Actually I am writing first time here any way but i am a big fan of ISS. Once one of my friend told me about this ISS from that day whenever i got time or i want to be in Imagination i just check the web of ISS. Actually before starting my story i want to tell that these sex stories are the only way to get highest in heaven because of Imagination. It is more than any BF. Here my stories starts(my English is not good so plz pardon me).

I was that time just near 17.I was a college boy who have passed out 12th class a month ago. I came in Agra to start my college life. in Agra there were many relatives.so i usually go to meet them. One of my cousin aunt or (dur ki taiji) called me to her house. I dont know but everyone in her house likes me like in studies , personality or what so ever. her daughter name was Aarti who was doing b.Com frm university but she was one year elder than me. I like her most in that house,whenever i look at her i feel like that she is just for me. the way she smiles at me I never forgot. I call her didi In that house. she talks to me too much mean i was a shy guy but she was not. She talks to me of every matter. One day she asked my mobile number.

my house was just near to her house tats why i goes twice in a week to my taiji home. when she took my mobile no. she sent me so many of friendship messages but i was not interested in that because that all were forwarded message everyone does this.but she sent me so many messeges so i have to send also some. In near days we messege both 20 to 25 times to each other. I was thinking now can i have more relationship with her then immediately brother-sister thought comes to my mind atlast she was my “cousin sister” guyzzzz. one day she messege me a non veg msg. I just shocked but whatever i also reply her with a non veg.After that we also started sending non veg msg.same goes till near 10 days then we started having selftype sms.in that we have shared most of the things.

Now she was very friendly to me one day she asked me if she wanted to give me any gift what will i want then i said “many hugs and Kisses”.

She smiled and didn’t reply me. now daily i make her remember her for my gifts. In these days since we started messaging she comes to my house often and i was living alone so she does not hesitate in my house. One day she came to my home we talked on every matter in between chatting I was trying to involving those gifts matter but i failed. when she went from my home then I message her “hey wht abt my gifts?”She reply”U didint ask me for that”………..Ohh then I realize that I lost so big oppotunity.I have got the hint now so i called her to my home again by making some excuse. This day i was very exited because i dont wanted to miss this opportunity.When she came to my home after just two or three topic i started the topic of gifts, she shy on this topic mean she was saying like ‘what gifts’ then she gave me a kiss on my cheek and small hug……

oh goooooooood when she hhug me her boobs and every upper part of body touched me.that was my first time so I got crazy. I hug her again and this time hardly and I was saying “didi ek baar or” she said that till now u are saying to me “didi”, I said “oh sorry”(she was my cousin elder sister).then I started kissing on her lips. I was trying to copy movie smooch mean I want give her best smooch. Then I don’t know what happened to her she started saying No NO No. I said what happened. She said “just leave me Anuj”.I don’t want to hurt her so I leave her. but then started again then this time I started forcefully by ignoring her voice and thinking only about my fantasy. I started squeezing her boobs.she was saying again again “Leave me Anuj I want to go please leave me” but she was moaning also. I put my hand on her butts and begin to pressing them and in her line..now she also supported me and this time she hugged me hard and saying “Anujjjjjjjjjjjj kyaaaaaaaa kar rha heeeeeeee”.I wiped her top and bra. Now her big boobs and on those big boobs there were two big nipples looking like two black grapes. I started licking her boobs and sucking all her big boobs. I was trying to eat whole big one boob in my mouth but its not fitting. I push her to bed and started licking every part of her. I was trying to open her jeans button by my mouth and now took out every down thing by my mouth only and now her pussy was in front of me that was covered by some hairs but I didnt bother that and started licking every area..she was moaning and speaking loudly aaaaahhhhhhhhh anujjjjjj aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh………..then I took out my clothes and take out my dick in front of her just seeing my dick she grab it and started licking like “cornetto icecream”.I pushed her hard my dick into her mouth..that was amazing I was just like in heaven. I aked her for 69 position now and then I again started licking her pussy this time her pusssy was wet and some sweet liquid was there I liked that and I licked it all. then finally I put my dick in her wet pussy that was easily get into her pussy…..now she shouts “aaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaammmmm” I started giving her hard strokes.after some time my juices also came out and I said do you want to waste it she said “no” and starts licking……….

Oh god that was so autumn. then we wore our clothes and I asked you liked it na”. She didn’t say anything and went from my home.

What did you think of this story??


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