This is a true story and the characters are not fictitious. Let me first introduce you to the members of the family. Mr anand in his 60s and his wife rita around 40 years of age. They have three children namely avinash the eldest son,devina their only daughter and akshaye the youngest one. Rita is typical indian housewife and is very fond of sex but unfortunately anand could no more satisfy his wife as he used to, in his younger days. He loves his wife very much and he knows how unhappy was rita. He once suggested to rita that everyday he would bring a friend at home but she feared that if people from outside come to know about it they will laugh at her and her family. Anand was desperate and every night seeing rita fingering herself to satisfy her desire made him more unhappy. Suddenly while pondering how to help his love this marvelous idea came to him. He was thinking of his wife being fuck by his son and told his wife about it. At first rita totally against it it but one morning rita accidentally opened the bathrooom door and was shocked to see avinash holding his huge dick under the shower. He didn’t noticed his mother watching him and rita’s cunt was already wet seeing all this. She rushed into her room and without losing any second started pleasuring herself. Anand came into the room and started licking and fisting rita’s damp choot but could not do more than that. Rita narrated to her husabnd what had put her in such state and both made a plan how to lure avinash and convince him to fuck his dear mother.

Whenever rita had the opportunity, she would readily to give her son a glimpse of her huge assets but she had to be careful not to be noticed by her other children. Every morning she would go to avinash’s room wearing only her nighty without her pants and bras on. She would rub her tits on her son’s mouth while waking him up. While serving the breakfast she would purposely let fall the pallu of her sari down and let her son enjoy the view. Sometimes she would caught avinash ogling at her and she would only give him a mischievous smile. The latter didn’t know what was happening to him and to her mother. He was no longer looking at his mom the way he was supposed to. Rita and anand were very happy about that as all were going according to their plan. One sunday morning rita and avinash were alone at home as mr anand took the other children to their grandmother’s place. Avinash was sitting on the sofa with his newspaper in his hands and rita was sweeping the house. Avinash was not able to stop himself watching these nice round butts dangling around the room. Rita knew that her son’s eyes were more on her than on the paper.

“avinash beta will you please help me”rita said

“hold the ladder son while i climb upstairs to clean the fan”

Rita was giving a clear view of her hairy cunt. Avinash tried his best not to look up but this was stronger than. He wanted to have it in his mouth and wanted to feel it with his dick. Avinash feet were trembling with excitement and his cock wanted to burst out of his pant. “what happened avi?” “nothing ma”avinash replied back. Rita was really enjoying this game. ” avi beta please help me down now” avinash was being given the opportunity to grab his mother butts. He didn’t wasted neither. He tried to insert his finger in his mother’s asshole and feel the hotness of her cunt. She was already wet as the touch of her own son were making really horny and the poor avinash nearly cummed in his pant itself. After that incident avinash was feeling a bit awkward.

Some hours later rita went to have her bath. Devilish thoughts took over avinash again. He rushed to the bathroom and through the keyhole he was watching his mother’s live show. Rita was fingering herself violently and had a dildo in her ass. Avinash could not believe his eyes that his mother is such a horny bitch. He went to his room and started thinking about fucking rita.

Rita went to bed early and was about to sleep when she heard someone opening her door and so pretended to be asleep. She felt her nighty being pulled up and there were hands fondling her boobs.

She could feel a tongue licking all over her body and now the tongue went to her cunt and could feel her pussy being eaten. She could no longer kept her silence and started moaning. Avinash stopped. He was frightened how to face his mother and a sentiment of guilt had overwhelmed him. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to sneak quietly outside the room and tomorrow he would pretend not to know anything about it. Rita in the meantime grabbed her son. “do you know how much i waited for this moment” and give him a deep kiss and avinash’s worries vanished and was ready for action again.he too responded by kissing rita passionately and started sucking her boobs as he used to, when was a baby. Rita without losing a second sneak her hand into his son’s pant and took out his cock. “oh avi your cock is so big and by the way is the biggest one i have ever seen”she sreamed. She kissed it and had it in her mouth till her throat. “it tastes so good sonny” “ooooh maaaaa,you are such an expert” “father is indeed a lucky man” ” maaaa a bit slowly or i will cum in your mouth” “oooh yeeeeeees i’m cumming” “oh soorry maa i made you drink all my cum” “no beta is was so good that i want it everyday now” “you must promise me and its time that you repay all the milk you drank out of me you madarchod” “oh mom of course but what about father if he ever come to know about us?

“not to worry son. I will take care of him”

Next morning, there was knocking at the door and it seemed that mr anand,devina and akshaye were already back home. Rita woke avinash and told him to put his clothes while putting on herself her nighty. Avinash was a bit scared of facing his father and so went to his room.later in the evening anand called avinash in his room and the latter was afraid that his father will scold him and would be thrown out of the house but nothing like that happened. On the opposite, his father hugged him and thanked him for having fulfill the duty of a son. Mr anand requested avinash to come to his room after the other children would have already slept.

