Daddy’s girl

Rahul was sitting in the living room, sipping a cup of tea. A middle level executive in a MNC, life was quite comfortable. Now touching 45, he knew his chances of making it up the corporate ladder were limited. He was not worried though, he had made his choices a long, long time ago, after marriage and after Puja was born. A middle class boy from a muffasil town, he was happy with what he had achieved. He was in a reflective mood today. It was the weekend and for once he had it totally free. He had planned to take the family out for an outing, but Sunita had some important meetings. She was a career conscious woman, driven by ambititon that was far greater than Rahul’s. She had been so, right from the beginning. Her position and salary were better than his but he didn’t mind that.

Initially her burning ambition was what had attracted Rahul. As the marriage wore on, he sometimes had a feeling they were missing out on some important things in their lives for the sake of career. After Puja was born, he had taken it easy, but Sunita didn’t. Thinking of Puja made him turn his head to the side. Puja their only daughter, Sunita didn’t want another child, as she felt she had lost enough time already with one pregnancy. That was another sore point in their relationship. Rahul had wanted a full house, three or four, though even two would have been better. That was not to be. Right from the time Puja was born, he had shouldered most of the responsibility of bringing her up. All through her growing years, he had made it a point to be there for his daughter. He had changed nappies, bathed her, fed her, taken her to school, brought her back, attended all her school functions, even though his career had to be put on the back burner for that. Sunita had never bothered to make time for either Rahul or Puja, concentrating more on her career.

He glanced at Puja. He was proud of her. She was 17, young and nubile. Puja was wearing a pair of shorts and a short top that just grazed the waistline of the shorts. She was sitting on the sofa, casually sprawled on it with her legs elegantly folded under her, sideways. She had shed the puppy fat of her childhood days. She was filling out now. The curves were there, still hidden in her youthful body. But one could make out the curvy woman she would develop into. Just then Puja absently scratched herself under the left breast. He couldn’t help but notice how it showed off her young budding breast. My god! He thought to himself. It just seems like yesterday, that he was pacing the corridor of the hospital waiting for her to be born. The memory of her bouncing on his knees and shouting shrilly still rang in his years. Look at her now, she was almost a woman. She must be a healthy 34 he thought. “Shit. What are you doing…” He reprimanded himself, “she is your daughter, dammit”. Still his eyes wouldn’t leave Puja. She was totally immersed in her conversation with her friend, giggling, whispering, still scratching away, making her breast bouce and push out of the thin fabric of the top. There was an undercurrent of the exotic, the forbidden as Rahul watched his daughter’s breasts bounce inside her top.

Either it is the heat or her inner garments must not fit properly, Rahul thought to himself. He forced himself to tear his eyes away from Puja. Rahul was not only her father but her best friend too. They both were very close, the closeness further increased by Sunita’s ambition. Puja discussed almost every detail of her life with him. Rahul was her best friend. Puja was not only his daughter but his life. He would do anything to make her happy. He knew he sometimes over indulged her, Sunita made it a point to tell him this, whenever Puja and her had fights. Mom and daughter were like cats and dogs. Rahul tried telling his wife about growing up problems, teen aches, teen needs, but Sunita wouldn’t listen, nor did she take any effort to improve her relations with Puja. Even her coming of age, her onset of puberty, it was to Rahul that she came up crying. He had to direct her to Sunita to explain her about it. Even afterward it was Rahul who nursed her moods during her periods and PMS.

Till very recently she used to snuggle up in Rahul’s lap. Specially when she needed something that didn’t meet with her mom’s approval, she would sit in his lap, cuddle him and use a childish lisp to talk to him. He knew that she was using him, to get her own way, but was powerless in his love to stop her. The only thing he told her was that she was too old and heavy to sit in daddy’s lap and to stop lisping.

Puja continued to chatter on with her friend. Rahul knew it would be a long time till she finished the call. Rahul got up, left the tea cup in the kitchen and went to his bedroom to check on his mail. Puja noticed her daddy get up and leave. She was glad. Though she was very frank and open with her dad, there were things that she couldn’t talk about openly in front of him. She was discussing relative merits and demerits of the hunks in school. Of late their chats had only one topic, and that was boys. Although her friend had already lost her virginity to a boy from a class senior to them, and since then had some experience with another boy of their class, Puja was a virgin. Somehow, the boys of her age didn’t appeal to her much. Maybe being an only child and the fact that right from childhood Rahul had treated her pretty much as a friend, had made her thinking more mature than normal for her age.

In her mind, there was no doubt at all, there was no man better than her dad, Rahul. He was still a very handsome, very fit man, trim with a 34 inch waist, tall at 5.11 and very snappyly dressed at all times. She loved his manly smells. One reason she loved to cuddle up with her dad was to smell his manly smells, the faint whiff of his aftershave, the slightly sour smell of whiskey, the pungent smell of the cigarettes or the sweetish smell of the cigars he occassionally smoked. Right from her younger days she loved it. Even now sometimes when feeling down or if she needed a instant upper she would sneak into his bedroom and splash some of her dad’s aftershave onto her palm and smell it. The smelll was soothing to her, or she would sneak out a shirt of his from the wash basket and sleep wearing it. It made her feel happy and secure.

She returned her attention to the conversation with Anjali. Anjali was trying to get her to go with her on a date with her boyfriend and his friend. Anjali kept telling Puja of the pleasures to be had from sex, but was yet to convince her fully. This was another attempt on her part to get Puja to lose her virginity. Puja was bored of it all, but didn’t want to offend her best friend so she agreed. Then she dropeed the phone back in the cradle thinking of what to wear for the date.

