Developing Lust For My Mommy

Hi ISS Readers, my name is Raj 18 years old and I live in Delhi. I am greatly inspired by this website and my praise for its content is increasing every day. I belong to a rich and respectable family that enjoys all the luxuries of life. I have an elder sister, recently married to my cousin who lives in the same street as mine. My father works in UNO and spends only 1 month at home that leaves me, my mom and few servants back at home.

My mom is 43 years old, 5’6 tall, milky white skin and a stunning figure that never goes unnoticed. Her big round boobs and 33 inches waist are perfectly balanced by her juicy bouncy ass and hips. I recently passed my 12th class exams and preparing for university admission tests. My lust for my mom started 3 years before, when a few of my friends started to discuss their own mothers with each other at that time.

I could not even think anything wrong about my mom and I always tried to slip away when they start to tell of what they saw of their mothers today many times they tried to invite me to the talk but I told them that it was wrong and they should stop. Hearing this very good friend Kishan stood up and took me to a side hey Raj cool down, it’s all right if you don’t like our discussion.

I will tell them not to bother you again and I thanked him, he smiled and spoke again, you know Raj once I was like you, but all we discuss is not one sided, I am more than certain that our mothers like to show us their assets so when we drool on their lustful bodies they can know how attractive and sexy they are. I said I don’t think you are right Kishan, or at least my mom is not like that. Kishan yeah right, all moms are not the same but mine is a little different.

Come to my house on Sunday morning and I will show you something. I waited anxiously for weekend and on early Sunday morning I left for Kishans house maid opened the door and directed me to Kishans room. Kishan got very happy to see me and took me downstairs to the dining table for breakfast. A few moments later I saw gorgeous Sunita aunty come out of her room. We were family friends, so she greeted me by a tight hug (her boobs grinding into my chest) and a kiss on the cheek.

That was common, I was always greeted like that by her but I had never noticed it before since today maybe it was because I was already told to observe her actions. She started to serve us breakfast and I observed that her blouse was very loose and I could see most of her juicy breasts each time she bent to put or take something from the table then she came behind me and bent to take the plates, pressing her left boob in to my right cheek.

Kishan was noticing all this and smiling to see me embarrassed. We moved in to TV Lounge and started watching TV after some time Sunita aunty came in to lounge. This time my observation was more thorough and I noticed that her sari was tied well below her navel, her blouse was sleeveless, showing good part of her beautiful cleavage and covering almost nothing extra than her bra below her breasts.

We admired her body and kept looking at her exposed areas without noticing that she was looking at us and smiling. Sunita looked at TV, “so are you enjoying the show. We were dumbfound, Kishan replied yeah, we love it, Herriot’s chamber is my favourite one hearing this she smiled again and started cleaning with wipe clothes, bending and stretching at different places and positions to show all parts of her magnificent body.

Sunita and Kishan, I’m really thirsty, please bring me a glass of water. Kishan stood up and went to the kitchen show was not over yet, she came near me and climbed the sofa and started cleaning the painting hung on wall her cunt was 2 3 inches from my face and I could smell the sweet aroma of her body. I had an instant hard on. It continued for few minutes and then the most unexpected happened she lowered her body and sat in my lap.

Sunita oooh, m sorry baby, I need to clean the shelf behind you, it will only take a moment and some dust fell on you, I will also clean it and I replied no problem aunty, take your time. I could not believe my luck, my boner was placed right in her ass crack and few moments later she pressed down her ass to pick my dick and wrap it completely by her crack.

This squeezed my penis, I was in heaven and just before and I almost cum in her crack, and she stood, stepped down from sofa, acted normal and pretended as if she knows nothing that she was sitting on my rock hard dick. Kishan came in to room, we watched TV for some time and then I left. That day my concept about mothers changed and I began to wonder if my mom was the same. There was one way to find answer to this question.

That was to strengthen my observation ability and I masturbated twice that night, thinking of that marvellous scene again and again. My concept about mothers changed that day and I began to wonder if my mom was the same? I decided to strengthen my observation and look for solution to this question. My search for truth started next morning. I noticed her clothes first. My mom is fashionable and religious type at the same time.

She wears attractive clothes, although these clothes pronounce the ups and downs of her figure very well but unlike aunty Sunita they cover her body more than showing it. She passed the first test and I started to look for any suspicious actions, but she never acted as to seduce me or anyone else. I kept an eye on her for several days and it seemed that she passed test 2 also. My praise for her beauty increased during this time.

Now, I enjoy looking at her breasts and I love her when she walks with her body swinging in an elegant way. I started to spend more time with her, utilizing every opportunity that she unconsciously gave to see in to her bra, watch her heavenly swinging ass as she walks and occasionally touch her breasts and brush my dick across her bums.

I started to fantasize about her, masturbate at the thought of seeing her without clothes, I wanted to see her naked in real. I tried to peep through bathroom and bedroom door locks but they were not that old type sees through locks, I tried the windows but they were always covered with curtains, and unfortunately I was not bold enough to use hidden video cameras.

My mom has a habit of sleeping naked at night but that was also useless because and I could not sneak in to her room as it was always locked at night. All my efforts yielded nothing until one winter season when my mom’s sister Sunali came to our house. She is my favourite aunt and I enjoy her company very much. One night I thought of an evil plan. I woke up late at night and walked to my mom’s room.

I knocked on the door twice and finally aunt Sunali opened the door. She was still half asleep and asked what the matter was. I told her that my room’s heater was not working and it was too cold to sleep. Sunila ooh, poor boy come in and sleeps in our room. I walked in to the room happily and set my pillow and quilt on the floor. Aunt reached the king size bed where my mom was sound asleep, turned back and forgetting that my mom was naked, told me that I can sleep on the bed with them.

My plan worked, I got up and adjusted between my mom and aunt. I waited for my aunt to sleep and then very slowly began to move in to my mom’s quilt. It was warm, filled with delicious aroma of her body. She was sleeping on her side with her back towards me. I slowly moved beside her and touched her body. The fact that I was touching my naked mom sent electrical shocks through my body. Light was dim and I could only see a faint outline of her magnificent body.

I kissed her shoulders and put my hand on her hips. I got bold, removed my shorts and started playing with my dick. Soon it was hard as steel rod. I felt my mom’s round ass for a few minutes and then placed my boner in her ass crack. By that time and I have removed all my clothes and was naked just like mom. I lay in that position for some time and then started slowly moving my dick up and down the length of her crack.

It was the most wonderful feeling I ever had. I rubbed my dick in her crack for about 15 min then I don’t know what evil got in to me and without thinking I slid my penis between mom’s legs. Mom moved a little and I froze to death. She adjusted a little and then went to sleep again. I was horrified and didn’t move until she started snoring. I gained some courage tried to withdraw my stick from her legs very carefully. I moved my dick back and just before it was going to pop out, lust took over me and moved forward.

My base of my dick touched my mom’s ass and my 8 inches penis popped out from the other side mom’s legs, touching the smooth skin of her cunt then I started to move back and forth in a rhythm. The pleasure was too much to bear and soon I reached climax. I came like I have never cum before, shot my load on her cunt and belly, then pulled out from her legs and shot a bucket of load in her crack and spraying some on her ass. I hugged her from back and drifted to sleep.

To be continued please comment.

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