Day With My Aunty

Hi all readers this is naughty 21 m 5 feet
5 in from Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh. This story is about me and my aunt named Moni
(name changed) I was very naughty from my child hood. I use to watch dirty
posters of movies in papers and actress from my child hood as sexual hunger was
there in me from my child hood from 8th class only he he.When I was in class 10
there was a friend of mine called Tharun he used to watch porn pictures on net

He used to talk about sex and at that time
I came to know the word fuck.One day he gave me some nude pics of girls in a
floppy disk and later some sex scenes which grow the lust in me .Coming to my
Aunt now she was my mothers younger sister .She was Not very fair in colour but
wheatish 5-3 in height and figure was awesome I don’t know numbers am not
writing .When I was in class IX I went to my aunts home as I usually did to
play with my cousin.

I didn’t use to look my aunt with that
view any time but one day in the midnight when I went to drink water I heard
some noise coming from my aunties room I bought a ladder and peeped through the
ventilator to my surprise my uncle and aunty were nude and my uncle was on my
aunty kissing her and moving back and front ah what a sight it was from that
day I used to look my aunt in a different way with an evil eye.

I used to watch her breasts and ass when
she was near and it was the first time I saw Porn XX on tv on ZMGM that made me
more horny I use to watch and use to mastrabute in the morning or night
thinking of my aunty in the bathroom.When we use to have lunch or dinner I used
to sit beside her so that I can mistakenly touch her feet or feel her legs but
she use to move her legs and behave normally cause

She didn’t have any thing like that for me
but she liked me very much. She use to kiss my forehead and even hug me some times
ah what a feeling it was I could feel her breast but till that time she didnt
noticed any thing in me and after 9th I went 2 hostel from 9-12 in these period
never got chance just used to have eye contacts with her which showed that the
way in which she looked had changed I Saw some lust in her eyes.

And when I completed 12 my uncle had gone
to UAE and my aunt was there at my home oh I forgot to tell she had a son. So
they shifted to our home cause they had to stay alone at their home so they
were sleeping on my bed when I came I used to sleep in the corner in between my
cousin bro and in the other corner my aunt. So one day all of a sudden I woke
up in the night I saw my aunt sleeping ah my dick got erection and I was out of

I slowly took my feet and putted it on her
feet ah I was feeling so nice ah I massaged it slightly and I think she felt it
and she moved again I did the same thing but this time she didn’t moved this showed
a positive sign to me so I kept it for much longer time and in the excitement
don’t know when I slept. Next morning I woke up every thing was normal except
the view with which my aunt saw me was more changed she started looking at me
more often and smile at me and look

My crouch area which gave me positive sign
and so the next night I got more courage I woke up again somehow don’t know how
and again my dick was erect this time I got little more courage I planted a
soft kiss on her lips first but before kissing I touched her lips and saw
whether she was awake or felt asleep she didnt move so I planted one and again
same foot massage and same thing.


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