She was fed up of her mom, Sunita. She bought her such frumpy innerwear she was ashamed of wearing them. Not that they couldn’t afford better stuff. Puja had a feeling mom did it on purpose to annoy her. Even the bra she had on was one such, didn’t fit her at all, and the bra’s elastic band chaffed her skin at places when she moved, making her itch and scratch. Same with the panties too. She needed some clothes too if she were to make an impression on the boys tomorrow. She knew just the way to get all that. Mom was out on a business trip, dad was there with her in the house. He was the right guy for all this. She noted that dad had moved in to his bedroom. She got up and made her way to his room.

Puja was 34 26 34. She had a sneaky feeling that her breasts were not going to remain 34 for long, nor was her behind. She was built more like her mom was. Mom was 38 30 38, which she had checked from her inners in the wash basket. She had felt jealous to note the designer brands that mom used for herself. She peeped into the room. Dad was sitting in the chair in front of the computer. He had put on his reading glasses, which made him look like a strict school teacher, No way, dad can’t be a teacher, she corrected herself. More like the principal of the school or college, whatever.

“daddy can I come in? I hope you are not busy?”

Rahul looked up to see Puja standing near the door. She looked radiantly beautiful. “Come in sweetheart. Daddy is always free for his sweet little girl. Come on in baby.”

Puja really needed to work on him to get her new clothes and inner wear, she knew he will initially object quoting mom, and that it was upto mom to decide her inner wear and stuff like that. She knew it will take quite a bit of coaxing to convince her dad. She went to Rahul. Rahul turned his chair around to face his daughter. Puja surprised him by sitting in his lap. “Oh daddy. You are so nice. Y ou are the best dad in the whole world.” Rahul heard her lisping voice and knew she was upto something. Usually such a start to their conversation meant she wanted something that she thought her mom won’t approve of. “Let me wait and see what she wants this time,” he thought to himself, shifting in the chair to accomodate her.

Tendrils of her shiny hair were flying about in the breeze kicked up by the fan and tickled his face. Her hair smelled nice, must have shampooed today, he thought. She had put on some weight along with the curves. Her bums on his lap felt soft and spongy. The weight of them pressed down on his cock. Up close she looked angelic. He put an arm around her shoulder to support her. Her shorts had ridden up, bunching around her crotch. Her creamy thighs looked so firm, smooth and silky. He moved his eyes away from her thighs, lest something embarassing happen. She was a teenager now, not a child, she would know if anything stirred under her.

“So what does my little baby want from daddy?”

“Oh dad. You make it sound like I am out to get something out of every time I hug you. Can’t I just feel like hugging you or love you,” she spouted lisping with an indignant tone. “Not like that sweetheart. Whenever you need daddy I am here for you.” “So sweet of you, daddy.” She kissed his cheek. “You know dad it has been so long since I sat on your lap. I feel so good when you hold me in your lap.” “you can sit as long as you like, whenever you like Puja, but you are not a child anymore and you weigh quite a bit baby.” “Ohh daddy……..” Puja playfully punched him in the chest. They kept chatting about things, when once again Puja scratched herself under the breasts. Then she opened her thighs slightly and scratched her crotch. “God this is too much..” Rahul thought. Maybe she didn’t realise what she was doing, and what it was doing to Rahul. “Baby stop that, please.” “Stop what daddy,” Puja asked without stopping. Her thighs had fallen open more and her hand had crept under the hemlne of her shorts. “Stop scratching your privates when in company baby, it is not decent thing for a girl to do.” “Oh sorry daddy. I can’t help it.” “No you can sweetheart.”

“No daddy you don’t understand. Wait let me explain.” Puja got up from his lap. He sighed in relief, it had been tough for him to maintain his composure, with Puja sitting on his lap. Those soft butts were wrecking havoc with his self control. Puja left the room. He breathed easy. He mused about those forbidden moments when he had felt stimulated by his own daughter, those guilt ridden moments of joy. He remembered a nice summer day last year. As usual they had gone to the club to play tennis. She was in skirt and top. Playing with her was very distracting for Rahul these days. He frankly didn’t know which ball to watch, the tennis ball bouncing on court or those two bigger balls bouncing around on her chest. Only the fact that she was his own daughter kept him from ogling her like an old lecher. Just then she jumped up to reach a ball that was climbing off the court. He got distracted again, what with those breasts doing an extra bounce and jiggle and the skirt flying up to flash a view of her pristine white panty, that instead of waiting for it to bounce, Rahul took it in the air volleying it. The ball just flew like a bullet off his racket and smacked with a meaty thunk into Puja.

Puja dropped her racket and collapsed to the floor of the court, clutching at her chest. Rahul dropped his racket and rushed to her. “Oh god! What have I done. I have hurt my little baby..” Rahul thought as he rushed to her side. He knelt down and took her head on his thigh. His little baby had tears in her eyes. “Daddy it hurts……..” “come on Puja get up let me take you to the doctor.” “no dad. I will be fine.” “come lets go to the dressing room and take some rest.” He picked up both rackets and helped her get up. She was leaning on him for support. Rahul put a hand around her waist and held her. As they walked he could feel her soft tits on his chest. Rahul’s right hand was curled around her under her breast. As she breathed, her boob would softly rest on his hand then lift up. In his worried state, he barely registered it, but the memory had worked itself in to his subconscious mind. He took her into the womens’ changing room, and laid her out on a bench. “Sweetheart dad is going to take a look. Just relax.”