At around twelve, avinash went to his parents’ room and was surprised to see rita being dressed as a newly wedded bride. Mr anand was also there sitting in the corner of the room. Avinash gradually started undressing rita. They were kissing each other passionately as real lovers. He was fondling her boobs with all his force and rita was in ecstasy. Rita then spread her legs and invited her son in between them. Avinash kept licking her mother’s pussy though the latter was requesting him to stop. Rita was feeling so good and was out of control. She was moaning like hell. Amazingly, avinash felt his huge cock being sucked on and it was none other than mr anand. He was a bisexual. He loves both man and woman. Mr anand helped avinash’s cock inside his wife choot. He was pumping his mom savagely and rita kept moaning loudly. He cummed inside his mom. Rita hugged him and gave him deep long kiss as reward and told him that he was really good. They all slept on the same bed for the rest of the night.rita,anand and avinash love making continued like this for several months. Rita was satisfied with her son’s cock but avinash wanted more. Yeah, he wanted to have his younger sister too. He told his parents about it but both disagreed as they thought their is too young to be engaged in these sex games. They told avinash that he should get married in that case and he readily accepted the offer. He was soon married to dipti, mr anand’s close friend daughter. Dipti was a real bombshell. Her figure would make anyone mad about her. Above all, in bed she was a real tigress. Avinash was a bit dissapointed on their first night because he came to know that his wife was not a virgin but he could understand why. They had sex thrice on that night but still she wanted more. Avinash just could believe it that his lovely wife would turn out to be such a horny bitch. During their conversation, avinash was happy to know that dipti was a person with modern thoughts as she does not consider incest as a sin or immoral. In fact she narrated to avinash how she lost her virginity to her brother. She also told him how her bro fucked her on the wedding day and that’s why he was crying so much because he would miss didi’s choot so much.”hey avi darling hadn’t you ever felt like doing your cute sister”dipti asked. “no never but now i will think about it”avinash replied. “im sure she would love to be pumped by her bhaiya. Don’t worry jaan im here now”dipti reassured him.

Now that avinash has gotten married, he was no longer fucking her mother and mr anand was again sad bkoz things has returned as before that is rita has to satisfy herself with a dildo. She was indeed missing a real cock in her hot choot a lot. Mr anand thought that he should talk to avinash about it.

Next morning, he called avinash in his room and told him that with the arrival of his wife he has completely forgotten his dear mother and that’s not good as he was not fulfilling the duty of a ideal son as he used to be.”pa,its not that i don’t love mum anymore and don’t want her choot. The problem is that i’m really exhausted everyday after having sex with my wife thrice” “but son can’t you see how unhappy your mum is” “ok i’ll try to talk to dipti and see if she agrees to share my cock with mummy” avinash reassured his father. Later that night, he explained to his wife that his father was impotent and so he used to fuck his mother. Dipti understood how her mother-in-law must feeling of not getting a cock in her choot every night and felt pity for her. She agreed but only on one condition that she too would participate in this.

After assuring that akshaye and devina were asleep, the horny couple and avinash had gathered in the living room. Mr anand had put some light music and had brought everyone a can of beer. “where is my daughter-in-law” anand asked.”she is taking her bath,i think”avinash replied. They had all settled on the sofa and avinash mouth was busy with his mom’s big round boobs. Avinash slided one hand inside his mom’s panty and was caressing her clit. Mr anand was not idle. He had already unzipped his boy’s pant and had his tool in his mouth. Frankly speaking, avinash didn’t like much to be sucked by his father but he was such a great cocksuker even better one than dipti or rita that he could only enjoy his father’s dexterity. Some minutes later, dipti came out of the bathroom and remained at the door. She was enjoying the scene with her fingers deep in her burning choot…..

Dipti approached them to join in the action.her mother in law welcome her wiz a deep kiss and ordered her to get on her knee.rita widespread her legs and had his daughter in law in between them.dipti’s soft tongue over her pussy was sending her to ecstasy.she had forgotten about her kids sleeping upstairs and was mourning loudly and was encouraging dipti to fist was incredible scene koz dipti’s fist was nearly swallowed by this huge horny pussy.anand in the mean time was eating passionately his son’s lund and apparently wanted to have it in his ass too.he hid this sentiment koz he feared that his son declined to fuck his father.rita lied down and invited her daughter in law over her face. Now it was her turn to have this juicy pussy in her mouth.dipti sat on rita’s face but wanted badly a lund in her mouth too.the only cock available was his father in law’s one so she unzipped his pant and kissed it before swallowing was really small compared to avinash but it tasted good.unfortunately even dipti’s soft tongue could not bring his father in laws cock back to life.anand stood up,removed his short and asked dipti to lick his asshole and as an obedient bahu she plunged her tongue inside his hole.astonishingly we could see sum sign of improvement. I mean having dipti’s tongue in his asshole his cock was becoming semi erected.he then moved to avinash and ordered him to tear his ass apart.avinash hesitantly inserted his stiff lund inside him and started pumping his dad’s ass.he was enjoying fully the moment and kept mourning….”faster son…faster so….aaaaaahh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…aaaaaaaaaaaaah”in few minutes he cummed inside him.what wasn’t expected was that anand cock was fully erected did this miracle occur was on the mind of everyone present in the room.

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