Dream came true

Hi folks ! I am snehal again with the final part of my story. I hv already told u how i lusted upon my 48 yrs old own mom and almost forced her for my first fuck.then on we became just like husband and wife inside home and son mom to the outer society.almost every day we indulged in passionate love making and satisfied our sex hunger.

After a few months,after a promotion in my bank job i got married to renu my wife. She was stunningly beautiful and damn sexy. She was highly educated and from a high profile family.she was extremely happy with my love making. But i have not forgotten the old lady in my home,my sweet mom. I used to find some chance to give her a weekly dose. Months after i realised that nobody can be compared with mom regarding love making. But it was so difficult and dangerous to be with mom when my wife renu was around.

One night while in a passionate love making my wife commented-“ur mom is still very beautiful at this age. I don’t know how i would look at her age.” i kissed renu and said-“my mom is not only beautiful but very sexy also.” renu shocked-“what !” i told-“oh no ! Don’t take it in wrong way. To be honest i wish to give her a wild fuck if she is not my mom !”renu laughed and told jokingly-“shall i talk to her , you naughty son !”i smiled and said -“then i shall give you a singapore holiday . But i know it will never happen.”we both laughed.

Next day i told this to my mom. She blushed in red. After a week while gossipping my mom asked my wife-“beti , when you are presenting me my grandson.”my wife blushed and said-“oh mama,ur son is delaying.what can i do?” mom smiled and said-“then what are you both doing till late night every day? I always used to hear laughing and moanings next room.” renu my wife blushed. She slightly pinched my mom’s hand and said-“mama, you are really so so…” both laughed.

Next day when my mom narrated their conversion i gave a plan. Mom was so embarrased to hear my plan. After lunch and a little rest i asked renu for a fuck. She agreed immediately. We were in act of fucking ,as per my plan my mom entered inside unknowingly. We both were nude. My mom blushed and tried to go away. I asked-“mom, please do a favour if u dont mind. Plz give us the condom pack from that rack.”my mom obliged but shouted-” why are you both using these condoms? I need a grandchild as soon as possible.i am feeling so bore !”my wife was smiling nervously seeing mom. After handing the condom pack my mom quickly went away from room.

In evening renu and mom were chatting in garden.mom smiled and said-“renu,i am so jealous of you. U are really lucky having snehal as husband. His father was never so caring like snehal. I suffered a lot in my youth.”in the mean time i came and sat with them. Mom was in all tears.renu was consoling her. I became very happy seeing my plan was running smoothly. Trying to make mom happy i hugged her and kissed her infront of renu. She blinked her eye to me. I told-“mom,i love you.i love you same as i love my wife. ”

My mom smiled and kissed me and praising my wife she told-“renu is really a sweet girl. Always keep her happy.” renu seemed happy. Suddenly i kissed mom on her lips. Mom was shocked and told-“hi snehal, what are you doing? I am ur mom.” renu interfered in between and said-” mom,he is ur son and he is just trying to keep you happy.” we just carried away mom inside house. Mom was tremblling in excitement and we both renu and me were also in wildness.we put mom in bed and without delay i mounted on top of her. Mom was acting as if she was in hell of shame. I started fucking mom.renu was so thrilled seeing the mother son union ! She was getting so horny. In fully nude she joined us and started licking moms boobs. Mom was no new to me. I was kissing and fucking her mature pussy wildly. Mom was moaning in pleasure. In minutes she flooded her pussy with lots of love juices. Renu was breathing like a wild cat. I get down from mom and mounted on renu. We fucked like wild boars in front of mom and came at same time. We three were smiling . Mom was so blushed.

A new time was begun. We three understood each other. While my wife loved pussy pleasure, my mom had developed an unusual likeness in anal pleasure. Her asshole was gateway to heaven. It was so pleasant smelling and inviting ! Some time my mom and my wife were engaged themselves without me. It was such a nice family bonding.

When father used to visit us, then there will be so much restrictions by mom. But one day dad was watching tv, my wife was in her periods. And i was so horny. In toilet i forced my mom inside and entered in her bum and finished quickly . It was so exciting to fuck mom in dad’s presence at home.

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