Her shirt had come out of the skirt and her navel was exposed. The armpits were soaked in sweat, the shirt wet under. The sweat covered shirt was showing off the outline of her bra, where it was still dry. There were beads of sweat rolling down her face and neck. Her thighs looked damp too. Rahul leaned over her. She smelled sweet. The sweat was clean sweat. The top button of her tee shirt was open. He reached out and undid the rest of the buttons. He gently pried her hand off her chest and eased the shirt down. The ball must have hit the left breast, there was a reddish patch starting around the bra hem, he could see just a half moon of it. He closed it back up. “Puja let me get you some ice, you just lie there, rest baby”. He rushed to the club building and got some ice cubes, put them in a towel. “Baby the area is red and must be sore. I brought some ice pack. A cold compress will do you good. You just lie back and relax.” With that he eased her tee shirt down again, but with her bra on he couldn’t give her the ice pack correctly. He reached under her body to unhook her bra. He eased it off the left shoulder and pushed it down. The top half of her left breast was tender as he felt it. It would be one big bruise. He gently put the ice pack on her breast. She winced as the ice pack touched her skin. She grabbed his arm for support. “Don’t worry baby, five minutes of this and you will be good as new.” She just nodded. As he kept sitting by her side, holding the ice pack, he couldn’t help but notice how firm and tight her budding breasts were. They weren’t yet so big as to lose their shape. Perfect cones topped with a cherry like nipple. Her nipple was visible hardening even as he watched, probably due to the cold ice being held on her breast. He hadn’t felt very father like right then. Just the thought of that moment made his cock twitch under his shorts.

Puja reentered the room bringing back Rahul to the present. With the memory of that incident still fresh in his mind, he took a look, she had blossomed since then, she must be bigger now he thought. She had her hands held behind her as if hiding something. “Daddy just look at this,” her left hand came out and she had a set of panty and bra hanging from her hand. It was a red pair, very stylish and obviously costly. He took them from her. Freshly washed and folded, he recognised them as his wife’s. “Ok Puja, these are your mother’s. What is there to see in this.” “Ok, dad. Now see this.”She came close to him and held up a pair of panties in her hand right in front of his face. The pair seemed quite old, the edges had started to fray, the stitching had loosened and an odd thread was hanging loose. The panty was unwashed too. The white panty had turned to a dirty white almost brownish. The front had that stiff,crumpled, crusted look of an aged inner wear. There was a faint whiff of feminine odor from the panty, as Puja pushed it almost in his face. “See daddy. See what I have to use. Mom just doesn’t listen and look at her stuff. I don’t want such costly stuff but atleast fitting ones can be bought isn’t it dad.” She removed the panty to replace it with a bra. The cup so close it touched Rahul’s chin. Again a faint odor of unwashed smells of his daughter’s body assailed him. His cock twitched again inside his shorts. He could sense a massive erection coming up soon if she wouldn’t stop waving her inner wear on his face.

“Puja please take them away.” Puja just threw them on the bed to the side. Next she did something totally unexpected. She lifted up her top to show her bra. She stepped up real close, lifted the hem of the bra to show the lower portion of her swelling breast. “See this dad, see how the skin is. This is why I scratch myself.” The bra had cut into her soft delicate skin leaving a patch of it abraded. Before he could say anything she dropped her top and her shorts. Now she was standing in panty and top in front of Rahul. “See this dad.” She put her left leg on the chair. Rahul didn’t know what to say or do. He was stunned to say the least. She was trying to show him a similar patch right at the crease of her thigh where they joined. Rahul tried hard to keep his cool. It proved impossible. His nubile young daughter’s quim was right in his face, so close he could smell it. The panty had worn thin in the front. It was tight fitting too. The way it fitted left him in no doubt about the shape and size of her pussy. It bulged, the pussy lips with a thin slit in between clearly delineated in the fabric of the panty. It looked a little damp the way it clung to her flesh.

He tore his eyes away to where Puja seemed tobe pointing. Her inner thigh was chaffed and red where the panty had rubbed her. “Puja baby please put on your shorts and tell me what it is that you want.” Puja moved in to sit again in Rahul’s lap. Rahul tried to stop her but she sat before he could move. “daddy please buy me some inners just normal good stuff not designer like mom. And some dresses daddy.” Just to get her off his semi rigid cock Rahul told her yes very fast. Puja got up pulled up her shorts and went away. She was feeling pleased with herself. She smiled when she recollected the look on her dad’s face, when she had dropped her shorts.

She had left the room, but her memory and the smell of her panty seemed to hang in the air like ghosts. Rahul was fighting hard not to think of what he had just seen. It was all his fault in a way. From the beginning he had taught her to be open, frank about the human body and not feel embarassed about it. Earlier he used to roam around naked in the house after bath. On hot days he slept nude. A number of occassions the whole family had been nude inside the house. Puja had seen him and her mom nude and never thought of it as unusual. That was what he had wanted. The hardening of his cock inside his shorts, made him remember the time, he had been given a hand job by Puja. Well, not exactly. It was accidental actually.

The next day, he took Puja shopping. While at the lingerie shop he had tried to keep himself away from selecting the items, but Puja wouldn’t let him be. “Daddy is this one ok……….do you think this one will look good on me….. “ She kept pestering him and flashing him those cute smiles while waving around sexy looking pieces of lingerie. He had to tell no to a couple of items she picked, like a transparent front panty and stuff like that. He said no to a thong too, but Puja sulked so much he gave up. Then she went to try out some of her purchases to see if they fit. Rahul just hung around wishing they could finish this ordeal fast. Then he saw the sales lady wave at him from the back of the store. “Now what..”He was wondering as he walked back. “Sir she wants you to approve something..” And before he could protest had opened the door to the trial room and ushered him inside. He hesitated for a moment but didn’t want others to peep into the room where his daughter was changing. So he stepped in and stopped suddenly in surprise.

