! It’s all for you. I am all yours. I am your creation, dad. You deserve all the claims on my body. I wish you use your own creation for your pleasure for lifetime. I don’t even want to get married as long as you want me”.

She gave me another shock. I got scared a bit with her talk. I looked at her, She smiled and said, “You think I am crazy! Yes, I am crazy for you”.

I smiled back, “You are a wonderful daughter!”

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