Puja was wearing a black satin bra and the panty was looking funny. It barely seemed to cover her mound, it was such a teeny weeny triangle only. He could only gape at her, while she turned stylishly around presenting her bottom for him to see. “Oh my god. That’s a thong she has on.” He thought to himself. Her bottom had fleshed out enough to let the thong disappear into the crack. All he could see was two twin globes, well padded, fair and shining in the bright lights of the trial room. The thong just dipped into the ass crack and disappeared from view. Then she turned again, straightning up. The sales lady stepped up behind her adjusting something, maybe the hook position. The bra tightened up a little, the breasts popped out more. The lady put her face on her shoulder and asked with a sly grin, “Sir is it ok or should I pull it up more.” Puja too had a grin on her face. If it was a game she was trying to play, he couldn’t lose. So he acted nonchalent, and replied “pull it up a notch more, madam. Let me see the fit.” The lady who was about 35 and buxom and beautiful, gave an approving smile and buckled it up a notch tighter. Puja’s young fair breasts seemed half out of the cups, her nipples were poking out visible through the satin cloth. He smiled his approval. “Well sir, as she fills out more, the bra can be stepped down a notch or two to accomodate her nicely,” the lady said with a smile. Rahul thought to himself she might be a lady worth cultivating, and smiled back.

In the clothing store, Rahul flatly refused to step in, wanting to avoid further embarassing situations, which suited Puja nicely. She picked up some daring stuff, a micro mini, a matching minimal top, some tubes, some skirts. Rahul didn’t even look at the bill, he just paid up. He just wanted to get home, his cock was turning circles inside, giving him the jitters. That evening he sat alone, sipping a scotch, thinking about his life and his daughter. She was out on her date, she had gone wearing a sexy mini, which if Sunita saw would make her mad. It was so short, he could see the creases where her bums ended. He didn’t say anything though, he didn’t want her upset. He remembered the most recent view he had had of her cute ass. Compared to the last time this was much better. The last time had been when they had all gone on a trip to Ranthambore forests about a year back. Sunita had not felt well enough to take the treking and so had stayed back in the cottage. Rahul and Puja had been on the trek with others staying in the camp. After the rest break, Puja had whispered inhis ear that she wanted to pee. He had told to go and do it behind the bushes. She was feeling afraid and wanted him to accompany her. He took her behind some bushes off the track and told her to go, but she had told him to stay. So he stayed with his back turned to her. He heard the rustle of her getting ready, the zipper of the jeans being pulled down, the tight jeans being pushed down, snap of the elastic, then finally the ‘sssssusshhhhhhhhhhhhh’ of Puja peeing. She must have been holding it for a long time. She was very noisy and the stream of piss sang as it hit the dried leaves on the forest floor. Then suddenly Puja shouted “daddyyyy….” And Rahul turned. Puja was still squatting on her haunches. The blue jeans pulled down bunched up near her ankles. White panty stretched out between her legs tight. Fair, plump thighs bunched up. Soft white big butts flattened and spread. There was a rustle of leaves from somewhere ahead of her. He couldn’t see anything. Puja jumped up and turned. With the jeans and panty hampering her legs she tripped and was about to fall. Rahul put out his hands and caught her. She had not finished pissing yet. Piss stilll fell in a stream from her pussy, dreenching her panty, jeans and Rahul’s pant too. Rahul looked down. A golden stream of piss, now slowing down to a trickle was jetting out from betwen his daughter’s legs. Soft curling down covered her pubes. Not enough though to fully hide her pussy. Her pinkish pussy lips glistened wet and shiny in the dappled sunlight filtering through the forest canopy. She hugged him tight. He patted her back. As he had done when she had been a mere child, he automatically started to comfort and clean her. Her body was still shivering iwth fright. He pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and his hand without realising moved down between her legs to wipe her dry. Puja also didn’t realise what was going on in her frightened state. It was only when he finished drying her and tried to pull up her panty that Puja came to her senses and stopped him with an embarassed smile.

Now as he thought of that day in the forest, his blood quickened. There was a throbbing sensation in his crotch. The memory of the touch of his daughter’s young, plump pussy was making him horny. He downed one more drink to forget all that and then went out for dinner.

Meanwhile, Puja’s date was not going the way it should have. Her date was one weedy looking young guy, Arun. His clothes were rich looking but on him they looked shabby. He had an unwashed, unkempt look of seediness about him. Puja disliked him at first sight, but had to go with them as she had agreed for the double date with her friend. The guy was rich, he first took them all to a fab, in pub in the city, where he seemed to be a very popular customer. She soon found out why, he was tipping the guys so much. Then he had asked her for a dance. Out in the crowded dance floor, he had clumsily tried to kiss and grope her. She pleaded that her high heels hurt and excused herself to return to her seat. Her friend Anjali was however having a whale of a time with her date.

They had dinner, once again in a small but in restaurent. Then Arun had suggested they retire to his parent’s farmhouse in the outskirts to watch a movie. Puja tried to ask to be excused but Anjali would’t hear of it. So reluctantly she went with them. Since he was doing the driving Arun kept the pawing to the minimum, content with feeling up Puja’s thighs which were exposed because of her micro mini. In the farmhouse things got to a state that it was unbearable. Both the guys took out liquor and started to drink. The latest hindi movie Arun had promised turned out to be a indian porn flick, starring some teen gals with mature men. Arun sat next to her and tried to push his hand under her skirt. Same time he kissed her. Puja was horrified. His mouth stank. She felt like throwing up, so she hurriedly broke the kiss. She tried to look at Anjali for some help, but the pair was far too gone. Anjali was in her date’s lap having her boobs sucked by him. The last straw was when Arun whipped out his cock and tried to get Puja to suck. His cock was like the rest of him, thin and reedy, the thickness of a fat pencil, and smelly to boot. Puja quickly picked her things up and ran out into the night. After a long walk to the main road and a wait of almost half hour she finally managed to get a cab and sunk in it tiredly.

Scenes from the porn flick that had been running at the farmhouse flashed in her mind. The mature guy had been handsome and had a bludgeon of a cock on him. His cock reminded her of some forgotten memories. She had vivid memories of a birthday party, she must have been about 6 or 7. She had been sitting in her mother’s lap while she chatted with a friend. The words somehow had stayed in her memory, though at that time she never understood the meaning.

The other aunty, her name now forgotten had asked, “Sunita, Puja is big enough to take care of herself, haven’t thought of having another child?”

Her mom had turned crimson, blushing she had replied, “He is constantly asking for another child. But I have been putting him off.”

“But why sunita. You will soon run out of time. I think you should have one for Puja’s sake at the earliest.”

” No. It is not like that. The problem is different.”

“oh come on. What is the problem. After all you had Puja, so there shouldn’t be any problem.”

“Please this is a secret, don’t let it out. See Rahul is so much well endowed that these days I am afraid of him.”

The aunty had laughed loudly, poked Sunita in the side and with a wink asked, “how big?”

“I really don’t know. Never measured it. Must be around 8 inches or more. It is big enough to hurt. He uses it like a pneumatic drill. He tires me out so much I can’t walk properly for days. So I avoid it as much possible. “

The friend threw up her hands and exclaimed, “wowwww. Wish he would use that pneumatic drill in me sometime.”

That day she never understood what the two women were talking about. Later on she had wondered just how big his was, after having a few male organs by accident. The day when her doubts had been cleared was also an accident. She had the runs picked up from chaat from a street vendor the evening before. That time the bathroom in her room was under renovation, and when she had a urgent need to visit the toilet, her mom had been in the one in her parent’s room. So she had hurriedly barged into the guest bathroom in the corridor, her pjs already down halfway. The guest bathroom didn’t close well. She had been in a hurry and had just barged in, pulled the seat down, pulled her pj and panty down and sat down. Soon as her bottom touched the seat, her bowels voided with embarassing sounds, with relief she sighed and opened her eyes to a shocking sight.

Her dad was standing under the shower, with his mouth open in surprise, all naked. He had put a hand to cover himself but it was inadequate. Puja’s eyes had been drawn inevitable to her dad’s crotch. His whole body was covered in lather, he must have been soaping his cock. His hand was curled around what appeared at first sight to be a tree trunk. A thick brown appendage hung from his body, with a hairy sack hanging below that. He had exposed the glans of his penis to soap and clean. With the skin pulled back, the glans were wet and shiny, the size of a table tennis ball. There was a look of embarassment on both father and daughter’s faces. Rahul hurriedly pulled out a towel and wrapped it around and left the room, so Puja could finish. In those brief moments seeing the heavy cock and balls swing with her dad’s movement, she had finally realised what her mom had said all those years ago.

She found herself comparing in her mind the two organs, Arun’s thin reedy one and her dad’s thick, long club like cock. She felt her cunt dampen deep inside, felt the need to touch it. She waited impatiently for the cab to reach home. When she reached home she found the house deserted. She was sick and tired. Thinking back to the fiasco that evening made her cry. Anjali had enjoyed it all with her boyfriend. Why had she felt miserable? Was there anything wrong with her? The parting shot by Arun as he had tried tofollow her out stilll rang in her ears. Out on the road he had shouted out “You are fucking frigid and iceberg.” That hurt her more. Switching off the lights, she fell on the bed fully dressed, curled into the foetal position, hugging herself tried to sleep.

Rahul entered the house. Was Puja back, he saw the lights in her room were out. He remembered having left them on when he had gone out. He peeped into the room. He could make out her dark shape curled up in bed. He didnt want to disturb her. So he left her sleeping and went to his room. Puja had heard her dad, but didn’t make a sound as she wanted to be alone to sort out her conflicting thoughts. Rahul went to the bedroom, undressed to his boxer shorts, brushed his teeth, peed and came to bed. He just got into bed when he heard a muffled sob. Initially he thought he had imagined it. Then it came again. Worried he went into Puja’s room.

He switched on the light. As the light went on, Puja curled up more. Rahul saw his daughter was still dressed as before. In her curled up position, her micro mini hid nothing. Her legs were together, pedicured feet, toe nails painted, sexy legs flaring out to slim, smooth thighs. The way she was lying on her side exposed her butt. Rahul could see the rounded butt thrusting out, from the absence of any fabric covering he guessed she must be wearing that thong. Her body was wracked with sobs. Her chest was heaving, and her hands were placed between her thighs. Her tear stricken face was looking at him.

He was worried. He sat down beside her on the bed.

“Baby what’s wrong?” “Why are you crying”

“Please go away daddy. Leave me alone.”

Rahul put his hand on her head and smoothed her hair. “come on my sweetheart, tell daddy. Daddy will put right whatever is hurting my little girl. Havn’t I kissed all your hurts away so many times. Ccome on tell daddy.” He put his hand cupping her chin turned her to face him. Her cheeks were tear stained. He bent and kissed her forehead. Then her cheeks. Her cheeks tasted salty.

“Tell you what. You get up and wash your face. Daddy will get something to make you feel good.” Rahul got up, went to the kitchen and made a cup of hot chocolate. Carrying the cup and a drink for himself he went back to the room. Puja had done as he said and was sitting on the bed face freshly washed. Rahul sat down on the bed next to Puja and passed her the cup. For a while they quietly sipped their drinks. Then Rahul asked her, “feeling better sweetheart.”

His loving tone and the concerned look in his face, made her cry again. Rahul put down his drink, took the cup from hand and put it down on the bedside table. He hugged her. Puja buried her face in her father’s chest and sobbed. Rahul felt the warm, wet tears from his daughter’s eyes on his chest. “Don’t cry baby. Daddy is here, daddy will make everything ok for his little girl.” He held her away from him and looked searchingly at her face. “Tell me honey. What upset my precious baby.”

He leant to kiss her forehead again. Just then Puja lifted her head up to see her dad. Rahul’s lips landed on the soft lips of Puja. Puja felt an electric shock ripple through her entire body as she felt her daddy’s lips touch hers. The feeling she had had in the cab returned with a vengence. It was like a bomb had gone off inside her pussy. She felt her cunt turn to jelly felt her grow wet. His moustache was tickling her upper lip. Rahul realised the mistake and tried to pull away, Puja sensed it, put her hands around her daddy’s head and gave in to the kiss. This kiss was so different. Her daddy’s mouth smelled minty, a hint of sourness because of the scotch he was drinking. Faint smell of his cologne, cigarettes. In her inexperience she pressed her own lips hard onto her daddy’s. The passion in her kiss surprised Rahul. It was enjoyable too. After initially trying to pull away from the kiss he now gave in.

Her lips felt so tender, soft, supple and sweet that he wanted to relish it more. There was a rim of chocolate foam on the upper lip. He put out his tongue and licked it clean. Opening his mouth he sucked in Puja’s upper lip into his mouth. Puja just sat there not trying to do anything, just enjoying the pleasure of the kiss her daddy was giveing her. When he softly chewed her upper lip, she couldn’t stop her hand from straying down to her pussy. Then she felt his tongue flicking across her open mouth. Then her dad’s tongue invaded her mouth, exploring her open mouth, tangling with her own tongue. She felt blissful and happy. She wanted the kiss to last forever. Rahul then realised what he was doing and pulled away leaving her with a vague feeling emptiness inside her.

“Ohh papa, that felt so good.”

“Puja do you want to tell me what happened.” Rahul tried not to look at his daughter’s pouting lips that were wet and inviting.

“Daddy, the boy tried to kiss me, but somehow I didn’t like it one little bit, papa. I don’t know why. Anjali seemed to enjoy these things with her date, but I wasn’t papa. Finally, finally………” She spluttered to a stop, not knowing how to put across the sickening scene when the boy had flashed his organ at her demanding her to suck it.

“Yes, Puja tell daddy, did that boy hurt my baby. Just tell me, I will see to that he never bothers any girl from now.”

“Oh no daddy, it is not like that. He.. He…..”

“What did he do sweetheart?”

She blushed and hid her face in her hands. Raising her hands to her face caused her top to go up exposing her tight middle and her navel. Her breasts too changed shape becoming more round and bulging out prominently. Rahul waited patiently. Slowly she dropped her hands, “ he showed me his thing papa, and told me to suck it. I couldn’t do it and ran out.” “But papa he called me names which is what is bothering me more.”

“what did he say to you puja. Did he abuse you, I will kill the bastard.”

“No papa, he said I am frigid and that I am an iceberg.”

With that she broke into a fresh bout of sobbing. Rahul understood what had happened to upset his daughter. He hugged her to him. Her soft, firm young boobs pressed into his chest as she held him tight.

“Look Puja there is nothing wrong with you. Sex is something that involves the body and mind. You will find a person you love soon and then you will also learn to enjoy it honey.”

“I don’t think I can ever enjoy it papa. I always compare all my boyfriends to you and I find them very silly. Iwill never find someone as good and loving as you, I will die a virgin with Frigid Iceberg as my nickname.”

She was clinging to him like a creeper, totally draped on his body. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs and a triangular piece of her thong front was visible. To Rahul’s eyes the thong looked damp. His eyes wouldn’t get off her thong. He saw her hand slide down to her pussy and give it a tight squeeze even as he watched. Then she broke away from his hug.

“You know papa. I have trouble sleeping at night. I dream of you papa.”

“Don’t be silly girl, ofcourse you dream of papa because you love me and I love you.”

“No papa. My dreams are different. In my dreams….” She once again stuttered to a stop.

By now Rahul could guess what was coming next. He was stummied. This was his daughter. She seemed to have a crush on him and was rejecting all guys because of her infatuation with him. How can he persuade her that it was wrong and futile. That this was taboo. Wasn’t he being a hypocrite, hadn’t the sight of his daughter given him sleepless nights and embarassing hardons. Conflicting thoughts ran through his mind. Puja took the matter out of his hands. He was sporting a hardon by now and Puja noticed the telltale bulge in his shorts.

“Ohh daddy your thing looks so big,” and she touched him. All reason flew out of his mind. A wave of pure lust swept him away as he felt the tender touch of his daughter on his cock. All the years of accumulated sexual tension seemed to burst open at her touch. “Aaaah baby” he groaned and his hands went straight to his daughter’s bulging boobs. Puja seemed to melt at his touch. Her back straightened and her boobs filled his hands. It took all of his self control not to tear away her top. He remembered she was a virgin, and already frightened. It wouldn’t do to scare her away from sex totally by being rough with her. He softly caressed her boobs over the top. Puja’s eyes closed, her mouth opened slightly, her pink tongue protruding out as she licked her lips and gave in to the pleasure of her tits being fondled by her dad.

Rahul took the top in his hand and raised it up. Puja helped him by raising her arms above her head. As the top came off he could see her hairy underarms. The hairs looked so soft. He put his nose to her underarm. She smelled so sweet. He licked her armpit. She giggled as his moustache tickled her. “Oh daddy what are you doing.” Rahul didn’t stop till both her armpits were licked to his satisfaction and the soft downy hair was plastered to her skin. Then he moved to kiss her neck. He trailed his tongue down her neck. Kissing, licking and nibbling. All this was new to Puja and making her go wild and the dampness in her pussy seemed to increase till she could actually make out her wetness ooze out physically. The pleasure seemed to come in waves over her body. She clamped her thighs shut to keep the sudden itch in her pussy from becoming worse.

Rahul could feel the young body of his daughter shudder, her breath quickened and her heart was thumping away like a engine gone berserk. He licked his way down to her chest. Kissing the tops of the breasts that were exposed out of the bra. He couldn’t wait to see them. He reached behind to unclasp her bra, then took it off. His cock throbbed when he saw those awesome boobs. They stood out proudly from her chest. Round mounds, tipped with tiny buds of nipples, the skin tight and firm. Greedily Rahul cupped them. He squeezed them both feeling the sponginess of the sweet young flesh. He lovingly took one sexy nipple in his mouth and sucked it gently. Puja’s body gave a upward heave as she felt her nipple being sucked into her father’s warm mouth. The sensation was unbelievable for her. She moaned ever so softly, “aaahh….”

Rahul was alternating between both her breasts very tenderly. He could feel the tension build in his daughter’s body as he worked on them. He himself was close to bursting. He wanted so much to crush those budding young boobs and bury his hard tool in her sweet, young, tight pussy, but he held himself back. There would be time for all that later, he promised himself. Diligently he worked on her boobs, working to awaken the sleeping animal lust in his young daughter’s body. Her fair boobs had turned a shade of pink with his handling. He moved one hand down, lovingly caressing her tight belly, teasing her navel by poking his finger into it. She giggled when he did that.

Then it reached her skirt. He maneuvored his hand under her skirt and finally he touched her sacred spot. The thong was completely wet. He felt her pussy with his sense of touch. As he touched her pussy, Puja tried to clamp her thighs shut to prevent him touching her there. She suddenly felt shy, embarassed that her daddy will find her thong soaking wet. His strong hands firmly parted her thighs open, and she allowed them to fall limp to the sides. Rahul had free access to the deep crevice between her legs. He caressed her pussy over the soaking wet thong. His fingers traced the outline of her plump cunt lips. He softly pressed his finger on them. Puja moaned slightly louder this time. Her thighs shuddered. She felt something strange inside her. A quickening of her pulse, it felt like something was building up inside her that wanted to get out very badly. She didn’t understand it, the feeling was new to her. Sure she had fingered herself and had orgasms but what was happeing was totally new and alien to her.

Then Rahul’s fingers brushed aside the thin wedge of her thong to the side and he touched her naked pussy.

“aaahhhh paapaaa…..” A long drawn out groan of sheer pleasure came out of Puja. Her body tensed. Rahul guessed his daughter was getting ready for a big one. He moved his head down. Unhooked her skirt and patted her indicating her to raise her ass so he could remove it. He pulled the skirt away. He gazed with wonder at the sight of his daughter’s thong covered pussy lying right in front of his eyes. He couldn’t wait to taster her sweet nectar. He put his mouth on the wet thong and kissed his daughter’s pussy. It smeled so sweet. He tasted her with a broad swipe of his tongue on her damp thong. Her ass lifted up off the bed as he licked her. He peeled her thong off impatient to view her naked pussy.

Puja’s pussy was plump, the whole pubes bulged out of her crotch. The cunt lips were thick and tightly shut, with just the slit visible. The slit was wet and shiny. The whole area was full of soft black pubic hairs. Not the thick jungle like her mom had, but sparse, so the underlying skin was visible. He kissed her whole pubic area first, ignoring her pussy. Going down he kissed and licked her soft inner thighs. As he kissed and licked Puja opened her thighs wider.

He wanted her pussy now. He moved his head up and used his tongue on her cunt. Pressing them and licking them thoroughly. He lapped up her cunt like a dog. Puja was moaning out incoherently now. “aaahhhhh ………… Hhhaaaaaaaaaaa………. Uffffff” when he lifted his head up for a breather, he saw the cunt lips spasm and gape open slightly, the pink inner pussy showing through wetly. He put his mouth back on it. Working his tongue into the gaping lips, he sucked hard on his daughter’s cunt. It was so sweet and juicy. He took his tongue up and using his thumb pulled the hooded skin up tight to expose her clit. As his tongue touched it and he flicked at it, Puja thrashed her legs about, almost pushing him off the bed. When he tried to get back in between her legs, she closed them tight, “Ohhhd daddy please not there. I will pee if you touch me there daddy.” “No baby, you won’t pee if I touched you down there, even if you did daddy won’t mind. Just relax baby, you will enjoy this. Believe me baby.”

With firm hands on her thighs he got them parted wide again, and went back to sucking her cunt and clit. She writhed and moaned. Her clit stuck out like a miniature prick. He worked on it varying the pressure, technique till she was thrashing about wildly on bed. From the way her ankles crackled and her ass was lifting up off the bed he knew she was very near to her first virgin climax. He renewed the attack, going for the cunt with the mouth and using a thumb on the clit. It was too much for poor Puja to take. Her whole body lifted up off the bed, she ground her cunt on Rahul’s mouth and face smearing it wetly with her juices and shuddered into her first massive orgasm. “aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ppaaaaaaaaaaaaapaaaaaaaa Paaaaaapppa I loveeeee youuuuuuuuuuu” she screamed as her body shuddered and jerked. The unknown thing buildinginisde her body had finally exploded in a showere of sparks. Her body felt electrified. She flet like she was out of the body and seeing her own body and her daddy’s. She felt every nerve ending throb with energy. It was an unbelievable experience for her.

Rahul just watched her face, the joy on it and felt happy for her. He was waiting for her to come back, so he could at last give some solace to his painfully erect cock. He had been stiff and hard for so long it was a physical ache in him, he had wanted to fuck her tight cunt, but had held on. He knew his size was a matter of concern and he should take it easy, specially she being a virgin. He knew he had to do it now as her cunt will be all slicked up with her own juices. As he saw her breathing get back to normal and the body stop shuddering, he got up and removed his shorts. His 9 inch hard cock sprang out. Puja’s eyes opened wide on seeing it. “papa please don’t stick it in, please I will die if you put it inside.” Rahul was not surprised at her reaction. Most women did on seeing it. More than the length it was the thickness that bothered most, but once he had it inside noone had wanted him to take it out. His thick cock filled cunts like no other cock.

“don’t you worry baby. Daddy won’t hurt you.” He knew he shouldn’t give more time, lest her fear got the better of her horny state. He quickly got between her legs. Opened her legs wider. Peeling his foreskin back, he rubbed his thick cock head on her wet cunt and clit. The rubbing seemed to again arouse feelings in her, and she forgot her fear. She waited eagerly. The thick head nudged the cunt lips. “Please daddy make your little girl a woman today. Fuck your daughter papa with your big dick.” Listening to her talk dirty made him forget his resolve to take it easy. He had waited too long already. His cock ached with his desire to fuck this young pussy. He clenched his ass and drove the thick meat pole into the tight pussy of his daughter.

Puja screamed in terror. She felt like her cunt was being ripped apart with a burning rod. She tried to push him off her. But he was pinning her down with his weight. The cock stopped at her still intact hymen. Sobbing Puja begged, “please daddy it hurts. Take it out. Please daddy.” “Dont worry baby, this will just hurt a little like taking a shot at the doctor, then it will fade away.” To keep her mind off it, he leaned to take one hard turgid nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. It took the edge off the burning sensation down in her cunt. She closed her eyes savoring the feel of her daddy’s mouth on her nipple. Then Rahul held her tight, clamped his mouth on her to prevent her screaming out loud, and rammed his rod right in. His thick cock ripped through the hymen and tearing its way in hammered in to the hilt, till his meaty balls smacked into his daughter’s ass.

Even with his mouth clamped on her in a deep kiss, Puja screamed in pain as she felt her hymen tear. Her cunt walls felt like they were being scraped with a knife. Pain seared through her unlike any she had felt in her life before. Rahul kept her trapped down, and kept kissing her. A minute passed, then another, Puja’s wildly beating heart slowed down to a normal tempo, the burning in her cunt mellowed to a dull ache. She started to kiss him back. Rahul started to fuck his daughter. Her pussy was unbelievably tight. It gripped his cock like a velvet glove. The heat and wetness inside was making him want to ram her hard. He kept his control and started to fuck her in a slow rhythm. Initially Puja just lay back, enjoying the feel of her cunt being violated, new sensations of a cock moving inside her virgin pussy. After a few minutes she felt her cunt seemingly swell expand to take in her daddy’s cock. It was an incredible feeling for her. Soon she again felt that same thing build up inside her. Her body started to respond on its own. Her ass lifted up off the bed trying to match her dad’s thrusts.

Sensing this Rahul stepped up the pace. Soon Puja’s moans and Rahul’s grunts turned the room noisy. Wet sucking sounds of his thick cock ploughing into his daughter’s cunt filled the air. He was ramming now faster, pulling out his cock almost totally out and slamming it in. His daughter was taking it all and enjoying it from the sounds she made. Soon she was shouting, “aaahhh………. Papa. Fuck me. …………Fuck your daughter……………………Fuck your daughter’s pussy papppaa…….” He kissed her, sucked her tits ramming all the while. Puja could sense her orgasm approaching fast. Rahul felt hot cum build up in his balls and make way into his cock. He increased the pace. He watched her eyes as he fucked her. Soon he saw her pupils dilate and the blacks of her eyes rolled up, up and over until they almost disappeared. He knew his daughter was cumming, he slammed in roughly, hurting her cunt brutally. He felt hot cum bubbble up his cock, “ Babyyy I am cumming…………cumming in your cunt…….” He shouted, his ass clenched tight and he rammed in one final time burying his cock in fully. Puja’s orgasm burst forth in all its glory and she screamed with pleasure. Hot cum burst forth like a fountain from Rahul’s cock. Thick strands of hot cum splashed out into his daughter’s cunt flooding her womb. Puja could feel her own juices spew out drenching her daddy’s cock. The ass fell back to the bed. Rahul’s ass unclenched. His cock continued to throb and jerk inside, still sending jets of cum. He lay on his daughter’s body, her firm boobs crushed under him. Both bodies covered in sweat they lay there.

Then he tenderly kissed his daughter, “Baby that was wonderful. Thank you baby.”

“thank you dad. Today you made me a woman. You were wonderful daddy. I love you daddy.” Much later Rahul took out his limp cock out. Bringing a wet towl from the bathroom he tenderly wiped the blood and cum from his daughter’s by now sore pussy. The cunt lips were puffy and red now. Wiped the sweat from her body. Then lay next to her to sleep. Both of them cuddeled up like spoons. Rahul’s cock resting on her thighs, hands cupping her breasts. Puja felt like she was in heaven. As she drifted to sleep feeling warm and snug, the thought crossed her mind,

She was finally her DADDY’S GIRL in all respects.

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